Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tea Time @ Starbucks, Berjaya Times Square

One Sunday afternoon, we were at Berjaya Times Square to look-see and not really to shop cause honestly speaking, there's nothing much at this place eventhough da whole shopping mall is freakingly big! For your information, da parking fee is not cheap too, RM 6 for 3 hours!!!! O_o

After a few roundings in Times Square, we make a stop at Starbucks for a cuppa.

We both shared da new "holiday-special-drink", Toffee Nut Frapuccino. Darling mentioned that it tasted extremely weird but it was okay for me. I didn't quite like da way they blend this drink though as it wasn't smooth at all. Bad, really bad! I think it's time for them to change da Ice-Blender!!!!!!!!

Darling had Cajun Chicken which served with some Potato Chips.

Da fillings of da Cajun Chicken and darling mentioned that it tasted so-so only. I guess it wasn't too good! ;)

I always have a sweet-tooth hence I opt for a piece of cake and this time around, I had one slice of Ipaname. This Chocolate Mousse Cake tasted quite good though, absolutely chocolate-licious!!!!!!! :D

Given me a choice, I would still prefer Coffee Bean than Starbucks cause da Iced-Blended drinks really sucks big time in almost all da Starbucks outlet :(


Pam said...

Good morning! Waaaa u early bird eh? hehe!
Me is a Starbucks fan leh...Their Hazelnut Frapuccino is da chunnnest lar... hehehehe. TOO Baddd le now no more dy :(

eh how to kontek u?email?


Meiyen said...

pam, morning! :D oh i got to work on saturday.. 1/2 day work!! :( actually i used to love da green tea frappucino alot but don't know why recently their iced-blended drinks really bad now... i think da ice-blender need to be changed!!!!!:p can e-mail me at

mama bok said...

I didn't know they sold solid food..??
Over here.. they only sell.. cakes and pastries.. which i donch really like .. too sweet..!

zul said...

i never like starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like u said the ice blended really made me geram drinking it..can only feel the ice bites in the drinks yucky!