Monday, January 22, 2007

Sumptious Japanese Buffet @ Genji, PJ Hilton

To all my loyal readers, sorry for not being so active lately as I've been quite busy both at work and at home (spring cleaning). Apart from that, darling's beloved sista just got back from Melbourne for a short holiday and we've been spending alot of time with her hence I won't be able to blog much this coming few weeks. Anyways, I will try my best to update my blog as soon as I've da time. So, stay tuned!

Weeks ago, darling's sis called up from Melbourne, said that she had been craving for some good Japanese food and would like to have a Buffet spread at Genji Japanese Restaurant which's located at PJ Hilton. So, here we are at this place for a sumptious Japanese Buffet which's priced at RM 69++ per pax. I remember that darling and I used to come here quite often for its buffet when we first discovered this place 2 years ago to da extend that we got so bored with it that we no longer make a stop at this place until last Sunday.

There were 11 of us, 8 adults with 3 kids hence we were given a "Tatami" Room :)

Da Sashimi Bar, very good selections and very fresh! Please note that I only managed to capture 2 of da Sashimi selections as I was blocking and disturbing other diners waiting for their turn to take their favourite food :p

If you are a Sushi lover, this's definitely not a good place for you as quite limited Sushi selections availabe compare to Japanese Buffet Restaurants like Shogun and Shin-Ninchi.

Unlimited Appetizer and Salad selections you can have!

"Do-It-Yourself" Soba/Udon, you can choose to have da Cold version or da Hot one :)

Da Teppanyaki and Sukiyaki Corner

My favourite corner, Dessert and Dessert and Dessert!!!!!!!! :D

Next to da Dessert corner is where you can have different kind of Fruit selections, yummy!

It seems like I've forgotten to snap da Cooked food area where they've Grilled Salmon, Garlic Rice, some Deep-fried stuff and etc. which I must say that they are quite mouth-watering.

Right, I guess it's time for me to indulge myself with all da good looking food! :D

Fresh from da water, darling and I had 1/2 dozen of Oysters. Plenty of vitamins and minerals, they were superbly huge and yummy!

A plate of Mixed Sashimi with some Cold Appetizers, so fresh and so chilling! Delicious.....

A varied selection of Tempuras. I like Tempura Prawns da most, crispy and fluffy!

For da Teppanyaki selections, you can choose to have da Mixed Seafood version, Vegetables, Beef or with Chicken meat.

Darling had da Beef Sukiyaki. It was awesome for him but not for me as I don't eat Beef so, I've got no comment on it :)

Some of da Cooked-food we had with da deep-fried Soft Shell Crabs, absolutely my favourite!

I remember that da Japanese Pizza used to be really delicious and I loved it so much back then. However, disappointedly, it no longer tastes da same anymore. It was more like chewing flour than a thin and fluffy pizza :(

Assorted mini cakes, nothing special but tasted good!

Darling went for da Japanese Shaved Ice Dessert with a cooling and refreshing taste!

As for myself, I had da Macha, Strawberry and Vanilla flavour Ice cream topped with some Red Bean. It was so yummy-licious! ;)

Enough of food, time for da kids to have some fun! They just love to take pictures so much that they even pose for me! :D

Darling's precious nieces; Jessica, Joey and Phoebe. Awww... they are really cute right? :D

When I first saw Phoebe in da airport few days ago, she was so shy and quiet but yesterday, she acted so different! She talked non-stop with all her aussie slang and had so much of with Jessica, Joey and of course with me too! ;)

Jessica and Joey, da apple of our eyes ;)

Moi with Phoebe, I am so touched that she can still remember me after 1 whole year we've not seen each other!

Last picture of da day, moi with da kids!

Genji is actually one of my favourite Japanese Restaurant as they serves authentic and pretty good Japanese Cuisine. I kinda like da environment over here with quite number of "Tatami" Rooms available for private dining. This place has got my vote and it's highly recommended! ;)


Pamela said...

very yummy lehsssss
I miss this place... hehehe! Went there once last year, liked it.
But expensive lar... hor? RM 79.35 nett per pax.... can go to Shin Nichi twice ady...hahahahah!!!!

Beef sukiyaki here is NICE too.

wah...can see u guys were there super early...hhehhehehe!!!!

Precious Pea said...

They allowed you to take photos of their buffet spread? The food looks so yummy. Are those oysters eat-all-you-can? The shaved ice looks like ice kacang to me..hehe. The three lil' girls are so cute and pretty...just like their future aunt *wink wink*

MeiyeN said...

pam, yeah...we reached there at 1130am cause da buffet starts at that time rather than 12pm! well, true that it's kinda expensive but you get quality of food! :D

preciouspea, oh yeah...they allowed! i always think that it's different to have buffet at a hotel than those stand-alone get lotsa priviledges though ;) i assured you that you can have unlimited oysters and bear in mind, they are absolutely huge and fresh! smarty gal, da shaved ice definitely tastes like our msian "ais-kacang"! do try this place, i am sure your hubby will give thumb up! :p

Tummythoz said...

Last pic = 'sei-tai-ching-kam'.

cookies_cream said...

My oh My~!!! Japanese buffet~!!! >.< Haha, I want the sashimi, soft shell crab and some ice cream plese? :P I'll be going for a Japanese buffet too but have to wait for 2 weeks though.. :(

Jackson said...

wow : Im craving for Jogoya buffet all the time but too expensive for me to take alwiz. I must try out this japanese buffet restaurant as an option. i love sashimi!!

Someone who is constantly craving said...

damnit..i think i should have gone here instead of jogoya..but the buffet is onli on sunday rite?

MeiyeN said...

tummythoz, more like "sam-chin-kam" cause i think i am too old for that title :(

cookies, oh really? nvm...time flies, i am sure 2 weeks will be reaching real soon!!!! so, which rest/hotel you are going to?

jackson, oh yeah..pretty expensive to have buffet @ jogoya... u can try this place, hope that you gonna enjoy da food here :D

someonewhoisconstantlycraving, oh can have 2nd round of buffet!!! :D hmmmm da buffet is available on sat and sun if i am not mistaken ;)

Melting Wok said...

HI Meiyen, thanks for the PJ Hilton post. Aside from food, this place brings back a lot of memories to me :( Used to hang out almost every w/end with my best friend, just gal-talk, that kinda thing u know ? sigh, those were the days, cheers ! :)

Caron said...

hi mei yen

Very nice photos of the japanese buffet that you have taken.Looks sooo delicious.

I was wondering have you tried Jogoya in starhill gallery. Which one would you recommend to try it out? Was thinking of having a jap buffet one of these days.

Thanks for advsie, yeah


J said...

Ooi.... make me feel so hungry!

Genji is good for buffet but bad for ala carte when you go in a big group....
(Usually they take a loooong time to serve everyone - one time I went there with a group of colleagues and the last person got their food about 20 to 30 minutes after the first one...)

流浪影子 said...

meiyen ~~
this buffet looks so fantastic. i search from net but couldn't found detail.
is the buffet serve everyday? lunch and dinner ? i cant wait to have it :P

Jessie Woo said...

Ah moi ... early early adi make me so hungry ...

so we shall go when tiff is in KL yeahyeah

Hohoho cant wait adi !!

toniXe & Gang said...

one thing bout Jap buffets, its worth it just to eat the endless salmons and oysters ! but u gotta have a giant appetite ( like yr darlin!)so value 4 money

cookies_cream said...

Mei Yen - I'll be going to Jogoya...let's pray that everything goes well and that I'm able to be a eating-monster there~ ^.^

RAPTOR4EVA said...

Do you know that the 'Japanese Shaved Ice Dessert' doesn't even exist here in Japan? Thats 100% M'sian ice kacang(and I'm drooling for it now)

MeiyeN said...

melting wok, looks like this is a favourite place for da gals! :D

caron, yeaps...i'd been to jogoya few times but that was last year! i must say that they've got a huge spread of selections, more like a seafood buffet! if you are into seafood, you will definitely like that place :) i think da buffet @ jogoya is a combination of japanese & taiwanese food and they've got a pretty good dessert selections as compare to genji... da best, try both da places and see you prefer which one...:D

j, never been there for ala-carte though... we usually go to rakuzen for ala-carte japanese food :D have u been there?

流浪影子, hmmmm da buffet only available on weekends.. maybe you can call up to ask for more details.. 03-79559122

jessie, no problem!!!!! wey... not to forget that layfun is coming back too! we shall gather and have a feast! :D

tonixe, yeah.. exactly! oh by da way, i've got a big apetite too! :D

cookies_cream, hope that you gonna enjoy it...will wait for you to review about it then...;)

raptor4eva, oh really? in most of da jap rests over here, they do serves this ice dessert ;)