Friday, December 29, 2006

PJ Seafood Restaurant @ Kampung Chempaka, PJ

We'd been indulging ourselves with lotsa Seafood over da Christmas weekend. Christmas's eve dinner was at da Port Village Seafood Restaurant and believe it or not, da next day we had Seafood again and it was at PJ Seafood Restaurant which's located in Kampung Chempaka, Petaling Jaya. This place is no longer da same, I remember that there was a big fishing pond few years ago when I first dined-in and it used to be a very spacious restaurant with lotsa diners. However, last weekend da crowds seemed to be small and I wonder if they are still under da same management.

We had da Sweet and Sticky Pork Ribs. Pretty huge portion and I found out that I could hardly chew them into my mouth. Errrr.... I am just so not a carnivore. Seriously I don't know how to bite off da meat from da rib itself. So hard, just so hard! Anyhow, it tasted really good.

For vege, we had da Stir-fried Garlic "Kai Lan". Nothing much to shout over this vege, pretty normal and tasted okay.

Special dish of da night, a Double-boiled Pumpkin Seafood! Oh wow, it was very good. A combination of assorted Seafood like Sea Cucumber, Squid, Abalone and etc. with Mushrooms in it! Best of all, da pumpkin flesh can be eaten and it was so warm and soft! Absolutely delicious...

Hohohoho... once again, we had da Steamed Pomfret with Bee Hoon. Goodie, now we know that we don't need to travel all da way down to Klang to have this dish! My favourite, yummy yummy!

Apparently, we had 1.5kgs of Sweet and Sour Crabs too but I accidentally deleted da picture :( So, no picture on da Sweet and Sour Crabs. Da Crabs were pretty okay, not really huge but quite fresh though. Darling said that da gravy not too good as compared to da one we had at Port Village Seafood Restaurant. Da bill came to RM 190+ for da above food with 3 glasses of Sour Sop Fruit Juice and one Hot Chinese Tea. Fyi, da Double-boiled Pumpkin Seafood alone already costed us RM 50! I remember that da Claypot Butter Crabs used to be really good and I will return just for that dish ;)


team BSG said...

I have been here when there was a pond ! nice rugged place then until they made it big !

MeiyeN said...

teambsg, so much better with a pond there!!!! this place seems to be quite different now :(