Friday, December 15, 2006

Toll Rates Increase!!!

I thought today suppose to be one happy day because it's Friday! Happily woke up and when I read through da front page of The Star as early as 7am I went O_o and O_o and O_o!!!!!!! Why is that so?


da LDP toll will be increased by 60 cents!!!!!!!

Da impatient me rush to dad and mom, complain and complain!

Definitely no good okay! My other half uses this highway everyday just to see me, my little sista uses this highway to college, my dad, my mom and myself uses this highway everyday too and sometimes to da extend of few times a day!

Da next thing, petrol prices will be up and you know what?

I guess, my blood pressure will be up too!!!!!!!!! :(


Honey Star said...

:( Everything goin up...standard of living in malaysia is terrible!!

MeiyeN said...

honeystar, exactly..... :(