Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's Year 2007!

Hohoho, we are now officially living in year 2007! So, how was your new year celebration? My New Year's weekend seemed to be a great one! While everyone jamming into da city to join da crowds counting down to New Year, we eventually witnessed one beautiful fireworks display right infront of my house and it lasted more than 5 minutes! :D Can you imagine yourself wearing pyjamas suits without driving out to downtown to witness one beautiful fireworks? Trust me, it was one great new year's eve! :D

Da weekend, we didn't go anywhere out of town though, but been pretty much busy indulging ourselves with some good food, shopping and spending time with my beloved family and my other half. As for yesterday, while darling went to work and I'd no where to go, I thought of to be good and help dad to clean his antiques since Chinese New Year is coming soon. However, da clumsy me broke one of his favourite antiques while I was trying to take them out and wipe. Ooooppss... actually I was just trying to be helpful and didn't mean to break dad's stuff okay. Of course I could see that dad's reaction was O_o and O_o not because that I broke his favourite antique but because my mom was actually sitting on da floor while I was up on a ladder! I must thank god that it didn't hit my mom and lucky thing that dad didn't scold me for breaking his antique. I told dad that I will try to locate da same one and replace it for him but when he told me that da damaged one costs few thousands, I almost fainted and worst of all, I won't be able to buy it over here in Malaysia. O_o how? Seriously, nothing much that I can do right?

Oh my god, really "lok-tei-hoi-fa" on a new year day and mom said it's a good one! :p


MamaBoK said...

Nice new picture .. ;)
Wow..!! your parents so good one.. never get mad.. with losing an antique.. :) Lucky you..!! nevermind.. can try and get your dad something else.. some other time.. :)
Most importantly.. no one got hurt.

boo_licious said...

Happy New Year! Most of the shopping centres were jammed packed with people. Sorry to hear abt the antique incident, like Mama Bok says the main thing is no one was hurt.

Jessie Woo said...

"Lok tei hoi fa Fu kwai weng wa"

dun worry i m sure ur dad wont keep it in heart wan ... knowing u so nice help to clean his antiques wo ...

MeiyeN said...

mamabok, thanks! dad is always a kind man and like you said, if i ever sees something nice...i will definitely buy it home just for him :D i hope you had a great new year celebration!

boo, yeah..so many people flocking to da shopping malls and i could see that mainly, parents buying school uniforms and stationaries getting ready to da 1st day of school!

jessie, O_o whoa...got such phrase? i didn't know about that :D i bet he rather wish that i lazy around than to help him clean his stuff knowing that i am such a clumsy daughter :p