Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Guardian

Watched "The Guardian" yesterday night.

Yeaps, complimentary tickets from Cinema Online once again :p and it was one good movie!

Kevin Costner rocks! Oh my god, he's such a charming man ;) He really has got one special kind of attraction that made me couldn't stop eyeing on him throughout da whole movie :p

Basically "The Guardian" is about da training of a Cost Guard rescue team where Kevin Costner (Ben Randall) plays a highly successful rescue team leader and was then forced into heading da training team after one tough mission which involves his best mate's life. Da movie takes us through da rigors of da training process and there comes da character of Jake Fischer @ Gold Fish played by Ashton Kutcher. No doubt, he's great in this part but still, Kevin Costner da best! :p

Am not going to review much over this movie, just watch it okay especially if you are one great Kevin Costner's fan or maybe you are a fan of Ahston Kutcher. Definitely one good movie to end year 2006, at least for me! ;)

Oh by da way, gonna watch "Wedding Date" tonite too and... yes, I won tickets from Cinema Online. Will see if is a good one!


Jessie Woo said...

whoa ........ u sure a lucky girl :P wey wey next time belanja me go la :P

MeiyeN said...

jessie, no problem!!!!! da next one, The Return on da 9th of jan.. you wanna go? i've got 2 extra tics with me at da moment..:p