Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chicken Feet & Intestines @ Sun Sea Restaurant, Oug

Besides Pork and Seafood Noodles, we also had some exotic food on da same day at Sun Sea Restaurant, Oug. Well, I would say that it's rather common to eat Pig's Intestines but when it comes to Chicken Intestines, what do you think? Honestly speaking, I find it rather "alien" to me! Tell me about it, with so many Chicken Rice stalls in town, how many of them actually sell Chicken Intestines? Trust me, it's really rare and if you discover one, please do let me know! :D Apparently, we spotted this Chicken Rice stall very long time ago and I could remember how excited my other half was at that time knowing that they sell Chicken Intestines. However, I saw it differently when I was naive, just too exotic for me and I "chicken-out" :p

Years later (last Sunday), I decided to try them out. Couldn't believe that I actually had da guts to put them in my mouth and........ I find it having an interesting texture, it's kinda crunchy and chewy when you bite, pretty delicious. Don't ask me how they cook this but da sauce tastes exactly da same like da usual Steamed Chicken with Oyster Sauce.

Darling also ordered one plate of Chicken Feet Salad. Bear in mind, I don't really fancy Chicken Feet but this one really has my vote. Da texture, soft and fleshy..... yumm!!!!!!

Dare to try? :p Not expensive, only RM 3 per plate! So, wait no more! ;)


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I've never tried chicken intestines. Looks slimy. hehe. As for chicken feet, I love chicken feet kerabu. Dunno if this tastes the same.

Kok said...

Chicken feet is nice lah. I like it sweet and sour. Dim sum always has chicken feet, no?

Chicken Feet Salad is new to me. Mix with vegie, must be nice. :)

MeiyeN said...

lemongrass, gross or not.. :p oh da chicken feet kerabu and salad actually da same... :D

kok, never tasted sweet & sour chicken feet..... must be good huh? if you know chicken feet kerabu, it actually tastes da same... ;)

Someone who is constantly craving said...

looks like the chicken is fully utilised..virtually nothing is unused eh..does look abit geli to eat ler...