Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Birthday Dedication To Jessica

Today is darling's precious niece birthday. Happy 4th Birthday to da Little Jessica and may she grow up healthily and happily! We had an early celebration with her last Sunday since her actual birthday falls on a weekday, which's today. Thay day, a small birthday party was held at darling's bro place where Mcdonald's crew was asked to come over to entertain da kids.

While da kids enjoyed themselves with da Mcdonald's crew and meal, da adults were served with food like "NasiLemak", Fried Noodles, Tomato Prawns, Curried Chicken, Fried Chickens from KFC, Sweet & Sour Pork "Koloyuk", Stir-fried Vegetables and etc.

Jessica and my other half. Can you see how precious she's to him by seeing da smile on his face? Hohohoho... someone is jealous :p :p

Da Birthday Gal and Moi ;)

Moi with da bubbly and active Little Natasha ;) New member in da family, princess of darling's cousin..

Da kids, most of them age between 2-5 were having so much fun dancing! :D

Here comes da Hamburglar which cause Little Jessica to hide inside her daddy's car while her best friend, Chloe hide under da table. I think that they should've brought Ronald instead of this Hamburglar cause it scared me off too! :(

Right... time for da kids to gather and sing a Birthday song for Little Jessica!

Da sistas, little Joey with Jessica ;)

Blow off da Candles...

Time to open Presents!!!

It wasn't her birthday but she still received a small pressie from her Kindergarten Teacher, so lucky!

Awwww.... so obvious that she was not happy when everyone pays attention only to da birthday gal, her elder sista Jessica and that she was being left out. Minute later, his daddy came to rescue and she was all fine when da rest of da kids played with her. She's definitely a gal that needs maximum attention! :p

It was definitely one fun and enjoyable moment I had with da kids! Once again, Happy Birthday To Jessica Wan! :D


Tummythoz said...

B'day girl doesn't smile lots, huh. Camera shy?

Jessie Woo said...

Happy Birthday Jessica .. Come aunty Jessie Hug Hug :P

Precious Pea said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!! How come she looks a bit grumpy? She must be happily playing and then dragged to take photos, am i right?? hehehe.

MeiyeN said...

tummythoz, we found out that she actually dislike big crowd and that was da reason why she looked unhappy :(

jessie, muahahaha... she has da same name as you :p

preciouspea, she was okay to take pictures with us.. infact, she like it so much.. but at that time, there were lotsa kids and adults... she dislike too many people in her house...