Thursday, March 01, 2007

Reunion Dinner @ Jack's Place, 1 Utama

I just couldn't believe that my best friend, YeeTyng and I actually had a Cny Reunion Dinner at Jack's Place yesterday. I remember da last dinner I had with her was at Jack's Place too but in a different outlet. Well, da reason why Jack's Place da chosen one was because we were just too bored with Chinese food and "YeeSang" while at da same time my best friend's hubby was craving for Western food. Honestly speaking, I couldn't even remember how many times I had "YeeSang", I think it's countless time in less than 15 days!

While waiting for my best friend arrival, a charming Beary look was captured :p

15 minutes later, she arrived and here we are, da best of friends! :D

YeeTyng and her beloved hubby, Joe! Well, her two little princesses were not with us..

My Beary and moi :)

Hungry, hungry, hungry and time for food!!!!!!!!! :D

We started off with Soup. My best friend had da Cream of Shiitake Mushroom which's priced at RM 6.50 and claimed that da soup was really nice! :)

My other half, my best friend's hubby and I had da Seafood Chowder. Priced at RM 5.50, I think that this version of soup wasn't too good. Not creamy and tasted one kind.....

To da Mains, Tyng had Pasta which was a Seafood Spaghetti. I would say that it's not expensive at all to have a Pasta over here as this generous amount of Pasta is only priced at RM 16. No complain at all from my best friend as it was yummy-licious! :)

Her hubby went for da Lamb Chop which's priced at RM 29.50. As stated in da menu, there were three chops cut, extra thick meat accompanied with side Veges and French Fries. It's concluded that this Lamb Chop definitely has his vote as he couldn't stop raving about it :D

Darling opt for da N.Z. Ribeye Steak which's weight at 200gm and it was cooked to medium-rare. From da picture, it looks really tempting right? :p Served with some side Veges and a Baked Potato, this juicy and tasteful Steak is priced at RM 31.50 :) As my darling commented, no complaints, it was all good! ;)

As for myself, I went for da Venison and Crayfish Combo. Priced at RM 38, it came with 2 pcs of Venison meat, 1/2 pc of Crayfish with a handful of Green Peas, Carrots and a baked Potato. One word, delicious! Da sauce just matched so well with da meat that I actually managed to finish off da whole plate! O_o

Absolutely tender and flavourful Venison meat! Yum, yummy!

Overall, it was one good Reunion dinner we had. Many thanks to my best friend and her hubby for treating us this yummy-licious dinner and giving each of us one big "angpow" and that includes da one given to my little sista too! :D

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Jessie Woo said...

Yummy Yummy .. still thinking of my main course definetely love it .. compare to *ahem* u know la

Thank you for such a wonderful night .. had a great time with u my dear .. and i did hint to ur "beary" yeah bout the matter :P n he gets it well kekeke

Kok said...

The food all looks good! I remember having one of those nice western food here in Perth which costed me Aud$30 for a plate of steak. Despite the price is a bit expensive, the food is just too delicious. :)

Jackson said...

I remembered i tried once long time ago but it was not a satisfied meal. May b they had improved on their food quality.

boo_licious said...

what a good idea to have western for CNY get togethers. Unfortunately we never seem to enforce that since my friend lives in UK most of the time. Everything looks good. Been a while since I ate at Jack's Place.

Xiu Long Bao said...

waa, the crayfish looks delicious! Does it taste like lobster?

MamaBoK said...

Just the company is priceless..!

Precious Pea said...

Wow...all the main dishes look so yummy. Tempted to try your crayfish with venison. Slurpz!

MeiyeN said...

jessie, thank you for da dinner yah... though it was less than 2 hours we spent time with each other that night, obviously because i got to rush for da "Music & Lyrics" movie which was at 940pm... it was all good! oh by da way, i think da hinting is not working...:p :p

kok, i always think that as long as da food is good, doesn't really matter if it's expensive..... :d

jackson, oh yes...definitely! very good services too..... ;)

boo, yeah....definitely a good idea especially when we had too much of cny food for da past whole week!

xiulongbao, da crayfish was good but da texture definitely can't beat a lobster! :D

mamabok, yeah.... that's very true!

preciouspea, go try it out... yummy, yummy!

Jessie Woo said...

Aiks..not working meh .. but no worries la i m sure he got something for u adi .. i think he is waiting for the suitable time .. mark my words .. when he does it .. u must blog about it ok ..!! promise yeah .. keke

MeiyeN said...

jessie, no idea.. but he did hinted abit already.. :p

Primrose said...

wah, got updates already. Nice new pic at the side. I love cute doggies. :)