Monday, January 08, 2007

Japanese Buffet @ Shin-Nichi Restaurant, Kompleks Antarabangsa

Oh no, it's Monday again! Tell me about it, who would enjoy da Monday Blues? Well, definitely not me! Wait a minute, what if Monday is a public holiday? Oooo... that would be so different right, just so different! Anyways, sorry for da lack of updates as I'd been pretty busy last few days and finally, I've da time to blog! Let's see if my post got to beat your Monday Blues yah :)

On da New Year day itself, we went to Shin-Nichi Japanese Restaurant @ Kompleks Antarabangsa for its Japanese Buffet Dinner. I was so tempted to try it out right after I read one article from The Star ages ago but after some time, I somehow forget all about this place until weeks ago when Precious Pea and Pam from Foodyumz *slurp* blogged about it. As far as I concern, da usual Japanese Buffet Lunch is priced at RM 38++ per pax while RM 43++ for Dinner but on that day we were there which was a New Year day, we were told that we got to pay RM 45++ . Well, they sure knows how to make money from there huh? Ambience wise, definitely not my favourite! I don't know why but it just doesn't seem like da kind of lightings that I like and some of da diners really freaked me out.

Da Sushi Bar and to tell you da truth, photos are actually not allowed to be taken! :p

Anyhow, I managed to capture 2 shots! 2 shots only okay!!!! But still, better than none right? :p No doubt, there are plenty of Sushi selections but I doubt so that they are better than da one I had before at Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant, 1 Utama. Perhaps when they first opened a year ago, da Sushi selections were rather plain and nothing much to shout about but when we re-visit Shogun one month back, we couldn't agree more that they actually have more varieties of Sushi as compare to last time.

Offering Oysters in this economical Japanase Buffet definitely beat da rest of da Japanese Buffet Restaurant chains as I believe that none of them serve Oysters, not even Shogun.

I must confess that da Sashimi selections at this place is pretty good and fresh. Look at da color of da Salmon and you sure know it's up to da standard :) Oh one more thing, I was kinda O_o to see people rushing and queueing to grab da Sashimis and Oysters like da staffs not going to refill them.

Da Salad selections and Hand Roll selections are pretty good too!

Da Chawan-Mushi was rather plain, tasteless and quite watery. Definitely not towards my liking!

All this while, my other half knows that I love Prawns and when he found out that they offer Double-boiled Drunken Prawn, he was so excited and he brought to da table and asked me to try it out asap. Well, it was very good and soupy! Surprisingly, I overheard one man from da next table complaint and remind da Staff to pour more liquor to da Prawns for him! O_o I never know that can be done!

Quite tasty on Da Mini Monk Jump Over Da Buddha. Sorry for da blur picture as I was kinda busy eating at da same time snapping it :p

We also had da assorted Tempura, Teriyaki, Steamed Prawn, Baked Oyster and Baked Mussels. Da Baked stuff was quite okay and da Steamed Prawn was yummy but da Tempuras were kinda disappointing.

Darling ordered da Mixed Seafood & Meat Teppanyaki at one go. We find this pretty much better than da one at Shogun.

We also had da Mixed Vege Teppanyaki, not bad at all :)

They do offer Cold Cha Soba, always my favourite! :D

Some of da Cooked Dishes we had, fine to us :)

Darling had da Beef Sukiyaki. I am not into Beef hence I am unsure if it tasted good but somehow, my other half didn't complain either so I assumed that it should be tasted okay :) For your information, there were many kind of Soups too like Cream of Mushroom, Sharkfins and etc. but we were not interested in it cause we know that if we feeds ourselves with Soup, we won't be able to try other stuff as soup always make us full!


As for Dessert selections, they do offer Mochi, Mini Lemon Cheesecake, Mini Chocolate Cake and "Woh-Peng". Besides that, there were Puddings, Jellies and Assorted Fruits as well.

I also had da Redbean Dessert. Not bad, not too sweet, definitely towards my liking :)

Many kinds of Ice-cream selection and I had da Blueberry Swirl and Macha. I think I had da wrong flavours of Ice-cream as it tasted really bad! Da Macha Ice-cream tasted bitter and da Blueberry Swirl flavour tasted like a cough mixture! :(

Knowing that I wasn't too happy with da previous Ice-cream flavours that I had, darling was kind enough to take one scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream and topped with a little bit of Coffee mixture for me, tasted like an Affogato though :D

Economically, this place is considered not bad for a scrumptious Japanese Buffet. If I am asked to compare Shin-Nichi with Shogun, I would say that I still prefer Shogun. Perhaps, it could be da ambience and da people around these two places that drove me to choose Shogun. Food wise, they are almost similar except that Shin-Nichi offer Oysters and better selection of Sashimis. My personal opinion is, if you stay around PJ area and looking for some cheap Japanese Buffet, Shogun is da place you should go to and if you are around KL area, needles to say, Shin-Nichi would be da best choice.

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Precious Pea said... managed to snap photos of the sushi bar!! They didn't allow me and Pam though. Sigh.

I never tried Shogun cos it's always fully booked! Maybe i should try it one day, just for comparison sake.

Pamela said...

Wheee!!! U went to my fave place!! hahahah!

Achelli... the sashimi n oysters are really the only thing worth going for..hehe!

oh dear... miss it lehz...

*gotta try the handroll next time....*

MeiyeN said...

preciouspea, yeahyeah... ilegally! :p hmmm.. maybe you can try Shogun on weekdays! going on weekends definitely not advisable, i once saw da queue and it really freaked me out!

MeiyeN said...

pam, yeah.. you are right! anyways, with da oysters.. i think it's quite worthy :D

Baby Princess said...

If u want oysters.. try MoMo in Centrepoint BU. Not much choices but the oysters are really fresh.

I think about 43.90++ if i'm not mistaken.

Haven't tried Shogun and Shin-Nichii.. But I think Shogun not worth it. Saisaki better!

MeiyeN said...

babyprincess, O_o wow amazing! how did you know that Shogun not worthy if you haven't try it out yet? it has been years since i last visited Saisaki and da time i was there, i must say that their food not that great..not too sure bout now but both Saisaki and Shogun, under da same management if i am not mistaken.

never try momo before, maybe one fine day yah.... :)

Pamela said...

baby princess: woooo... Thanks for the recommendation... MoMo... Oysters... so near summore... waaaa....
Sis/MeiYen/J/Boo.... wanna go?? lol...

Yes, Saisaki+Shogun same management.

toniXe said...

omg ! dats a real feast, what with all da drunken things and monk jumping over the wall ! Xciting ah ....( lucky u do yoga, otherwise I can imagine...hahaha)

wmw said...

Yah, what a feast! I don't do yoga, eat all that, sure can't go out the door lah me! hee hee...

MeiyeN said...

pam, can! which one to go? :p

tonixe, hmmm....i think i know what you mean :D

wmw, surely won't happen that way cause it's only one time per day right? :D

Xiu Long Bao said...

hei i oso read bout shin-nichi from d star. Environment wise, i think it looks like a food court @_@

Baby Princess said...

i think shogun is expensive because they only serve one oyster.. I love oysters.. so they can't satisfy me.. hhehehe..

btw. MOMO only offers buffet during weekends. See for more info.

btw.. i made a mistake. Saisaki doesn't offer oysters too... so they are both not good. Heheheh!

MeiyeN said...

xiulongbao, you are right! :p

babyprincess, hmmm.... if you are into oysters...maybe you can try out places like genji @ hilton pj or jogoya @ starhill..:D

porce9223 said...

i went Shin-Nichi last nite, so many food, sushi, sashimi and oysters very fresh...
price increase liao RM45++ for dinner :(
we order a jug of Hakutsuru Sake try try RM6++, no mabuk, but really a nice alcohol..

jogoya sure good ma coz RM88++ for dinner, jogoya is eat for quality de, so if u prefer to eat quality rather then quantity, go jogoya is better.

Anonymous said...

the picture is so attracting....

yummmy... ^_^