Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Green View Restaurant @ PJ

Last Friday, I was craving for Crabs and my other half suggested to have dinner at Green View Restaurant. Located near to da Rothman's Roundabout, this's definitely one good place for Crabs and "SangHarMeen" trust me, you definitely wouldn't want to miss that! :D

That night, we had my all-time favourite "SangHarMeen". Honestly speaking, da Fried Egg-Noodles with Water Prawns at Green View Restaurant is da best I've ever tasted and best in town. Some of da places that I'd tried before usually used "YeeMeen" as da based Noodles but at this place, it's rather different as they use "SangMeen" instead. I absolutely like da thin texture of these crispy and crunchy Noodles that taste so delicious with da gravy. Well, seems like it's really hard to get one eatery that could beat them! Anyone has got a better recommendation, please do not hesitate to tell me yah ;) Oh by da way, our plate of "SangHarMeen" costed us RM 36 which came with 2 gigantic Water Prawns :D

We also had a plate of Stir-fried Kai Lan with Garlic which tasted good.

Our dinner was ended with 1kg of Salted Egg-yolk Australia Crab. Priced at RM 80 per kg, I must say that once again, it's da best in town! Da Crab was supa dupa huge, its delicious flavour and delicate texture just never fails to amaze me! Awesome, awesome!

I tell you, you will never regret coming here for a decent meal. Their business is so good that it's always packed everyday, be it lunch or dinner hours and that their Crabs are going really fast. I remember that we reached that place at 730pm and by 9pm, da Crabs were all gone with da RM120 per kg left over!

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KampungboyCitygal said...

rm 80 per kg? that's pretty expensive! haha but they look so good

Precious Pea said...

Totally agree with you, their Sang Har Meen is da best. I find their crab really good quality, justified by the high price. But since we found King Crab, never been back to Greenview oledi. Their Herbal Chicken and suckling pig also quite nice.

Tummythoz said...

Long time never been there. Very sked of the crowd & parking woes. But after one look at your pix, mayb shd just plan to arrive real early.

MeiyeN said...

citygal, expensive but trust me, you gonna love da crabs at this place!!!!

preciouspea, i wanted so much to go kingcrab also but somehow we had things to do that night after dinner near that area so we decided to had a quick one @ green view instead... i really wonder how long more i got to wait to pay a visit to king crab :p

tummythoz, true enough! i used to see dbkl/mppj came as late as 11pm to summons those cars that parked at da road side! best is to park inside housing area and yes, you got to go early for their crabs!

Kok said...

I love crabs! haha! Is it Snow Crab? I only know Aussie here you can find the big, fat Snow Crab which they claimed is very expensive and nice!