Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Our Christmas Tree Is Up!

Yahoooooo.... our Christmas Tree is up at home! :D

This year, we managed to put it up 2 weeks earlier as compare to last year where we actually put it up 2 days before Christmas I think! Darling and I somehow free ourselves from going out last Saturday and decided to help mom clean and clear unwanted stuffs and at da same time, we put up da Christmas Tree. No doubt, mom was very happy cause really rare that I would stay at home on a Saturday to help her out! :p

Yeaps, I am not a Christian but I absolutely enjoy celebrating Christmas. Not too sure why but whenever I listens to Christmas Carols and Songs, it's really soothing that makes me feel better and peaceful! :D

To see beautiful lightings and ornamets all around Christmas Tree and everywhere in da City, Shopping Mall..... whoaaaa absolutely love it!!!!!!

So, have you put up your Christmas Tree yet? Mine isn't a big and tall one but for sure, I love it very much because it has got this fibre-optics technology in it where da colours of da light bulbs change from one second to another and trust me, it's absolutely beautiful! :D


Pamela said...

I wan to come see the Christmas tree,

and claim my pressie.... can arr?hehehehe!!!!

Meiyen said...

pam, can can.... no problem! i shall send da message to santa claus yeah...:p

alice said...

eiiiiii so high tech wan? i never see before this kind of xmas tree ohhh where u buy eh?

Meiyen said...

alice, i am not too sure where to buy this cause it's a gift from my bf's parents :)

Big said...

Very nice..!!
We got our tree up for more than 2 weeks now.. but have yet to decorate it.. !! lazy bums.. are us.. hahhaa!!

Meiyen said...

big, thank you! oh... christmas is coming very soon!! 10 days to go.. better decorate it right away...:D

alice said...

wahhhhhhhh xmas tree as a gift! sumore from bf's family muz be very meaningful!

Meiyen said...

alice, oh yes... absolutely meaningful! :D