Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Vivo American Pizza & Panini @ The Curve

Last Saturday, after all da troublesome house-work and putting up da Christmas Tree, darling and I brought my family out for dinner. I thought it had been quite awhile since da last time I actually visited The Curve hence I suggested them to have dinner there :D

We parked our car and walked in. O_o whoaaa... very surprise to see that da shopping mall is very beautifully decorated with lotsa huge and tall Christmas Trees. Looks like their Christmas theme color is Blue, my favourite! :D

Happening street where da Flea Market located and that night itself, da place was so jam-packed with humans! Oh my god, I thought The Curve used to be so dead but not now anymore!

Dinner was at Vivo cause of me, craving for Pizza :p

Look at da crowd, it was almost full inside! I still remember da very first time darling and I came here for lunch 2 years ago. Business wasn't good at all but now, O_o whoaaaa... extremely good business! Looks like opening an eatery @ The Curve is a good choice cause it seems like most of da Restaurants and Cafe are packed and full with patrons on weekends.

We started off with Garden Salad. Priced at RM 5.50, it's a combination of Iceberg Lettuce, Onion Rings, Tomatoes, Carrot Strips with some sliced of Black Olives drizzled with Thousand Island Sauce. Dad is a pro when comes to Salad hence when he said that it was good, it means this Garden Salad has got my vote! ;)

Next serving was da Breaded Scallop. Priced at RM 7.50, this crispy deep fried Scallop cakes were pretty good!

We also had da Golden Baked Chicken Wings. Priced at RM 12.50, I think that it was quite pricey and to tell you da truth, da Chicken Wings were really bad! :( Dad and mom complaint that da Chicken Wings seemed to be very oily with lotsa fats in it. Yikes.... I hate fats and therefore I didn't even wanna have a bite on it. So people, I recommend suggest you not to order this unless you are into Chicken Wings with lotsa fats in it ;)

Yippee, here comes da Pizza! We ordered 2 types of Pizza that night and one of them was da Hawaii Pizza. Priced at RM 17.90 for da 10" thin crust (6 pcs) Chicken Bologna with juicy Pineapple chunks and some Onion Rings Pizza, we find it pretty good! Why good? Ekekekeke cause there were generous amount of Pineapple chunks in it!

Another type that we ordered was da Sambal Seafood Pizza especially for mom and dad cause we just know that they love Sambal. Good enough, it was definitely da perfect choice for them and they loved it so much! Generous amount of Seafood given and it wasn't too spicy just at da right level for all of us ;) Price wise, RM 17.90 for da 10" thin crust (6 pcs) Pizza and if you prefers to have a smaller version, you can opt for da 7" thin crust (4 pcs) with da price of RM 10.90 per Pizza only.

Besides that, we also had one plate of Carbonara Penne. Priced at RM 14.80, this pasta definitely has my vote! Da blend of fresh Mushrooms and Turkey Ham cooked with heavy Cream and Parmesan Cheese, whoaaaaaaaaa absolutely yummy! It definitely gave us a kick as it was served hot and warm! Sooooooo creamy and flavourful!!!!!!! :D

Apart from da Carbonara Pasta, we did ordered da "Kung-Pou" Chicken Spaghetti too. Too bad that I couldn't remember da price for this pasta but it should be in da range between RM 10 - RM 15 I supposed. For those who dislikes creamy pasta, this would be da perfect choice! ;)

Overall, da dinner was good! Their Pizzas base, thin enough, crusty and crunchy while da Pastas that we had were pretty delicious too. Perhaps, we didn't really expect much that was why we were really satisfied I guess. Well, I would say that da only fallback would be da Baked Chicken Wings, apart from that it was all good! ;)


alice said...

wah lao so many food!!!!!! u really can eat alot har but why never gain wan? so envy!! what's the secret eh?

team bSG said...

wa yr friend Alice is absolutely right lah, also what Jackson always say !

I think I know your happy secret !

Meiyen said...

alice, i didn't finish up all of them... we ordered so much cause was with my parents and my little sista.. ;) but i must say that you are right that i am a big eater... fyi, i've actually gained alot compare to previous years and that there's no special secret at all just that i do work out everyday (except Sat & Sun) and practice yoga twice a week.. that's it :D

Meiyen said...

teambsg, what's da happy secret?! O_o tell me bout it.... ekekekekeke

alice said...

i know u order for one whole family but looking at ur other posts hor can see lo u can eat so much but never gain veli keng lo and now u r telling me that u actually exercise every day???????? and u know yoga?????? wah laoooooooo not tiring meh?

team bsg ah.. me not her friend! found her blog thru google search when i was looking for a restaurant haha

Meiyen said...

alice, i actually work out for good health cause i am ageing and with so much of food, i think i will die faster if i don't burn those fats away :p actually, it's not that tiring doing yoga.. maybe you should try doing it ;)

Frances said...

I have wanted to post on the chicken wings twice day before yesterday but blogger had some probs.

I said that I love chicken wings but not the dried bbq-ed ones. In fact, the nice ones are found at no-name stalls/cafes. :)

Meiyen said...

frances, that's very true!!!!! :D

team bSG said...

meiyen yr smile says it all, the wheel of happiness.

Meiyen said...

teambsg, :D