Friday, April 06, 2007

Devi's Corner @ Bangsar

One question, how often do you eat "mamak" food? I believe that many Malaysians usually "mamak"-ing in da middle of da night at da nearest store in da neighbourhood, right? No? I don't know about you people but whenever I've da chance to drop by at a "mamak" place, I feel really happy especially when my other half brings me to Devi's Corner. Well, I just love da food at this place! :D I bet you readers sure know when was da last time I actually had a good "mamak" meal if you've been following my blog and that was like ages ago right?

This time around, we hop on to Devi's Corner @ Bangsar (walking distance from Bangsar Village) for its Tandoori Chicken. This Punjabi dish definitely my favourite, but it has to be a Chicken Drumstick for me! :D I know that some places serve pretty "red" in color Tandoori Chicken just like da one TeamBsg had and I do wonder how on earth they manage to get that color. Hmmmm.... do they color da Tandoori Chicken? Back to da one we had, it wasn't that "red" but more to brownish and I think it looks better, more appetizing! Oo lah lah.... so good, tender meat and best to be eaten with Sliced Cucumbers and Mint Sauce.

We also shared a plate of "Maggie Mee Goreng" and god knows when was da last time I had "MaggieMee". I mean...... really long ago, as in years!!! So, that night when I had my first mouthful of "Maggie Mee Goreng" after soooooooo many years, da feeling was soooooooo undescribeable! Yummy, delicious, fantastic, wonderful.... what else? Believe it or not, that was how I felt at that time. I really find it so tasty and no hesitation, da best! Bear in mind that I rate this "Maggie Mee Goreng" da best cause it has been years since da last time and never tried it before at any other places so if you find a better place, please... please... let me know okay? I am dying for it... lol :p

Ooooo... what a lovely dinner we had and that meal cost less than RM 10, I repeat... less than RM 10!!!!!!!! Helluva good.... :D

Oh by da way, Happy Easter!!!!!!!!

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Xiu Long Bao said...

Such a gud maggie advertisement...ur description makes me drooooolll! Im currently targeting sri murni @ ss2 for their killer dish--rat tail nudles in claypot. Will fight for seats there.

cookies_cream said...

So long never eat mamak adi. Miss the food leh. Some more Maggi Goreng. Mei yen jie, why you didn't bring me go.. :( Hehe

Kok said...

First of all, HAPPY EASTER!:)

The Tandoori Chicken looks not bad. Somemore, it's not overbaked. That's a good selling point for me.

Big said...

Happy Easter to you and yours.. MY .. :)

wmw said...

Mamak food is convenient and cheap! Tasty too. Devi's Corner at TTDI is where I go to.

Calvin's Wife said...

hello there.. :) Ah yes, Devi's Corner serves good food, don't they.. yummy... LOL am craving for mamak food dee...

MeiyeN said...

xiulongbao, lol... lotsa people like da claypot "loushufarn" @ ss2 murni! hope that you gonna enjoy it yah and i don't think you need to fight for seats.. usually guys there are pretty good, they definitely won't let a sweetie gal stand there for too long!! :D

cookiescream, can bring you go... no problem! :D but i think you got to bring me to da ckt stall that we mentioned long time ago @ p.street? :D :D soon.... soon... i am coming over! :D

kok, exactly...! hope that you gonna have a good weekend there! :D

hi big, thanks... same to you! :D

wmw, O_o there's one @ ttdi? so lame... i didn't even know! :(

calvin'swife, thanks for visiting! yeah... delicious mamak food! :D

team BSG said...

You got it !
Great fun
great value
great tastes !

...& great views ! ( n nice nice music from Da Wheels...)

soon hopefully greatest co.

MeiyeN said...

teambsg, yeah.. must try out da one @ ttdi soon....!!! :D