Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tea Time @ Secret Recipe, Midvalley

When comes to tea time, we usually prefer to have a cuppa either at Coffee Bean or Starbucks but when once in a blue moon become always, I will get bored with it. So, instead of da usual place that we hang out, I suggested darling to enjoy our so called afternoon tea at Secret Recipe, Midvalley and it was all good :)

As you know, Christmas is around da corner and when I saw da "Frosty" word in da menu, it reminds me of Frosty Da Snowman! As so, Frosty Lemon Tea was chosen! :p Priced at RM 7 per glass, it definitely quenched my thirst. I loved it but my other half said that it was just too sour for him.

My other half went for da Appletiser Sparkling Juice. Not too cheap, RM 7.80! But then, it's stated that this drink has got no additional sugar and coloring! Hmm... I wonder how true is that. Anyways, darling checked through da information label and realised that it's from South Africa! O_o my god, I didn't know Apple can survive there!!!!!!! :p

I tell you, this Chocolate Indulgence Cake was superbly yummy! Frankly speaking, it's really cheap to have a slice of Cake @ Secret Recipe. Believe it or not, this huge slice of cake is priced at RM 5.50 only and if you opt for one whole cake, it's priced at RM 65.

Well, one cake is never enough for me hence I ordered another one which was a Lemon Cheese Cake. Also priced at RM 5.50, I think that it wasn't too good cause da Cheese seemed to be melting away and not cold enough :( Taste wise, it was rather tangy and delicious... just that da texture was abit out!

We will be back to try their Main Course as they look really appetizing!!!!! :D

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