Wednesday, December 27, 2006

No Wonder I Can't Check E-mails

At first, I thought my pc was down this morning when I couldn't login to my messenger and check my e-mail. I sms-ed my friends and they told me da same thing, couldn't login too! So, I thought must be messenger problem. Then later, I couldn't login to Blogger and da next thing, I couldn't access any websites at all.

Damn, I've got few important e-mails need to be sent out asap!!!!!!!! Arghhh... I am dead!

Anyways, minutes ago, I tried The Star Online and to my surprised it works!! O_o

Only then I realised that Internet Access To Overseas Websites Disrupted by da EARTHQUAKE in Southern Taiwan.

Oh my god, so scary! Why every year around this time surely there will be unwanted and unwelcome tragedy happens around us? :( Few years ago, it was Bali bombing then later, Tsunami and few days back floods in Southern Malaysia, a bad one! Now, an earthquake in Southern Taiwan. I wonder what's next....... O_o :(


Jackson said...

Im facing the same problem too!!! Lot s of important email to sent and wonder why until now havent get repaired??? So sad....

By the way, the Port Village Seafood looks really good! Im craving for the "dek tan" so much!!

MeiyeN said...

jackson, oh finally! i think things are back to normal :D can login to messenger, can access all da websites and da most important thing is that, can send emails!!!!!! :D

oh.... what's "dek tan"?

alice said...

yahlah.... so so pity those victims lo and by hope after new year, a better living for them.

Jessie Woo said...

i got to know from my colleague. He so "action" say aiya u dunno meh is the earthquake ..bla bla bla.. i was like 0.o huh and ask him how you on this? he say "aiyor i got subsribe the Sin Chew Daily dunno wat sms ... then again bla bla bla update news la bla bla bla"


anyway just wish that everything is back to normal and peace to the world hope the brand new year 2007 will be a great year ahead ... :D

MeiyeN said...

alice, yeah..let's pray :)

jessie, O_o not too bad huh to subscribe sinchew daily? but... we can't no point to subscribe right? yeah exactly....let's pray for that! a better new year for everyone!