Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yay, It's Weekend!

Yay, yay! It's finally weekend! I'd been supa busy for da past few days and looks like weekend will be da same too but of course I wouldn't be busy with works, most likely will be having no time for myself as it's time to bring my family out for some good food and hopefuly if time permits, I will have da chance to shop! Oh yes, Year End Sale/Mega Sale is back!!!!!! So gals, wait no more! Buy and buy and buy as Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year are all on da way in this few months time! :p

I will be going down to KLCC to grab some gadgets from PC Fair later in da afternoon. Just checked on my need-to-buy items list and looks like there will be lotsa stuff that I need to get. Oh well, it's just da right time to replace some of da old and non-working gadgets in my work place and at home too! You know, new year is coming soon and that everything should be new too :p Hopefully, I will be able to get good prices from this fair ;)

So people, have a good weekend!

I will be back on Monday ;)


J said...

Weekend is here!
Good to hear that you are taking some time to have some rest, quality time with family and fun...

boo_licious said...

Pikom Fair and KLCC supercrowded as always. I love the super high christmas tree with the lit up reindeers.

Jackson said...

hope u enjoy yr weekend and write more bout the weekend food review.

Honey Star said...

I was in klcc on sat, n it was mad!! super packed n crowded...scary....all the "SALES" is calling me too...evil evil... must avoid malls until the year is over.

Meiyen said...

j, sad to say that weekend wasn't so good as i was not feeling well :(

boo, yeah...supa duper crowded!

jackson, just posted da Frog Porridge @ Jalan Alor.. ;)

honeystar, me too!!!! it was really supa dupa crowded!!!!! both klcc and da pcfair... O_o