Thursday, January 18, 2007

KTZ @ Ss2

One afternoon, I was with mom around da Ss2 area and it was quite close to tea time back then. I guess mom was craving for "tong-sui" (dessert) hence she suggested to have a light meal at KTZ which she refers as "Kei Tak Zik". Mom usually likes to eat at da Kepong branch of KTZ rather than this outlet as she thinks that da Ss2 outlet serves quite limited food compare to da one at Kepong. Anyways, I must admit that she is right :)

I had da Red Bean Soup, a yummy and a popular Chinese Sweet Dessert Soup made with Azuki Beans. It was a good one as da soup texture was darn think and I am sure that if you are one Red Bean soup lover, you will surely love this! :D

Mom wanted a drink to soothe her troat as she was having mild cough hence she went for da Double-boiled Snow Frog Jelly "Suet Kap" with Fungus, Hasma and Red Dates. There are 2 options, cold and hot but we always like to have da Hot version as it's delicate and pleasantly light.

Whenever I am at this outlet, I will tend to go for da "Sze Chuan" Style Noodle cause it's my favourite. Too bad that this's not served in da Kepong outlet. Fyi, da egg noodles are tossed with spicy dressing that can easily whet your apetite. I don't know about others but mom and I definitely love this! ;)

We also tuck into this Steamed White Carrot Cake which mom called this as "Lo Bak Ko". I was told that this traditional Chinese White Carrot Cake is usually made and eaten during da Chinese New Year and I wonder if that's really true. I've never been much of a fan of "Lo Bak Ko" but da one we had that day really has my vote. It was not too soft and not too hard, just at da right level towards our liking and best of all, we could still have a bite on da shredded White Carrots, thumb up!

This Deep-fried "Wo Peng" is a must order item for me cause I simply love it. Da filling, sometimes can be Red Bean ("Tau Sa") or Lotus ("Lin Yoong") but I usually likes da Red Bean paste and it's best eaten when it's still hot! Once cold, da texture of this "Wo Peng" will go soggy and not nice to eat.

It was one affordable light snacks for both of us as da bill came up to RM 23 only. If you are not aware, this place is quite famous for its Fruits-lo like Mango-lo, Honeydew-lo, Strawberry-lo and etc. Too bad that I am not into this icey dessert but my other half absolutely love them though. If you like icey dessert, do try them out!

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Xiu Long Bao said...

i tried KTZ's famous mango lo before. quite a big portion. the wo peng looks yummy!

Precious Pea said... bean wo peng is my favourite too! I always look forward towards the end of wedding dinner to see if they serve it. Yummyy!! OK trip to KTZ must order. I tried their radish cake before..hehehe..not as yummy as the one i made.

MeiyeN said...

xiulongbao, da mango-lo seems to be everyones' favourite!

preciouspea, ^5... i am just like you too.. always look forward towards da end of wedding dinner for da "woh peng" but..normally they don't serve red bean but some "longan tong sui" oh by da way, mind to make one radish cake for me? ehehehehe :p it must be really nice to have da home-made one!!!!

Jessie Woo said...

my all time favorite "woh peng" keke

Jackson said...

wowo.....nice!! I dunno that they served such a great appetizing sze chuan noodle. Must try out next time!!! Normally i like their mixed fruit lo....yum yum

Rasa Malaysia said...

I love wo peng too...the red bean paste, the crispy skin...and the sesame seeds are icing on the cake! Hmm, maybe I should try to make them at home. ;)

Precious Pea said...

Meiyen, my radish cake full of dried shrimp and chinese sausages..ehehe...which of course hard to find outside. No prob, the next time i make radish cake, make sure you give face and come to try ok?

Tummythoz said...

Was our frequent haunt after dinners but not anymore. Kinda tired of waiting for seats almost every time.

Primrose said...

I always like their double boiled honey dew with gingko when I go there. I can drink 2 bowls. :)

toniXe said...

dis place is funnily referred to as da place outside of which da most famous( YES!) Penang assam laksa is parked on Monday SS2 Pasar Malams !

Fav hangout 4 young lovebirds I was told, hehehe

babe_kl said...

mei yen, if you go to the kepong outlet, ask them to direct you to their One Noodle nearby for the sze chuan noodle. One Noodle is under the same family. actually kepong outlet is our fave, its the heat and dust that make the food taste great here haha just joking

MeiyeN said...

jessie, oh yes....we've got da same passion, always! ;)

jackson, boo just mentioned that you can find da sze chuan noodle at da kepong outlet too!!! :D

rm, do courier me some okay? :p

preciouspea, for sure!!! thanks in advance! :D

tummythoz, hmmmm guess this place is kinda pack during night times huh?

primrose, wow!!! 2 bowls....salute you! :D

tonixe,'s a good place for da youngsters to hang out and have some light snacks! wey, that pasar malam's assam laksa has been so famous ever since i was a kid!!!!!!

babe, thanks for da info!!!! :D