Friday, December 08, 2006

Moi Current Addiction

Today, I am very happy because it's FRIDAY! Hooray.. come let's celebrate! Seriously, it's no easy to reach Friday especially when Mondays get stuck! True enough? :)

Another reason to be happy, my apetite is back! Yeah, after one tragic weekend (5 days ago) I had, where I wasn't feeling too well, noooo I think I was extremely unwell!

So, how did my apetite comes back? Wanna know da secret? ;)


Tang dang dang.......

Pocky Almond Crush! Boy oh boy, so yummy that I must have it right after my dinner :D

Pocky Chocolate Flavour, my all time favourite! I tell you, I just couldn't stop myself from grabbing it at least 5 boxes whenever I sees it in da supermarket. Oh trust me, kids definitely love this!!!!!!! :D

Another Super Snack, Fran that it's just so irresistible! No doubt, a little bit better than Pocky but quite expensive though...

Da normal kind, Pretz Roast without Chocolate. I craves for this almost everyday till darling got to ban me from buying it :(

Yeah, I love Lay's and find it so much better than Pringles! :D

Supposedly this's one of my favourite snacks too but........ I am now phobia to have it, not even a small pc out of it :( You know why? No? Because of eating this Sunflower Seeds, I was attacked with diarrhea and vomitting non-stop and it didn't happened only on me!!!!!! Mom felt unwell too after having this!!!!! My god, I think I have to throw it before someone else fall sick!

Anyways, Happy Friday everyone! ;)


Pam said...

GOOD MORNING.. Wahhhh!come back n I see this... snacks... hehe!

Haf an enjoyable weekend ya...


mama bok said...

So many choices for snacks in asia.. wherelse here they emphasize alot on candies.. and chocolates. And i donch really like those.
Have a great weekend ahead.. MeiYen..!
Look forward to your makaning adventures..!

alice said...

waiseh meiyen u damn good ah eat so much of snacks..
not afraid of getting fat at all u? i dun think i can ever afford to eat all these coz once i throw them in my stomach it will definitely expand :( u lucky thing can eat whatever u want how i wish!

Meiyen said...

pam, same to you! :D

mamabok, you've a great weekend too yah.. ;)

alice, i can't live without snacks :p sometimes don't really care at all whether da food is fattening or not but i will just eat and there after, feeling guilty :p

team bSG said...

kanot b la sunflower seeds ?

I tink somting else la ! I m sure one

Jackson said...

Beh Tahan! How come u eat so many snacks n yet u r still so slim arrr?? Not fair! I wish im you.... i will grow fat even i just drink plain water....hehe

boo_licious said...

jackson - u drink too much coffee mah! I must admit, I've not tried these Pocky snacks but I can imagine them to be yummy since most Jap snacks taste great.

Meiyen said...

teambsg, well.. mom and i think that it was da sunflower seeds as it happened right after i consumed them.. :(

jackson, trust me... you aren't fat at all! :)

boo, yeah.. yum yum!