Saturday, March 17, 2007

Burger King, Have It Your Way!

Sorry for da late update as I was quite busy for da past 2 days. Not too good, I accidentally bang a huge wood while trying to park my daddy's car somewhere at client's place and I definitely could feel how hurtful it's to my daddy's baby. I just couldn't believe that da impact would be so great that da front bumper is now severely damaged eventhough I was in a very very slow motion. So sorry, dad! I seriously didn't mean to bang your car and for god sake, da huge wood was somewhere hidden down da parking area and covered with bushes.

Back to food, I would like to ask one simple question that is, have you ever eaten Burger King? As for myself, I'd never till 2 days ago! Please don't laugh cause a friend of mine laughed out so loud that he asked me, "How old are you now? Never eat Burger King before? Hahahahahahahahaha" Well, he was so meant to me that I feel that I've embarrassed myself :( Then again, I finally managed to try it for da very first time with my other half and that's something to be proud of, seriously!

For da very first time trying da French Fries @ Burger King, I was very much amazed with its hot, crunchy and crispy texture! They were just so different from Mcdonalds and I must give a thumb up for that.

Darling ordered Chicken Sandwich for me. Too bad that I couldn't recall what's da actual name of this but you could actually see from da above picture that this version of Chicken Sandwich came with a huge slice of Cheese and some Veges too. Before I had a bite on it, I could see how professional my other half fix da whole Sandwich perfectly for me so that da Veges, Meat and Mayonnaise would not leak out. That was a perfect wrap that I didn't have any problem eating that supa huge Chicken Sandwich one bite to another :D One word, yummy!

As for my other half, I think da one he had was da Ultimate Double Whopper which I've got no idea how it tastes and how good it's cause I don't take Beef. One thing that I know, darling absolutely fancy this and he did told me that whenever he's at Burger King, he would never fail to order it.

Burger King, I am loving it! :D Oh by da way, it's free-flow of Soft Drinks when you order their set meals!


evelyn said...

MeiYen... im enjoying ur every entry.. u work every satur? cz can see ur new update during satur:p

wmw said...

I actually prefer Burger King to McD's. But I like McD's Prosperity Burger which is usually available during Chinese New Year period.

Cutie said...

Guess what, I had my first Burger King when I was 19. hehe.. Anyway, love the French Chicken Burger... Yummmy!!!

Kok said...

I don't know about Burger King back in Malaysia, but the Hungry Jack (same as Burger King) here offers the best burgers. I like the Whopper too. And they have this Bacon Deluxe which I doubt Malaysia will have this since they won't allow non-halal food. I wonder when is my next trip to Hungry Jack. I'm a bit hungry looking at this post. haha!

squall768 said...

I love your blog ! Mind to exchange links ? Email me if you are interested


teckiee said...

Mei Yen you got to try their ice cream. Smoother than McD's and more vanilla!

Someone who is constantly craving said...

honestly..i do find it very amusing and i dont mean to be least it shows either you are very picky with your food or u r a health freak for not picking up on burger king earlier..well just dont get hooked on fast food..i think i made a procrastinating entry about queueing up in burger king once..stopped eating ever since..

team BSG said...

BK is decent enough tho V believe its one scale down on da style thing, Mc is so stylish !

But their service is much faster ( less crowd(...hahaha)

Baby Princess said...

i guess it's a Chicken Deluxe..
Because if it's to be French Chicken, then there'll be a slice of turkey ham..


MeiyeN said...

evelyn, yeah... sat is usually a 1/2 day work for me :)

wmw, too bad that i never get to try it cause prosperity burger = beef burger right?

cutie, that's not bad at all.. at least we tried! :D

kok, hungry jack? i heard it before from my bf and he said they are much better! just too bad, hungry jack isn't available in m'sia..

squall768, hi there! thanks for visiting my blog... exchange links as in??

teckiee, really? looks like i'd miss to order that! thanks for telling me.. will definitely try it out... :D

someonewhoisconstantlycraving, no problem! i know it's hillarious and fyi, i am not that picky when comes to food but fastfood just isn't my cup of tea that's why i hardly go for that.. but i do believe they are not that harmful to have it once in a blue moon :D

teambsg, hmmm.... not stylish enough? lol.... maybe mcdonald is more colourful, that's why kids love mcd! :D

babyprincess,i take your words... and it was a french chicken that i had that day.. thank you! :D

Precious Pea said...

wmw, guess what? I always look forward towards Chinese New Year for McD's prosperity burger. Juicy and succulent. Meiyen, you can try their chicken version which i feel not as good as beef.

meiyen, if you happen to visit Australia, do try their Hungry Jacks. As Kok said, their Bacon deluxe is really really good!! Even their meat tastes much better than here.

MeiyeN said...

preciouspea, sure! :D

Kok said...

Hungry Jack has the best burger among all the other fast food restaurant i.e. mcdonald etc. It is so much better than those in Malaysia I think. Hahaha! Malaysia doesn't have Hungry Jack, but Malaysia has ROTI JOHN! yUMM!:P