Friday, December 15, 2006

Coca Restaurant @ 1 Utama

We were at 1 Utama yesterday night for da first day screening of "Eragon", will review da movie later. As for now, food first! :p Darling wanted to have Steamboat and he suggested to have it at Coca Restaurant. Located on da ground floor of da old wing, it took us about 15 minutes to walk from new wing!!!!

You may want to have a good laugh from our conversation.....

Me: Darling, oh my god... I didn't know that it's that far to walk from new wing to da old wing!!! So tiring wey.....

Darling: Of course you wouldn't know! Each time when we are here, you will be so busy entering da boutiques one by one from new wing to old wing and vice versa! Now, you got to walk as fast as you can to reach Coca cause da movie starts at 9pm and it's already 8pm now! Again, you don't have da chance to hop from one boutique to another!

Me: O_o Bleuk......

Actually, I guess what he said is so true!!!!! When you have something to buy and things to look around while walking slowly, you will never know that da journey from one wing to another is that long!!! Phew.....

I managed to capture da Christmas decoration @ 1 Utama new wing. Hmmm... nothing much except for da supa huge Mickey Mouse at da concourse area with a few Christmas Trees around. Not too impresive cause I don't like da idea of having black color on da Mickey Mouse face/head, without eyes, mouth and nose!!!!! Being a Mickey Mouse fan, I think they should have make it more lively rather than this??

Well, I still think that Christmas decoration @ The Curve still stand on top of my list! I've heard that Midvalley has got a very beautiful Christmas decoration this year but I've yet to visit! Hopefully, I can do it this weekend ;)

Whoaaa.... I didn't know that Coca started its business almost 50 years ago?!!!! O_o

O_o so quiet on weekdays, no diners at all except both of us!

Back to our orders, we went for da Set Menu which's priced at RM 98++ for 2 pax and da set came with.....

1 jug of Fruit Juice where we had Sour Sop. Believe it or not, it was my first time to taste Sour Sop and I find it pretty good! :D

A plate of Spring Roll which was good! Crunchy and hot, yummy! ;)

A plate of Supreme Fried Rice which was very tasty! I had one full bowl of it!!!!!! :D

As for da Steamboat, it includes one plate of Tiger Prawn, Fish Glue, Chicken Ball, Crab Stick, "Foo Chook", Dumpling, Chicken Fillet, Cuttlefish, Spinach, "Siew Pak Choy", Chinese Cabbage, Beancurd, Bee Hoon, Green Noodle and Egg. To tell you da truth, I think, that was alot for 2 persons!!!!!!!! O_o

Can't go wrong with this delicious Chillie Sauce, absolutely love it! ;)

Da best thing to have Steamboat at this place is that, we can just sit down calmly and let da waiter serves us. Look at da Glue Fish, it has to be my favourite, always!!!!!!! :D

I loved da Beancurd so much!!!!!! Soooooooooo smooth, perfect!

Very fresh ingredients, loved it! Oh fyi, da Oyster Mushrooms not included in da set as we ordered it separately which's priced at RM 6.

Generous amount of Vegetables ;)

Slurpy!!!! I like da Spinach Noodles ;)

We almost forget that da set came with Dessert too!!!!! Yay, 2 bowls of Sago with Coconut Milk! Not bad at all but we didn't manage to finish it as we were absolutely full!!!

I believe that having Steamboat @ Coca Restaurant would be really expensive if you were to compare with other Steamboat Restaurants which's not located in a shopping mall. At least with that price, we were given absolutely fresh Seafood, Meats and Vegetables while having side dishes like Spring Roll, Fried Rice and Drinks too! Nothing to be complaint ;)


member, BSG said...

my fav steamboat shop( da Pyramid one )

I tot must put food yourself one to enjoy huh ? I think waiter purposely want to stand nearby lah ...( I oso want lah )hehehe

MeiyeN said...

member, bsg O_o change nick again :p aiks...i didn't know there's one inside pyramid!!! now i know ;)
of course, it's nicer to put da food ourselves...that should be da right way but we were in a rush yesterday night, so nevermind and i think da waiter served us cause it was empty except for both of us only :D

RennyBA said...

Here from Jackson's and I am glad. This was the loveliest food post and with great pics - thanks for sharing!

Btw: You welcome over to see some traditional Norwegian Yule dish when you have the time:-)

[Since you use Blogger Beta, may I ask you to check my blog here:

Someone who is constantly craving said...

Just a got to try their fried squid and their thai fish cakes..and i was just you get the waiters looking at you one kind when you take pics?? Because i m startin a blog of my own and i find it very uncomfortable when i try to take pics..

J said...

98++ ??
I guess it's ok since the seafood is fresh!
(Looks yummy too!)
I love the chili sauce at Coca!
ERm.. only tried it in Singapore though - dunno whether the chilic sauce here is the same?

MeiyeN said...

rennyba, thanks alot and you are most welcome! i've checked your blog and i must say that it's a good one!!!! ;)

someone, oh thanks for da recommendations.. will try it out next time ;)hmmm... i think i am quite used to it that i don't really bother whether da staffs give me one kind of look when i take pictures.. :p perhaps, what you need to do is not to bother much then you will be able to take some good food pictures? ;)

j, yah.. rm 98++ for 2 pax and da food that they serves....ALOT!!!!!! ohhh yes, da chillie yummy!!!! :D maybe you should check them out during lunch hour as i heard from my bf that they serve buffet at da price of less than RM 40 per pax! ;)

babe_kl said...

haha actually when i look at the mickey head the first time i had the same thot too but now i know why cos its fashioned after the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shown on TV

MeiyeN said...

babe, really? never watch cartoon channel... so didn't know about it though... :p but kinda fun to see kids queuing up just to take photos with da mickey mouse, minnie mouse and donald duck.. crazy queue!!!