Saturday, February 10, 2007

5 Things Most People Don't Know About Me

Apparently, I've been tagged by Fatboybakes (Have Your Cake and Eat It Too) and now, I got to list down 5 things most people don't know about me! I think this's kinda tough cause I really have no clue how much people know about me. Anyways, no harm to give it a try and here's my list.
  1. I am proud to say that I am a pure Hainanese but I don't speak or understand this language at all.
  2. I am working in Mechanical & Electronics Engineering line but graduated with an Honours Degree in Computer Science.
  3. For a time, I wanted so much to be a professional Pianist but I just fell out of it without finishing da last Grade of da examination.
  4. Although I can't read/write Chinese well but I could speak Mandarin with my little sister ever since she was a kid.
  5. I've known my other half for 6 years now and we've been together for 2.6 years.
Okay, that's about me and time to tag some people! I am tagging da following bloggers to spread da meme;
  1. J of Memoirs of a Chocoholic
  2. Cookies_cream of Food-cookies
  3. Citygal of KampungboyCitygal
  4. Pam of Foodyumz *slurp*
  5. Jessie of Journey Of Life


Jessie Woo said...

oh my ... *sratch head* got homework tim :D

KampungboyCitygal said...

cham..secrets unveiled..haha

Rasa Malaysia said...

Great to learn more about you...hope to see you and your darling at the gathering. :)

team BSG said...

Haiya shud have met u 7 yrs ago lah ! Then got many Hainanese dishes to enjoy oredi...then maybe oso other things.

Pamela said...

eh... I know item 1,2,5 about u dy worr... hahahaha!!!

ERK... Kena tagged arrr? ok le... Shud be a sport. later k?

J said...

I've been tagged!

I'll try to post the tag up as soon as possible.

MeiyeN said...

jessie, oh yes!

citygal, waiting for it yeah! ;)

rasamalaysia, so sorry to inform that i won't be able to make it due to big family gathering on that day :( hope that you guys and gals gonna enjoy that night and take more pics yah!

teambsg, me got no idea what are da famous hainanese dishes at all :p

pam, yeah.... no problem! ;)

j, :D i am waiting for it..!!!!

Tummythoz said...

Similar here. A stranger to Chinese characters but can speak a passable splatter of the language.

wmw said...

Make that 3, I don't know how to read/write Chinese!

Jessie Woo said...

Count me in then No. 4, same dunno how to read/write Chinese but then can speak la. [i think ppl still understand wat i say :P]

MeiyeN said...

tummythoz & wmw, that's good!!! we aren't "bananas" :D

jessie, never have i listen your mandarin conversation before eventhough i am your partner in crime.... wondering how it sounds like...:p anyways, you must eat more pig's brain! you know what i mean.. :p

fatboybakes said...

WAHHHH, mei yen, sukinang !!!!!
i am also hainanese leh, in fact, i was reading in the sarawak chinese museum, hainanese were usually cooks, bakers or restaurant owners...none of that hard labour, tin mining, lai soi low kinda thing!!!!
and like you, i dont speak, but what is YOUR excuse since u are pure? in my case, only my dad is hainanese, so its not the "mother tongue"....

MeiyeN said...

fatboybakes, you are right! my grandpa was a cook back in malacca! unfortunately, he passed away 20 years ago while i was only 6 years old.. didn't manage to "tau-si" at all :(

anyways, do you know what usually people said about hainanese? :p i am sure you know....out of 10 hainanese, 9 of them "tau foong" :p :p i wonder how true is that and my mom always say that it's true! hahahahaha...

it's cool to know that you are a hainanese, and da only thing i know would be this.. "nang bo ti nang, kui bo ti kui" :D :p