Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bar.B.Q. Plaza @ Sunway Pyramid

Over da weekend, we went to Sunway Pyramid (thought it had been months since I last visited this place) with a motive to watch Mr.Bean's Holiday. Well, such a bad choice to drive all da way here cause it was supa dupa jam throughout da way to Sunway and when I reached da mall, it got worst as I noticed that Sunway Pyramid is actually in da middle of construction. What a major transformation and worst of all, darling and I got choked due to da excessive dust in car park area :(

Oh by da way, have you watched Mr. Bean's Holiday? Me thinks that this film is quite predictable. Well, not that good anyway and furthermore I was sitting next to a gal/lady that kept talking and asking her partner silly questions like "Why like that one?", "Why like that one?", "Why like that one?" for like more than hundred times? Hey, I was really pissed okay!!!!!!!!! She was so noisy, sooooooo soooooo noisy that I felt like telling her to keep in silent but I didn't had da guts to do that! Honestly speaking, I didn't enjoyed this movie and 90% of it was because sitting with someone that treats da cinema like her own!!!!! and.... bear in mind, she was really loud!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Before da show, we had dinner at Bar B.Q. Plaza, a place where you can do-it-yourself cooking on top of da table :) This restaurant, more like a fusion of Mongolian and Korean Bbq style I would say where they offer fresh ingredients; Meat, Seafood, Vege and it's stated that its special sauce, Brown in colour flown in directly from Thailand once a week. Sounds cool huh?

Da special Brown Sauce with chopped Chilies, Garlic, Lime and.... Bacon?

Darling said that da Bacon is to put on top of da hot pan as cooking oil... Ewwwwwwwww and I asked him not to put that. Don't quite understand and asked him why not Olive Oil????? I think it was rather funny to him asking a silly question cause he laughed out so loud! Then again, he was kind enough to explain that da strips of lardons makes da cooked meat more succulent and tender but still......... I just couldn't take it!

Da menu offers extensive set meals which cater according da number of persons and we went for da Deluxe Supreme Set consists of Sirlon, Beef, Pork, Bacon, Chicken, Squid, Prawn, Udon, Sliced Cabbage, BabyCorn, Carrot, Lettuce, Tomato with additional of Australian Lamb, Jelly Fish, GreenTea Beancurd, Fish Mushroom, Pumpkin and Chinese Mushroom. Priced at RM 35 for da set, I think that it's quite affordable, big serving!

Fresh Meats...... yummmm!

Lovely Shrimps.... am drooling now!

My favourite..... yummy!

Burn, baby burn!!!! Meats to be barbecued while Veges to be cooked in da hot soup!

Ooopss... before I forget, da set comes together with 2 bowls of Steamed Rice!

Overall, not too bad.... now I know why this place is always crowded all da time, especially da one at 1 Utama. If you think that dining in a Korean Restaurant is way too expensive and you fancy Korean or Mongolian Bbq, try out this place ;)


Alicia said...

hi my voted for u..
love reading ur reviews and keep it up!
i too dislike people talking when watching movie n u shud just tell her off.

wmw said...

Mmm...I quite like this place too. The few pieces of lard, not only adds to the taste of the otherwise bland meat but also keeps the meat from sticking onto the grill. Quite minimal damage! Ha ha ha...

Tummythoz said...

M very sure d others in d cinema within hearing distance would be most grateful if you had shut her up. Hey, I would have clapped for you! I'm one of those who can't stand for such behaviour, so I did voice my displeasure more than once. Most recent was one who was busying sms-ing. The bright handphone light & keypad beep was most annoying.

tankiasu said...

Yea RM35 is reasonable, but the portion not big enough for me! Kakaka....what a bummer.

kath said...

Hi Mei Yen! You dont know me but i read your blog almost everyday for makan places =)

I had the exact same thing too last week! Yeah the Supreme Deluxe set was worth it, partly coz i had it with my BF~

Do keep posting! Cheers!


MeiyeN said...

alicia, thanks!!!!! wish i had da guts to do that.. a gal scolding a gal.... real bad :p

wmw, i didn't know that till my bf told me da same thing like you said...

tummythoz, yikes.. i hate that too! so annoying right... well we were actually sitting at da corner seats but middle row... so basically, only me, my bf and her partner aware what she said... gosh think of it, her question, "why like that one?" still can't get it out of my head... :p

tankiasu, you sure no enough???!!!! then you got to order da set which caters for 3-4pax ;)

kath, awww... thank you! i wish to know you though :D

Lianne's Blog said...

i have seen the ad in 1U so many times, but have not tried lah. your blog make it look so good and will go and try soon. how much is it ? anyway hehehe, you so patience sit with a noisy neighbour in cinema hehehe.

MeiyeN said...

lianne'sblog, yeah....very funny advertisement right :D it depends on da set actually and if you prefer not to have da set, can go for ala-carte also but am not too sure how much they cost...

i wanted so much to tell her lower down her voice but really didn't had da guts to do so.... a gal scolding a gal......just can't imagine how would it be.. :p am i seeing you @ sandias?

Xiu Long Bao said...

I hav been to bbq plaza once 2 yrs ago n no more. I tot the soup was blant. N i dun like the lard too, so unhealthy hoh?

MeiyeN said...

xiulongbao, oh....i think that da soup (hot water) more like a cooking purpose rather than to taste it... oh yeah, i don't like lard but bf said that little amount of lard won't cause much damage though and wmw said da same too! :D

Precious Pea said...

I always saw its funny advertisement...hmm..ok...with your review, i will try out the place soon.

MeiyeN said...

preciouspea, yeah...funny and my bf always got hooked with it O_o