Thursday, December 14, 2006

Brunch @ Little Penang Kafe, KLCC

Woke up pretty late last Sunday and since we decided to do some early Christmas and New Year shopping, we then went down to KLCC. Well, I wasn't too amazed with its Christmas decorations this year as I think that it looked quite normal though, still da same old supa dupa huge and tall Christmas Tree decorated with Reindeers and their theme color is White! Still, last year was much better or maybe it was still early for more Christmas decorations? Perhaps, I should check this place out again next week :p Ooopss... darling wouldn't be happy to know this. Shopping at KLCC means, an extreme damage to my wallet and his wallet too. Well, forget about it then :(

Well, as you can see... da Christmas Tree is so huge that we were unable to take da whole shot of it! So, we got to take it separately. This picture was somehow taken by my other half. I didn't even dare to get close and look down. Oh my god, my hands and my legs were shivering. I was so scared that I just walked away and stood at a side while waiting my other half to capture this Christmas Tree :p Yeaps, I am afraid of heights!!!!!!!!!!

Brunch was at Little Penang Kafe as darling wanted some local delights. We would usually dine at Madam Kwan's if we want to have some local food but that day, we gave it a try at this place as we'd yet to visit this eatery since it first opened.

To quench my thirst, I had a glass of Barley Lime. Priced at RM 3.50, I would say that it tasted okay only. Still can't beat da one I had before at K3K Kopitiam :p

My other half wanted to try da "Ju Hu Char" cause he said that he had never try before, so we ordered it. Once served to us, darling gave me one kind of look and said that, "Isn't this da filling of a "Poh Piah"?" Well, honestly speaking I am not too sure about it but I can confirm that this "Ju Hu Char" is actually a combination of Turnip cooked with Little Prawns and Dried Cuttlefish. Well, we thought it was kinda expensive!!!!!! RM 9 for this medium plate serving and we didn't really get to taste da Dried Cuttlefish at all. :(

With this extra Lettuce to be served together with da "Ju Hu Char", we got to pay extra RM 1. Hmmm.... my other half definitely not too happy with this "Ju Hu Char" cause he thinks that he can have this "Ju Hu Char" by buying normal "Poh Piah" anywhere on da street with a much cheaper price :p

My other half had da Chicken "Nasi Lemak" which's priced at RM 9 per plate. Well, darling said that it was pretty normal and nothing special. By looking at his face expression, I sure know that he wasn't too satisfied with it :p

Now, must be wondering what I had huh? Let's make a guess..... ;)

I had da Penang Hokkien Prawn Bee Hoon. Yeaps, instead of "Mee" I chose to have Bee Hoon. Just don't know why I am not into "Mee" but Spaghetti is okay. Weird huh? Sometimes I really wonder why..... Well, I couldn't really remember how much it costs but I sure know that it wasn't good at all! Oh my god, it was served cold! Da soup was sooo sooooo cold that I kept complaining to my other half. Honestly speaking, I don't like to have cold soupy noodles, that's definitely not da way!!!!!!! It spoilt my meal :(

While darling didn't order any drinks, he then decided to end his meal with Red Ruby. Priced at RM 4.50 per bowl, this dessert has got darling's vote! Surprise, surprise! He mentioned that ice were very well shaved and that he really loved it! Besides that, he did mentioned to me that da Water Chestnut was darn crispy while da sliced Nangkas were juicy enough, absolutely towards his liking that he gave thumbs up!

I remember that food at Little Penang Kafe, Midvalley used to be so good and yummy that I oftenly had lunch over with my ex-colleagues. However, this time around, it really disappoints me that I think da standard has dropped! Conclusion, we still think that Madam Kwan's da best! ;)

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Big said...

Oh my..!! i'm like you too.. i donch like mee.. but spaghetti is ok.. with me.. i prefer bee hoon.. or mee pok or mee kia.. ;)

Meiyen said...

big, really? hmmm sometimes i really think that i am such a weirdo :p oh i am unsure how's mee kia looks like though :(

alice said...

oiiii muz tell u harrrrr u look so sweet in this pic!!!! eii the what ju hur char really like po pia lah ur bf is right! rm 9 ah? expensive lo but i never like little penang one lo the food abit fake

Baby Princess said...

Hey Sis!!

Was reading your link to last year post, so sweet..

I read ur new year resolutions too... You are really a good daughter, wonderful gf and filial future daughter-in-law.

Meiyen said...

alice, thanks! hmmm.... i am actually not too sure about it but we think it's quite expensive also :(

babyprincess, sis?!! oh my god, sounds like i am pretty old :( :p well, i wouldn't say that i am a good daughter or a wonderful gf.. i am seriously not! :(

Jackson said...

Luckily there is still something good about Little Penang. I never try the Mid Valley outlet before but i saw lots of crowd everytime i walked pass. Besides, u look preety, girl. Any sister to recommend a?

J said...

Halal Jiu Hu Char is not nice!
(It shouldn't taste like Popiah filling....)

Hmmm... come to think of it: I don't think I've ever tasted any really good Jiu Hu Char at a restaurant so far - mum's cooking still the best!

cookies_cream said...

Hey hey, when Little Penang first opened at Mid Valley(long long time ago) I find their food very delicious! But now, I don't go there that often anymore cause I think that they've dropped their standard quite tremendously.

I also don't fancy "mee" at all but I love spaghetti! But I don't mind if it's mamak's mee goreng. I also don't know why. :P Why ar? Same same with you one. LOL

Baby Princess said...

usually i call people sis or bro..

hope u dun mind.

Baby Princess said...

usually i call people sis or bro..

hope u dun mind.

Primrose said...

The Christmas tree at Midvalley this year doesn't look as nice as last year, I think.

Also, ju hu char is a nyonya dish. I love it to bits. A lot of preparation goes into this dish though. My mum's really good at it but she malas wanna cook. I lagi malas. :)

Isn't Red Ruby a thai dessert? What is it doing in the Little Penang menu?

Meiyen said...

jackson, i am not too sure about da crowd @ mv branch now but it used to be so packed that we got to queue up to have a table! :p well, i personally think that da food @ little penang not that yummy anymore :(

oh...i've got one little sista but but.. she's way too young to be in a relationship... i am elder than her 7 years! :p

Meiyen said...

j, really? when are you going to invite me over to taste your mom's ju hu char? ;)

cookies, yeahyeah!!!!!! exactly... i also don't mind eating "mee goreng" but when comes to soupy noodles, "mee" is a nono! :p we are weird huh? ekekekeke....

babyprincess, of course i don't mind! :D anyways, da truth is.. i am older than you... so no harm calling me SIS! :D

primrose, really? i've yet to visit midvalley yet!!!! wanna go asap cause xmas is coming very soon!!!!! but i heard this year, midvalley has got da most beautiful decorations?? hmmm maybe not compare to last year huh? oh.. am not too sure if red ruby considered a thai dessert...but if that's da truth, well.... then they must have mistakenly place in da menu?? :p

team bSG said...

hey Jackson, I already know that long time ago lah now only u know ah !?

da juhoochar is way 2 xpensive for little veges !

da prawn beehoon looks ok but da one going 2 enjoy it more better lah hahaha ( Jackson don't angli ah !)

Meiyen said...

teambsg, true enough.. very expensive!!!!!!! those kopitiam prawn beehoon definitely tastes much better okay ;)

Primrose said...

Oops I just realised it's not Midvalley. It was KLCC I was referring to. Very lousy Christmas tree. You're right about Midvalley. Nice decor. :)

MeiyeN said...

primrose, yeah...! :D