Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Old Town Kopitiam @ Sri Petaling

It was da 9th day of Cny and right after dinner, we drove to Sri Petaling to visit aunty and by 10pm, my cousin suggested to have a cuppa at Old Town Kopitiam which located not far away from where they reside. It has been really a long long time since my last visit to this area and looks like there's a dramastic change as compare to last time. I could see that there are many new eateries and there's a hotel opposite Old Town Kopitiam! Wow, that's really cool! :D

I like da lightings over here, comfy and nice! ;)

For your information, I am not da kind of person who goes for supper eventhough it's one in a blue moon but no worries, I managed to capture some of da drinks and food that my family had that night :)

My little sista had da Old Town Enriched Iced Chocolate. Priced at RM 3.20, she claimed that it tasted fine. Just a very normal Chocolate drink and there's nothing special about it :p

Darling had da Old Town Iced White Coffee which's priced at RM 3.80 and I think that's not cheap. I had a sip and I didn't like it at all cause it was way too sweet for my liking!

Dad had da "XiMut" Milk Tea. Priced at RM 2.20, he seemed to like it alot cause it wasn't sweet at all and very milky!

Mom had da Organic Wheat Grass Honey Juice which's priced at RM 3.80. Well, those of who you who doesn't have a sweet tastebud please do not order this. I am not too sure about other branches but da one mom had that night was supa dupa sweet. I wonder if it's supposed to taste that way? Hmmmm........

Food wise, sis had da Ice Fire Polo Bun. Priced at RM 2.20 per pc, sis mentioned that it was really good and was baked to perfection with a crisp layer on top, sandwiched with a cube of butter.

Dad had Butter Toast where da breads are brown in color! I am not quite sure da price for this toast but I bet it definitely won't costs more than RM 2 for a small plate :) Dad claimed that it was good where da bread's texture kinda soft and not thick, absolutely towards his liking!

My other half had da Plain Toast with.....

Half-boiled Omega Eggs. Da Eggs definitely look very tempting that I almost had a scoop of it but in da end, I back off knowing that I've put on alot during this festive season! :(

Mommy had da Ipoh "HorFun" which she complained that da soup was darn cold. Ooops... that was not a good sign cause mom is da kind of person that couldn't tolerate with food that's not hot! Hmmm.....

I found out that da staffs at this place are pretty friendly, maybe because my cousin seems to be a frequent customer at their outlet thus, a better service was provided during da time we were there. Food wise, I've got no comment cause I didn't consume anything that night but from my family members reaction, it looks like da toasts are pretty good but not da Ipoh "HorFun" :p

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Jessie Woo said...

so next time we drop by yeah :P

Kok said...

The toasts look good! How I wish I can get a munch on all of those now. haha!

wmw said...

The polo bun looks really nice!

Precious Pea said...

Half boiled egg and roti bakar..most perfect for breakfast but never have it for supper before though.

MeiyeN said...

jessie, sure! :D

kok, go try it out... think you gonna like it ;)

wmw, yeah.. my sis gave thumb up for da polo bun ;)

preciouspea, i think to have that for supper gonna leads me to be a fatty bom-bom! :p

Tummythoz said...

Prices are not cheap. Drinks are from dispenser machines. Food taste so-so. Yet all its branches are always packed to the max!

babe_kl said...

they are sprouting like mushroom, everywhere also can find them now. since i've been to the ipoh hq, comparitively, they're more expensive in KL and of course tasted different too. no consistency as well as i find the taste varies from one outlet to another. service too, some were good but quite a number of them are really bad! i hv eaten the por lor bao in HK, this pales in comparison.

Kok said...

I would love to. But I'm an East Malaysian which is currently at the Land of Kangarooo. haha!

MeiyeN said...

tummythoz, yah..must agree with that! looks like it's a good idea to open a kopitiam huh? good or bad, everyone's favourite :p

babe, really? same name but more expensive? :(

kok, nevermind... when you comes back, you will always have da chance to try them out! :D