Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant @ Seksyen 13, PJ

Last Saturday was darling's parents wedding anniversary and to celebrate this special day, we went to Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant @ Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya for dinner. Our initial plan was to have dinner at da next door Seafood Restaurant but unfortunately, da place was so jam packed with people hence we decided to move over to Ah Yat instead. I tell you, this place is so happening on a weekend!

Wow oh wow! ;)

Some of our pictures before da food is served.....

Darling's parents :)

Darling's big brother and his beloved wifey :)

Darling's beloved nieces, Joey and Jessica. They are absolutely cutie but notty :p

Moi and Darling with cutie Jessica ;)

Moi and da 2 Little Princesses

Awwww.. they are so cute right :D

Ooooopss... Joey wasn't too happy knowing that I was playing with Jessica and didn't carry her , so I quickly moved myself to her side, hug her and tadaaaa... a picture with Joey :D Awwww.. she's always my favourite little gal, love her very much!!!!!!! :D

Okay, okay... enough of photos, let's check out what we had that night :)

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Bird's Nest and Bamboo Pith, delicious! I am still drooling all over it now :p

Half a Roasted Suckling Pig. Well, we think that it wasn't a Suckling Pig but more like a Pig cause it was so huge! Really huge and meaty. I would say that for those who prefers to taste da meat instead of da crispy skin, it was a perfect one but definitely not for me though.

Look, that's my favourite!!!!! Ducky, ducky, ducky!!!!! A Peking Ducky! :p

Best to wrap da Crispy Duck Skin with Mandarin Pancake together with Spring Onions, Cucumber and a thin smear of Plump Sauce. Yummy, yummy! Now, what about da meat?

Da Duck Meat was then Stir-fry with Noodle. Well, da Noodle wasn't too good and worst of all, darling's daddy found a tiny washer brush in it!!!! Yikes, bad!!!!!!

A plate of Abalone with Japanese Mushroom and Vegetable. Must say that this dish is always one of my favourites. Not bad, but da Abalone was kinda tiny though.

Next, we had da Alaska King Crab in Two Flavours. Da first flavour was da Steamed Alaska King Crab Meat with Egg White. Best eaten when it's still hot, delicious!

Another version, Stir-fried Alaska King Crab Claw with Garlic. Very flavourful and delicious too!

We also had da Steamed Tiger Garoupa in Hong Kong Style. Hmm... nothing much to shout about over this Fish cause it was served cold and not hot :(

Deep-fried Crispy Jumbo Oyster. Never tasted deep-fried Oyster before and that day was da first time I tried it out. Not too bad but I still prefer to have it raw :p

Cripsy outside and juicy inside!

Baked Rice with Seafood in Portuguese Style. Definitely not my favourite, it tasted so weird and da rice texture was kinda hard!

For Dessert, we had da Double-boiled Fresh Milk with Coconut. All of us didn't like da smell and da taste of this Dessert. Nobody finished it, yucky!

Overall, da dishes that we had was kinda okay only, not superbly good. Price wise, not cheap too cause da bill came in at a whopping RM 800++ for da above dishes and there were 6 of us only! O_o I am pretty sure it definitely damaged da sons' wallet :p For your information, there's no car park around this area and you got to send your car to da Car Jockey to park your car. So, think twice before you drop by this place! ;)


alice said...

eii my pa pa always asked us (me and my brother) to bring him go this place lah.. but we scared we no enuff $$$$ to pay after the meal lah hahaha but i see the dishes really quite simple and EXPENSIVE! shark's fin and bird nest soup wahliao never try before must be really good hor? u lucky lah....can eat so many nice food so so envy lerrr

Primrose said...

Wah, RM800 very the expensive wor. Hmm, the last time I went to Ah Yat in Pudu, we went for the set menus. It ranges between RM499 per head to as expensive as it gets. *That* one is not bad but for 2 pax, it would cost close to 1k liau. Once is enough. Brrr!

Honey Star said...

gosh, the food looks very sinful!! suckling pig,duck,osyters shark's fin, ALASKA KING CRAB!! I was expecting more than RM800.

Jackson said...

aiyoyoyo...mei yen, u r so lucky to try all those food from heaven!! The 2 version of Alaska King Crab look so good! and the shrak fins..and the deep fried oyster!!! arr...drooling now. Next time if yr family need a driver, i can volunterr to bring u guys there! Then u just da bao some left over food for me for me to eat in the car....haha

J said...

RM800 for 6 ppl?
That is pretty pricey but you got a lot of the premium stuff so it's ok, right?
(Once in a while anyway...)

Wow - shark fin AND bird's nest?
Sounds intersting....

MeiyeN said...

alice, they do have set package maybe you can take a look? hmmm.. guess it's okay once in awhile to bring our parents out for some good food! after all, they'd sacrifice alot for us.. i think they deserve it :)

primrose, exactly...once is enough!;)

honeystar, whoa.. you expect more than rm 800? that time i think we need to wash dishes for da restaurant :p

jackson, nonono! we can always have a meal together! :D

deskhorのイメージの写真撮影 said...

Ha..ha..ha.. about pricing and get caught when you are inside a restaurance. Last weekend i was in Kota Kinabalu we had luunch in kk town a place which only the local know how to go.It only cater for japanese and Taiwanese tourist.You should know what i

9 of us having lunch we have 6 course lunch. dish 1. Lobster cold disc.disc no 2. Labster with oyster sauce. Disc 3. Elephant clam cantonese style. Disc 4 Large Prawn Disc 5 Dragon Clove... Dragon fruit cut into half and fill with sea food. The main Disc 6 Humphead Moari Wrasse.
The verdit Phee..... RM 4000.00
So watch out for Bamboo Garden restaurance when you are in Sabah..Good Luck

MeiyeN said...

deskhor, O_o whoaa... RM 4000??? *faints*

ling239 said...

what a coincident!!
i went to the same place in January and had the same set dinner... but more expensive since there are about 15 of us ~ =.="