Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rojak Rojak @ The Curve

There was one Sunday afternoon that darling wanted a hair cut at Snips Salon, The Curve and since it was near to lunch time, we decided to have a quick lunch at Rojak Rojak which's located on da first floor. Frankly speaking, it wasn't our first choice though but other eateries seemed to be supa packed at that time and that everywhere we went to were full and full and full! Da only place which was not so packed was Rojak Rojak and by da time we seated ourselves, people started to flock in and within minutes, da whole place was all occupied. Hmmm..... I just think that food business at this place is getting better but sadly, I found out that La Manila Cafe has just closed down.

Our Appetizer,a Prawn Omelette. Priced at RM 7.80 for a small plate, we think that it's kinda expensive as it was more like a Fried Egg (Mashed) with Prawn and da serving was so little. Not tasty, not worthy! Seriously, my mom could cook so much better!

Darling had Rice Noodles served in Spicy Seafood Soup which's priced at RM 7.80. Da broth was amazingly tasty with lotsa Prawn and Squid, definitely much better than da Prawn Omelette.

Sometimes I find myself weird, ordering food that's highly available in most "Kopitiam" or Hawker Stalls and paying so much for that. That day, I ordered a plate of Spicy Egg Noodles "WanTanMee" which's also priced at RM 7.80. Served with Vege and Chicken Meat, not "CharSiu", da Noodles texture were pretty good and came in a huge portion. At first it wasn't that spicy but da more I had, I could feel da hot sensation building up inside my troat and my tummy making me felt so bloated. In da end, I didn't manage to finish my plate of "WanTanMee" and darling got to "sapu" all for me :p

Looks like food we had that day were okay only and not that cheap. However, if you don't fancy porky stuff, you may wanna try it out as this place is pork-free.


Precious Pea said...

Food business is so easy to do nowadays as long as you hit the right location.

boo_licious said...

Mei Yen, the food here is already one of the cheapest compared to others at the Curve! But of course, if you compare with hawker food, it's a different ball game.

Not surprised La Manila closed down as it had no business since tucked in the corner.

Tummythoz said...

That Wantanmee do look unappetising. But interesting to find it spicy. Before reading your text I was thinking why the charsiu looked so pale.

MamaBoK said...

Yah.. very cheap... MY. Can't get anything so cheap here.. ! silly beef hor fun is about Cdn$10 bucks.. which is about .. RM 29.80.. and not even nice at all. And so "action" some more..!

MeiyeN said...

preciouspea, oh yes..that's so true!

boo, actually i am comparing it with da normal daily hawker food stalls and not with other eateries @ curve.. looks like dragon-i is located somewhere near where La Manila Cafe used to be and da business is so good !

tummythoz, that sounds cute... pale "charsiu" ekekekeke... :p

mamabok, poor thing.. so when are you gonna come back to kl? you can have loads and loads of yummy food, very cheap too! :D

myCoffee said...

Tried the rojak at this place before. Really "pedas". Good but serving is small. Was told that this place is actually owned by Ah Tuan Ee next door.

ps: Hope you are feeling better. Take care.

Kok said...

If you wanna try noodles, still I recommend Sarawak's Kolo Mee. Have you tried before?

MeiyeN said...

mycoffee, i am okay now.. thanks! i find da prawn omelette not worth to order too cause da serving is small and that it was just a plain fried egg with a few prawns..

kok, never before but no worries, definitely gonna try it soon! oh by da way, any places that you wanna recommend me? ;)