Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day Dinner @ Eden, Chulan Square

Apparently, our initial plan was to dine at CafeCafe yesterday but not when I found out that da Valentine's Set Dinner costs a bomb! Yeaps, I decided to call it off right after I realised that darling got to pay RM 420++ per couple for da whole dinner eventhough that was without his permission. I really think that it's not worthy to pay so much for a 3-course dinner set. Sorry darling, calling it off last minute when you'd actually made da reservation one month earlier. Well, I really think that it's ridiculous to pay so much and without thinking much, I suggested darling to have our Valentine's dinner at Eden since both of us have yet to try this place. Located at Chulan Square, I remember that dad used to bring us to da old Eden which was located right opposite (now, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur) from where it's located now. Trust me, it was such a hectic night everywhere and I could see so many of them rushing here and there to reach their destination. Phew.... it was so jam and so packed! My other half kept mentioning to me that we will surely laugh at our ourselves when we gets old one day. Yeaps, he was trying to tell me that it's really silly for us to get ourselves stuck in jam and pay so much for a so commercialise day! Well, whatever that he said, I still want to celebrate it anyway and not on other days! :p

Nice number, we seated at Table No. 62! ;)

We kinda like da table setting, romantic!

There were 2 Musicians playing love songs all around da place! Applause towards them as they did a great job!

Here's my darlingbear before da dinner :)

Here comes da happy and joyful me! :D

Now, da Valentine's set dinner (4-course) was priced at RM 88++ per pax which I think it's absolutely reasonable. I found out that lotsa diners having problems with da V-Menu. They shouted, they complaint all because of da same reason, they wanted da A la carte Menu! I was really shocked how would they not know that there shouldn't be A la carte Menu on this special day and how did they manage to make da reservation without knowing what they will be having? I was really clueless!

We started off with da "Hand-in-Hand" Appetizer, a Seafood Cocktail.

Next was da "Cupid Portion" Soup, a Homemade Wild Mushroom Soup served with Dinner Roll.

To da mains, darling had da so called "Happy Ever After" main course which was a Combination of Grilled Half Lobster, Tenderloin Steak and Dory Fillet served with Bernaise Sauce, Sauteed Potatoes, Fruit Salsa with Musculen Salad.

As for myself, I went for da "Marital Bliss", a combination BBQ Tiger Prawns, Chicken Fillet and Salmon Fillet served with Sauteed Potato Boulangere, Fruit Salsa with Musculen Salad.

Final course of da night was da "Romantic Interlude", a Strawberry Mousse Cake I supposed and of course ended with da "Endless Love", Coffee or Tea ;)

Before we go off, complimentary Love in shape Chocolate for us! Yummy yummy :D

Overall, da dinner was fine. Honestly speaking, both me and my other half didn't expect much because we knew that quality of food would not reach da highest peak on that day. They were not super yummy, they were not too bad just at da border line only. Da bill came at RM 266 with 2 glasses of Red Wine (not included in da V-Menu) and can you imagine if were to dine-in at CafeCafe which would have easily costs us more than RM 500 for da dinner? I am really glad, really glad that I called it off cause darling and I definitely enjoy ourselves at Eden although da crowd and da food were not super great :)


tankiasu said...

Awww...great bf u got there. ;) Yea, hate it when they forces us to choose their V-day menu. That's the very reason why my gf insisted we have something simple. And very simple indeed, we had our V-day dinner at Kluang Station, 1U!! :P Very unromantic huh? But we had a great time bcoz we were spending time together, and bcoz we save alot on food, we used those money to buy better gifts for each other! :)

Jessie Woo said...

*blink blink* expensive ~nya

anyway m glad that u hav a great nite !!

hi tan, jessie here .. where got unromantic lah still ma got celebrate .. :P

Happy Valentine's Day !!

Desperate Mummy said...

Wah the food yummy-yummy no wonder I can see ur sweet smile :D

Precious Pea said...

You ordered Marital Bliss?? Any chance you and your darling tying the knot this piggie year?

team BSG said...

what a nice dinner. And looking good,too!

fatboybakes said...

FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY ++!!!!! aiyo, who does cafe cafe think they are? Cilantro or what!!!! SHOCKING!
Eden sounded surprisingly good.

Xiu Long Bao said...

Eden is my yet-to-try place, the food looks gud n the price is r/ble.I have always wanted to visit cafe cafe after reading honeystar's post. The ambience is great but pricey for sure.

By the way, I'm going to show my bf ur valentine posts n twists his ears :I

MeiyeN said...

tankiasu, i would say that it was definitely wise to go for cheaper meal and buy better gifts for each other but some people would prefer to have no gifts but a good dinner.. you know, different people different perception :) un-romantic? of course not!!!!!!! it's already romantic enough when both of you could spend this special day with each other :D happy belated valentine's day to you and your partner! :D

jessie, expensive? you refer to da cafecafe dinner?

desperate mummy, thanks for dropping by! :D

preciouspea, not this year...but soon......maybe after this year? :p

teambsg, thank you! :D

fatboybakes, ridiculous!!!!!!! with that price, i could eat till i drop at other eateries...:p

xiulongbao, yeaps.. i've friends been there and they told me that great ambience @ cafecafe!! better off to try this cafecafe on normal days right? paying so much with limited choice? no way! :p

Jessie Woo said...

Yeahlor 400++ wo .. *fainted*