Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Esquire Kitchen @ 1 Utama

One month ago, there was one Sunday that mom wasn't around to join us for dinner as she got to attend her friend's son wedding party. As so, we asked dad what he wanna eat for dinner and he replied us that he wanna try da food at Esquire Kitchen, 1 Utama outlet. Frankly speaking, we hardly have meals at Esquire Kitchen due to bad services from da staff that we encountered before in da Sungei Wang outlet, not once but many times to da extend that we got so pissed and decided not to step in to any Esquire Kitchen outlets anymore. However, that Sunday was a different story as dad decided to give them a second chance.

Darling and I ordered da Dry-toss Noodles served with plentiful of "Sawi" vege and Spring Onions. Well, no complains from me as it tasted really good and trust me, da portion was darn huge that I actually had problem finishing it.

While we had da dry Noodles, Dad and Sis went for da Plain Soup Noodles. Again, it was served with lotsa "Sawi" vege.

Da Noodles of course was act as a companion to some of da dishes we had that night and if you are a regular diner at Esquire Kitchen, I am pretty sure that you will never miss to order their signature dish which as seen above, da Stir-fried Chicken Paprika. It was really good and I enjoyed eating da addition of da Cashew Nuts. Da sauce, pretty yummy too and I suggest that, it's best to be eaten with da Steamed "Man Tau". Too bad, I'd accidentally deleted da picture of da "Man Tau" that we ordered, so no photo for that.

Dad was craving for spicy food thus we ordered one small plate of "Sambal" Prawns for him. I remember that I didn't quite like da taste of da "Sambal" cause it was kinda sweet and not spicy. However, I must admit that plenty of Prawns and Onions were given though.

We also had one small plate of Stir-fried "Sawi" with Garlic. Pretty much normal and tasted okay.

Another side dish we had, Deep-fried "Wantan". It has been my sista's favourite since she was a little and up till today, she still has a passion for this dish :)

For your information, da Deep-fried "Wantan" comes with a small bowl of Sweet & Sour Sauce and it's meant for us to dip da "Wantan" into this sauce. Seriously, it's really different to have da "Wantan" with da given sauce. Yummy, yummy!

Overall, we were kinda satisfied with da services and food at this outlet. We didn't have any dessert that night as we were fully loaded. Da total bill for da above food came at RM 80++ and I remember that their "Tau Fu Fah" used to be my mom's favourite but it has been ages since we last had a bowl of it. Maybe one day, I shall return to this place for da "Tau Fu Fah" :D

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Precious Pea said...

Yah..those auntie waitresses got attitude problem. Same thing in Atria and Mid Valley branch.

Should try the Eel with Minced Garlic. Really really nice and goes well with the Mantou. It's their signature dish too.

toniXe said...

Years ago they were just great, with their slippery wonderful flat round noodles, sweet sour garoupa,mantau with pork(fats), chicken with nuts, and their girls' green green skirty services.

Then I lost them....but their signature salivating posters still very mouthwatering la !

I never miss looking at them( da pixs lah) in Atria, PJ !

wmw said...

I go to the one in Atria and Bangsar Shopping Complex. Fave dishes, fried wantan (same as your sis!), chicken paprika, mantau with the stewed pork! As for noodles, I normally try the Sam See Mee (loosely translated Three Shredded Mee???)

MeiyeN said...

preciouspea, exactly! they are always rude and i wonder why :( anyways, thanks for da recommendation :D

tonixe, i didn't know they do have one outlet in Atria.. which floor? oh yeah..i don't think they are girls anymore...more like aunties... :p

wmw, sam see mee? i never try that before.. i bet it must be nice since you recommended it to me.. thanks for da tip, will try it out on my next stop! :D