Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dress Sexily? Prepare To Be Fined RM 500!

Oh my god, oh my god! Two days ago while I was flipping The Star newspaper, I saw this article, 'MPKB:Cover up or else' . O_o well, am definitely not happy reading that!

And why is that so?????
  1. Almost all my outfits are body hugging type cause I am not so skinny
  2. Almost all my tops expose my tummy cause I am fat
  3. Almost all my pants are tight fitting pants cause I am meaty
  4. Mini-skirts? Put it this way, I am born to be tall and because of that, a normal length Skirt would look like I am wearing a Mini-skirt. Help, being tall is a sin!!!!! :(
  5. See-through Blouses? Am I going to be fined eventhough I am wearing a Spaghetti Top under da see-through Blouses? O_o
Anyhow, thank god that I am not working or staying in Kelantan otherwise, I would have gone bankrupt!!!!!


I will never ever step in to Kelantan!!!!!!!!!

To da ladies out there, tell me da truth... are you happy with that kind of rules & regulations?


alice said...

heya, certainly NOT! bloody hell this is gila babi ok

andrew said...

aiseh doing no good to the mens also! so i am unhappy too kaka

BSG gang said...

4 u ah , whatever u dress oso they will catch u lah, so better b careful ok...

Meiyen said...

alice, ^5!!!! :p

andrew, mens disagree too? i know why.. ;)

bscgang (tonixe), O_o like that huh? :p

kit said...

Waaaahahahahahaha gal ur damn funny and lets boycott them haha

Anonymous said...

As a woman, I personally thinks that the society has actually take us for granted. When comes to being rape, womens are oftenly the one to be blame. For god sake, blame womens wearing too sexily but have the society actually think of the victims? I think the government should really do something about this rather than to blame womens all the time.

It's definitely not a good solution to ban womens wearing sexily. Mens still rape eventhough the womens wrapped up themselves. Nobody will be satisfied with this kind of rules.

Meiyen said...

kit, :)

anonymous, let's hope that they will re-consider implying those rules ;)

Winnie~ said...

Well, personally i m from Kelantan but I m currently working in KL. Jus for you info, I went back quite frequent but so far, there's no news abt the fine. And I myself do dress up quite sexy too. I would hope that everyone out there will not juz give a negative comment on Kelantan. This small state still has its beautiful side. Do not let the statement spoilt its image in everyone's mind. :)