Monday, February 05, 2007

Martell Presents KLue Rsvp @ Isthmus, Northpoint Midvalley City

Two weeks ago, we attended da KLue Martell Event which was held at Isthmus, Northpoint Midvalley. Da event was all about free-flow of Martell and with da price of RM 40++ per pax, each person gets to sample a set meal ranging from Appetizer to Main Course and Dessert. Da event kicked off at 730pm but darling and I only managed to reach at 8pm not due to da heavy traffic jams but we were caught inside da Mid Valley car park area for at least 20 minutes just to look for a car park!

Once reached, we were asked to grab our seats at Table No.7 and to my surprised, darling and I got to sit with strangers! Pretty bad, they should have inform us earlier that we got to share da table with other diners. Honestly speaking, I was really unhappy with that kind of planning cause I thought that I could enjoy da meal only with my other half but tragically, it turned out to be da opposite way, sitting with people that I don't even know! :(

Well having no choice, we seated ourselves there and for your information, I felt pretty nervous cause that was actually my first time to have dinner in a long table with strangers. Yeaps I repeat, with STRANGERS. I don't know about others but, I am very particular about this that we got to pay and yet we were not given a notice that there wouldn't be privacy for us and that we got to share da table with others. O_o

Minutes later, I was greeted by Fatboybakes (Have Your Cake and Eat It Too) and I must say that it was my pleasure meeting him. He's definitely a very interesting person and one nice fella. Oh before I forget, he was so kind that he gave me 2 pcs of freshly baked Fruit Cake that night. Thank you, Chengyi! Not long after that, he brought Boolicious (Masak-masak) over and we kinda had a short conversation. Trust me, it was really nice meeting her in person :)

A Cocktail for each person has been served before dinner. We kinda like da glass but not da drink. Really weird that darling's version tasted so much better than mine and I over heard that other diners at da same table complaint that da drinks kinda diluted. Well, we didn't finish da drinks and guess what? We waited almost 1 hour for our dinner to be served!!!!!!! :( Imagine how hungry I was at that time, 9pm to be precised!

We started off with da Simply Avocado. Before I could take my knife and fork to eat this, strangers at my table complaint non-stop over da presentation of this appetizer where it wasn't consistent at all. Some had it on da front view of da Avocado and some of them had it either on da right or left view. Well, they laughed over it and amusingly said , "this's just another wanna-be fine dining" See, it's really no good to put me with strangers :p Anyways, if you are not aware, da starter was actually a Tempura-fried Avocado Rolls wrapped in thin slices of Eggplant with a Rice Batter Almond Batter and served with Tangy Sesame Coriander Sauce. I was kinda satisfied with da taste of this Appetizer and please bear in mind that on normal days, this starter is priced at RM 18.

For da Mains, choices were limited. We could either choose to have da Fish Profile, Spring Chicken Medina or Pandan King Prawns. As seen above, I opt for da Pandan King Prawns which was served with Rice. I wonder why Rice was served instead of Soba Noodles which's stated in da menu. Anyways, I didn't dare to ask cause other diners seemed to be fine with it and honestly speaking, it tasted yummy. Da texture of da Rice was soft and very fragrant too but da Prawn was okay only. I must confess that I absolutely like da Sauce too which tasted a little bit spicy and sour. On normal days, this main course is priced at RM 39 which I think that it's quite pricey.

Darling chose to have da Fish Profile, a Salmon Fish. Served with Spinach and Puy Lentils, darling mentioned that da Fish was fine and since there wasn't any complains from him, I bet it must be delicious for him especially when he could have his favourite Puy Lentils. Bear in mind that on normal days, you can opt to have Atlantic Cod Fish which's priced at RM 50 while da Salmon is priced at RM 38.

For Dessert, we were given one scoop of Mango flavour Ice Cream and another scoop of Coconut flavour Ice Cream. Well, I thought Black Sesame Ice Cream was da initial flavour that we would be given but it turned out to be Coconut flavour which I absolutely dislike that kind of tastes.

Overall, da food was pretty good that night but it really turned us off when we found out that we got to share da table with others. Nevermind, guess that's a good reason for us to pay another visit to this place :)

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boo_licious said...

Sorry to hear abt your bad experience there. I think fbb mentioned to me that they didn't have enough tables. We were lucky since we came in big groups hence we all sat together. I'm impressed you snapped pictures, I was banned from it since it was too dark where we were there.

Precious Pea said...

Same same, I don't like eating with strangers, feel very weird and uneasy. Especially attending wedding dinners and you don't know a single person at your table. Big turn off oledi no matter how good the food is.

fatboybakes said...

yar, what a pity you had to sit with strangers hor. glad that you found the food okay at least. definitely a reason to go back and try it in romantic ambience with your darling. (who incidentally seems like a really nice chin chai chap).

boo, who banned you from taking pics?

MeiyeN said...

boo, yeah.. how i wish i was with a group of friends! anyways, who banned you from taking pics? O_o

preciouspea, exactly! ;)

fatboybakes, are you trying to say that i am not nice? :p

fatboybakes said...

HAHAHA, errr, how on earth would you derive that conclusion? that one no need to say oridi understood larrrr...

MeiyeN said...

fbb, O_o what ya mean?

fatboybakes said...

HAHHAAH, are u fishing for a compliment?? ok la ok la, since you've just been traumatised by the self moving gate and all.

folks, of course mei yen seems like a very nice person!!! if not you think i would still come here meh?????

MeiyeN said...

fbb, :p :p