Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Devi's Corner @ Sri Hartamas

I'd been wanting to have mamak food for da past few days and finally managed to have it at Devi's Corner, Sri Hartamas. I remember that I used to hang out at this place when I was still working with my ex-colleagues and it definitely brought back lotsa good old memories that I had before with them. Time flies and it has been more than 5 years now that we've gone separate ways to pursue our own dreams. Frankly speaking, I miss them alot and when I am writing half way through here, one of them told me that she will be flying back to KL this coming 16th February, all da way from New Zealand!!!!!! I am happy, I am joyful and I just can't wait to see her! :D

Back to da food, am seriously not too sure why I am so hooked to da "Teh Tarik" at Devi's Corner. Hot, not too sweet and not over milky, definitely one of da best ones I've tasted!

I had da square in shape "Roti Telur". Actually, I don't have many other places to be compared with as I hardly have mamak kind of food but so far, this "Roti Telur" managed to gain a perfect maximum point from me. Not oily and crispy, yummy!

Knowing that Lamb is my favourite, darling was kind enough to take this Curry Mutton for me and it tasted so delicious! Da meat was so tender and juicy! If you like spicy food, you will surely like this Curry Mutton :)

Am not too sure what my other half had but more or less it was a plate of Steamed Rice with Curry Chicken and Curry Brinjal. Da gravy was very flavourful and yummy!

I wonder if anyone of you know what "Kuih" is this as it tasted so good that I loved it so much! Apparently, one of da staff told me that this is called "Wadhil" but I seriously not sure if that's correct. Da texture of this "Kuih" was kinda springy and tasted like Tapioca. Best eaten when it's still hot! :)

One good mamak food we had and believe it or not, da total damage for da above food was less than RM 13!!!!!!!!!!!!


toniXe said...

Aha, their counterpart in Bangsar is my regular hangout before adjourning to da happening place, 100 m away !

The vadall ( I spell it this way) is great with the multichilli sauces, yes but only when served hot.

This Indian joint is packed morning noon and night ( plus midnight), with over/underflow from Nirvana BLR some shops away.

Jackson said...

yeah! Im da 1st person to leave a comment! Meiyen, i do found that u seldom take mamak food or street food. Most of yr review are on expensive food! Lucky you! Like me, almost roti telur every morning..... haha!

boo_licious said...

Heard rumours going around that this outlet may have to make way for some development around that area. Hope that's not true since it's one of the decent mamaks around.

babe_kl said...

we always liked devi's cos they're consistent with the food quality be it in bangsar or DSH. that kuih is called vadai (sp?) but not all places sell fluffly fragrant ones like devi's

Precious Pea said...

There are two types of vadai. One is the one you had that looks like doughnut and the other is round with lots of dhal, onions and chillies. The one you had is made from rice flour.

Jason, i still haven't satisfy my roti tissue craving la!

Tummythoz said...

Teh Tarik or better still, Teh Halia. Kurang manis for me please!
There are 2 types of vadai? The things I learn everyday. I've only tried the round ones with plenty of ingredients in them. Yummy.

MeiyeN said...

tonixe, so you are da one of da regulars at da bangsar one yeah... i'd only been there once as far as i remember and da roti tissue was so nice!! :D

jackson, i do go for mamak and hawker food....but at times, i do forget to bring my camera along with me..:( i just can't blog without pictures :p

boo, O_o i am sad to know that! hopefully it's just a rumour!

babe, yeah very true! it was my first time to have that "vadai" and it was really yummy cause at that time it was still very hot!:D

preciouspea, wow...thanks for da info! now i know....:D

tummythoz, is "teh halia" nice? never try before...got to try that on my next visit!:D

wmw said...

Oh...I just started going to the one in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, use to hang out at the one in Bangsar too.

RAPTOR4EVA said...

I miss mamak food! ALOT!
Garlic Cheese Naan with teh tarik kurang manis is 1000X better than sushi!