Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Chap Goh Mei Dinner @ Shiang Hee Seafood Restaurant, Bandar Menjalara

As everyone knows, last Sunday was "Chap Goh Mei", which marked da end of Year 2007 Chinese New Year and I feel pretty sad that da celebration is now over. Life is back to normal with lotsa work, how I wish that $$$$$ would drop from da sky so that I don't need to work! There would be no more everyday-family-and-friends-gathering, no more fireworks display and worst of all, no more long holidays for me! :( No kidding, I am actually counting down da days, very much looking forward to da next Cny :p

Anyways back to our Chap Goh Mei's dinner, this time, we had it at a cheap and affordable "TaiChow" eatery. Located at Bandar Menjalara (a place where people called it as Steamboat-Heaven), "Siang Hee" Restaurant is one of da cheapest place for good "TaiChow" I've ever been to. This place is oftenly packed especially on weekends and if you are a late-comer, whether you like it or not, you would have to wait an hour for da food to be served and surprisingly, patrons at this place wouldn't mind to wait and they seem to be really patient.

That night, there were 15 of us and we were given one extra huge table so that everyone could gather together!

One Happy Family :D

With my beloved Cousin Sista!

We actually started off with "YeeSang" but most unfortunately I didn't manage to capture da supa huge "YeeSang" that we had due to my slowness of taking out da camera. After "YeeSang", we had this Five Hapiness where da Chinese called it as "NgmFook". Very huge serving and everything here tasted so good especially da "FattPuk" which's made of Yam.

Next, we had Steamed "SiaKap" Fish which was done in a "TeowChow" style. I've always like Fish steam in this way cause of its soupy effect and tangy tastes. A very big "SiaKap" Fish I must say that allowed 15 diners to finish it!

Came this Deep-fried Pig's Trotter, everyone couldn't stop eyeing on it and just couldn't wait to grab at least one piece to their plates cause it looked just so tempting at that time. For your information, I didn't have a single piece out of it cause I am just not into it. I find it supa "geli" with all da fats and oil in it! Those who had this dish said that this Pig's Trotter was fried to perfection and that da meat was tender and tastes really good when dip it into da given Thai Sauce.

We had one large size of Braised "HoiMei" Seafood Pot. There were a mixture of Clams, Fish Maws, Octopus, Prawns, Mushrooms, mixed Vegetables and addiction of Abalones which we brought it over for them to cook along. Everyone gave a thumb up for this Seafood Pot as da gravy was so tasteful that they couldn't stop drinking it and pouring them into their Rice.

Next highlight was da Pineapple Bbq Pork Ribs. I am not a person who goes for Pork Ribs all da time hence I wouldn't be too sure if this Pork Ribs taste really good but da meat texture was just too hard for me that I didn't seemed to like it. However, my other family members claimed that it actually tasted that way and it wouldn't be nice if I wanted other parts of da Pork to cook in this style. Amazingly, less than 5 minutes, all gone and Pineapple cubes were da left over ones :p

Time to take a break on da Meats, Stir-fried Garlic "ChoySam" was then served. Sorry for da blury photo as someone accidentally pushed me and when I thought to have a second shot, da Veges were all taken by everybody causing me no choice to post this unclear picture. Nothing much to shout over this normal dish as I believe that it definitely tastes da same at any other "TaiChow" place.

Again, blury picture! :( Thanks to my cousin, being impatient! This's probably one of da famous home-made Beancurd dishes available in almost all da Chinese Restaurant. Looks like a gold bar, this mixture of fried Beancurd and Fish paste is best eaten with da given Mayonnaise.

Another unclear photo of final dish of da night, a "NaiYau" Butter Prawns. Well, I must conclude that this's so far da best Butter Prawns that I've ever tasted among all da "TaiChow" places. Da reason why I said so is because most of da time, da Prawns are always tasteless at other eateries and over here, it's one exceptional case where da Prawns itself has got its own sweet and fresh taste! So, if you happens to be at "Siong Hei", do try this dish as it's definitely worth trying!

Believe it or not, da above dishes..... to be exact, including da "YeeSang" means 9 dishes costed us only RM 373! Think about it, there were 15 adults with 9 dishes and everyone were fully loaded that they hardly walked back to their cars :p I am not kidding, good food, really cheap and affordable especially for da big family! So, wait no more and go for it :D

SHIANG HEE Seafood Restaurant
46, Jalan 8/62A,
Bandar Menjalara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
H/P: 019-3268782/ 019-2163684


Jessie Woo said...

Remember i bump into u on the day b4 i go deliver !! keke

Pamela said...

fulamakkkkk so yummmmmmyyy
aiyoh... I wanna go here.....

PRECIOUS pea... let's go let's go..ask your hubby to check this blog out... and then see if he wan go....

mei yen - got directions ar? we dunno this area worr....

mmm.... i love the 'ngm fook'... wah!! *salivating**

Kok said...

Duhh! You have a wonderful dinner! Although you don't seem to like the BBQ Pork Ribs, I still want to try that. It seems delicious to me.

Tummythoz said...

1 hour waiting time??? Then must time it just right to arrive & order early so when hunger pangs strike, food arrives. Or must remember to bring snacks. Or get a kind soul to arrive & order in advance. Or .. In short, with good taste & portion at such reasonable price, not going is not an option!

wmw said...

Wah....looks good! 9 dishes, 9 happiness X Ngm Fook! 45 happiness! Hee hee...

tankiasu said...

Yumm..I bet the Braised Hoi Mei goes very well with steamed rice. Slurp...noooOOOooo, I'm still 3 hours away from lunch time. Shouldn't have come to your blog this early! :P

babe_kl said...

i hvnt makan here before lah... maybe can try one day

Precious Pea said...

Pam: Ok Ok...let me check with him.

meiyen: Da seafood hotpot very yummy, somemore 'ka-liu'..slurpz!!

MeiyeN said...

jessie, yeah.... i was so shocked when joe called me da next day telling me you just gave birth! i was like... O_o cause i thought i saw you like less than 24 hours and off, your princess was born!

pam, if you really wanna go this place, do call me up...very easy to go...i can direct you through da phone ;)

kok, yeah... you got to try this out.. but i am not sure if they serve this on normal days or only available during cny!

tummythoz, lol.. true enough! :p

wmw, wow.... looks like you are very good in calculation cause i am not aware of it at all!!!!!! ;)

tankiasu, nvm to come in here before lunch hour so that by da time you have your lunchie, you would have a better appetite :D

babe, yeah..hopefully you and your family will like da food over here! :D

preciouspea, no "kah-liu" also very delicious one! :D