Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Port Village Seafood Restaurant @ NorthPort Klang

Da night before Christmas's eve, we attended a Children's Bbq Party which was host by darling's brother. Food was awesome! Apart from da Bbq selections like Sausages, Mussels, Salmons, Squids, Venisons and surprisingly, no Chicken Wings, there was also a Roast Turkey from The Regent Hotel, Fried Bee Hoon, Fried Yee Mee and Potatoes Salad. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken as I was kinda busy playing and having fun with da kids. It was definitely one joyful moment! :D

Da next morning (Christmas's eve), darling and I followed daddy out from KL for a short business meeting and by da time we reached home, it was already 4pm! As promised to my mom earlier that we gonna bring her out for Seafood, we quickly get ready and by 530pm, we were all ready and headed to Klang. Oh my god, it was definitely one long journey for us to travel all day way down to Klang, moreover it was North Port that we are heading to! Phewww......

Not bad, we managed to reach North Port before 7pm and this time around we make a stop at Port Village Seafood Restaurant. I remember da last time we had Seafood around this place was at da Sea Sky Seafood Restaurant and another one, which's located somewhere inside da Village. We parked our car and while on da way walking in to da Restaurant, more like a jetty to me, I realised that I had a big problem going in!!!!! My oh my, I was wearing high-heels and I was so scared that my heels gonna get stuck in between da holes of da wood pathway! I looked back and found out that mom was having da same problem as me too :p Nevermind, we just got to walk in cat-walk style, all straight! ;)

For drinks, each of us ordered one whole Coconut and as far as I can remember, it was priced at RM 4 each. Cool, definitely one refreshing drink! :)

We ordered da "Kam Heong" Bamboo Clams. It was pretty good, da texture and taste of da Bamboo Clams were awesome, just that da way they fried it, a little bit oily!

Wow oh wow, huge Bamboo Clams! Loved it ;)

Next, we had da "Siong Tong La-la" (Clams). Hmmmm... quite different from da one we usually have at La-La Chong Seafood Restaurant. Da rice-wine soup was very tasteful and mom loved it so much. Da texture of da Clams seemed to be firmed and chewy, not bad at all!

Supposedly this dish, a Steamed Pomfret with Bee Hoon was da star of that night cause mom had been craving for this dish ages ago and we purposely travelled all da way down to Klang to have this! However, it turned out to be so bad! First of all, they didn't have Promfet with them so, we were given a Silver Pomfret as recommended by da staff. A Silver Promfet? I seriously didn't know that there's such species! Da moment mom had her first bite, whoaaaa... she complaint and complaint and complaint! O_o She was pretty unhappy over da mud-smell and taste of this Fish. That was not a good sign cause when mom complains on a Fish, it spoilt her apetite and we all would be dead :p Anyways, darling tried it out and he too agreed that da fish was pretty bad! Darling complaint to da da staff and she didn't say much while agreed to exchange a new dish for us! Hmmm... guess we were not da only one complain! ;)

We carried on with other dishes and this was one of them, Stir-fried Belachan "Fan Shu Yip" (Potato Leaves? I really have got no idea :p). Whatever it was, I loved this vege! Yummy yummy!

Steamed Prawns!!!!!!! Oooooooo... definitely my favourite! Very fresh Prawns, tasty and delicious!

We also had 1 kg of Sour and Spicy Crabs. Da Crabs were pretty fresh and huge while da gravy tasted so good.

Now, dip da little "Man Tau" into da Crab sauce, yummy!!!!!!

Da Steamed Silver Pomfret with Bee Hoon was then exchanged with this Glass Noodles with Prawns. Believe it or not, it was my first time to have this dish and it was awesome! I loved it, so soupy, flavourful and da soup based tasted like da Fish Head Soup Bee Hoon. Goodie ;)

Overall, da food that we had was pretty fine except for da Steamed Pomfret with Bee Hoon cause da fish tasted one kind. I must say that it's quite worthy to order their Crabs as it's only priced at RM 30 per kg, find it pretty cheap! Da total bill came to RM 150 for da above food and you judge it whether it's pricey or no :)


Rasa Malaysia said...

Looks like you love seafood especially shellfish just like me...I ate so much shellfish over the Christmas weekend!!

team BSG said...

when RM comes in we go to everywhereKlang then got lala also pomfret then beehoon then crabs in Kg jawa then sharks kapar then coconut Tlk gong then Bagan then v go back telawi we also eat & drink absolute ok ! High heels sexy so good. We love ! Great nice post our fav big lalas ! u never say sea side view one ?

MeiyeN said...

rm, yeahyeah.. seafood always my favourite! :D glad to hear that you'd a great christmas weekend! merry xmas and happy new year to you!

teambsg, oh sure..shall wait for her to come back! :D oh yes, thanks for reminding me! i forgot bout da sea side view..:p

alice said...

yorrrrrrrrr is this at tg harapan? the bamboo reali BIG! wahhhhhhhh but this tg harapan place very hard to find i always got lost :(

Jessie Woo said...

moi so when is OUR next trip r :P i am craving for crabs and prawn la :D

MeiyeN said...

alice, ermm.... not to sure about it but we usually refer to this place as "hainanese village"... oh, going to this place is quite complicated.. we got lost before too.. :p

jessie, yeahyeah.. when? when? telok gong? :p why not make it before cny? then again cny, we can go again for "lou sang" :p :p oh no no, need to "kam fei" okay....:p

Precious Pea said... many of you at the dinner?? So many dishes...and all so yummy!! only 9.30a.m. and already hungry after looking at the pictures. How ar? How to survive till lunch????

MeiyeN said...

preciouspea, there were 5 of us! :D no worries, lunch is 2 hours more to go! enjoy your lunch later yeah :)

Honey Star said...

ooo..i miss dipping man tau (esp fried ones) in sour and spicy gravy. Slurp slurp...yummy looking prawns.

Bong said...

Glass Noodles with Prawns nice???

MeiyeN said...

honeystar, oh yeah... me too!!!

bong, yeaps.. pretty good!