Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dinner @ Bon Ga Korean Restaurant, Bangsar

Last 2 weekends, darling and I revisit to Bon Ga Restaurant for a hearty Korean food. If you are not aware, Bon Ga Korean Restaurant is actually located right opposite of da new opening of Bangsar Village Shopping Mall (opens today). That weekend, we had different kinds of food as compare to da last time we came here.

Darling ordered "Yook-Hwae". Priced at RM 45 per plate, I must say that this's definitely one exotic kind of food!!!!!!!!! Sliced of Raw Beef, I repeat, RAW BEEF with Raw Egg and seasoned with various sauce, darling mentioned that this's a must order item for da beef lovers. I was told by my other half that it was served really cold and no doubt, it was absolutely delicious. As usual, no comments from me cause I don't take Beef at all. If you wanna know how delicious it's, do not hesitate to try it out cause it's highly recommended by my other half :)

While darling had Beef, I went for da Bbq Seafood with Mixed Vegetables. Priced at RM 30, it was served on a skewer. Not oily, grilled a little while and it's all ready to be eaten, yummy!

Star of da night was da "Beebeem Naeng-Myeon". Priced at RM 18, it was a Traditional Glutinous Noodle served with Boiled Egg and Minced Meat. Served cold, I must confess that this's definitely da best Noodle I ever have and da best way to have this yummy-licious Noodle is to mix da given Chilli Bean Paste along. One word, fantastic!

Good enough, there were f.o.c. Mixed Fruits to end our meal ;)

This Korean Restaurant has been our favourite and da standard of food is so consistent that they are always as good as ever. So, what are you waiting for? ;)

Do check out my previous visit to this Restaurant here.


Precious Pea said...

Wahh..finally got new posting. So miss u oledi. Hehehe. I tried the Yook-Hwae in Melbourne before. Super yummy, especially as you chew the red juices (hehehe, blood) drip out from your mouth. Gross isn't it. But it's really really Yummy!!

Tummythoz said...

Do wonder whether I can stomach that raw beef dish. Any chance they offer just a spoonful for tasting like in the ice-cream parlours? =P

MeiyeN said...

preciouspea, sorry for not being too active lately as i've been extremely busy :( oh wow, looks like you did enjoy da "yook-hwae" just like how my bf described how yummy it was!

tummythoz, perhaps you can bring someone along with you and share that raw beef cause i doubt so that they offer just a spoonful for tasting... :p

team BSG said...

really different from other korean rests i see.

Jackson said...

Looks like u two like to eat korean cuisine!! Da raw beef wt raw egg? No no no...for me

teckiee said...

hm... i like the japanese raw beef slice...but raw beef and egg ah... must try man

boo_licious said...

hiya! Nice meeting you, sorry we didn't manage to chat much as you had to leave early and we came so late.

MeiyeN said...

teambsg, oh try it out! ;)

teckiee, if you are a beef lover, you got to try this exotic dish! i am sure you will love it...:D

boo, my pleasure to meet you! oh yeah, we left early thought to avoid da jam coming out from mv carpark but it was such a wrong timing that we were stucked for at least 10 mins without moving and there after decided to re-park our car and walked down to starbucks for a cuppa :p

Jean said...

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Allan said...

Hi hi, i'm passenger XYZ who accidently came across to your blog, haha. Is my pleasure to meet ya, a thousand+million thank you cause i'm headache where shall i bring my girlfriend to celebrate in this Valentine's day, at least got some idea now.. Since you across so many place, any romantic place meiyen sis can recommend to me mah? Thank you thank you...

MeiyeN said...

allan, thanks for dropping by! :D

oh well, there are lotsa romantic places that i can recommend you and it's all depends on your budget.. i would suggest you places like

frangipani @ changkat bukit bintang
mango tree @ bangsar
villa danielli @ sheraton imperial
cafe cafe @ kl
tamarind @ kl

and etc.

da above are some of da places that i can remember at this moment.. if you need more information, do drop me a mail and i will try to assist you....;)

>>>Дζζ@П said...

Thank u ya, i dont have your email neh, how leh? or u drop me an email lah,, got alot of question wan to disturb you.. haha..

MeiyeN said...

allan, problem :)