Monday, April 02, 2007

Dinner @ Ninja Jones Japanese Restaurant, Northpoint Midvalley City

Oh no no, it's Monday again! So, how was your weekend? I had a good one though. I was off on Friday, back to Malacca for Cheng Beng festival while Saturday was a public holiday! You people just wouldn't know how happy I am knowing that Saturday is a public holiday :D Sunday was not really a good day cause I was constantly fooled by my other half da whole day! You know, it was April Fool's Day and well, I guess he really had lotsa fun fooling me, PURPOSELY knowing that I couldn't be angry! Arghhh....

Back to food, I've actually been longing to try Ninja Jones ever since I stepped into Northpoint Midvalley City but was way too busy and no chance to drop by till last Saturday. Infact if it wasn't because of Tummythoz's review, we wouldn't be there that night as we were thinking to pay another visit to Rakuzen, Hartamas. Anyways, this time we managed to venture into this new place with a good friend of mine, LyeMun and her boyfriend. We reached there at 7pm and da place was already half occupied, upstair and downstair. Hmmm..... very good business! Food must be good right? We shall see.....

Whenever we dine in a Japanese Restaurant, Sashimi is a must order item. We ordered Sashimi Moriawase 'Sasuke', which's a Superior Sashimi combination of Salmon, Amaebi, Tuna, Ika and Mackerel. Believe it or not, this small portion of Superior Sashimi priced at RM 80. O_o Well, expensive! Look at da one I had before at Rakuzen, Chulan Square and another one at Munakata, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. Can you see any difference there? Nevertheless, it tastes really good, fresh and chilled!

Three of them boycott me that night, including my other half. Knowing that I don't take Beef, they went and ordered Beef Sashimi! Bleuk...... looks so yummy but not for me at all, so pityfull! My other half gave a thumb up for this Raw Beef which's priced at RM 36 while my good friend's bf commented that it was really good and he loves it very much. As for my good friend, it was her first time tasting Raw Beef so kinda exoctic to her but she did mentioned that it was really great! ;)

Nevermind that I didn't have that Raw Beef cause I managed to have one yummy-licious Caterpillar Roll :D Priced at RM 18, this Unagi and Crab Roll top with Cucumber and Avocado definitely has our vote. Absolutely my favourite! :D

We had their signature dish, Seafood Papaya Moto-yaki which's priced at RM 36. Well, very special indeed. Never tasted anything like this before, a Baked Papaya filled with Seafood, Vegetables and Cheese. Tummythoz did mentioned that she didn't taste da Cheesy flavour but we did, quite a generous amount and da portion seemed to be much bigger too!

We had Unagi Kabayaki cause my good friend's darling wanna try it out. Priced at RM 18, nothing much about this Grilled Marinated Eel, very bad presentation actually as da Sweet Sauce was kinda messy.

Da Beef Lovers once again ordered another Beef dish, Wagyu Saikoro Steak. Priced at RM 46, darling mentioned that this dice-cut Beef Steak was good, meat was juicy and tender. However, my good friend and her partner didn't seem to love it as they couldn't taste da "smell of da Beef".

Since da guys went for da Japanese Steamed Rice, me and my good friend had Yamakake Cha-Soba. Priced at RM 22, I was kinda disappointed with this Chilled Green Tea Noodles which was served with Grated Yam. Well, just not my kind of Cha-Soba that I expected and very little Sauce was given :(

Dessert selection is not that formidable, more or less Ice-cream with different kind of flavours. My good friend ordered Black Sesame Ice-cream which's priced at RM 16. I actually had a bad experience tasting Black Sesame Ice-cream long time ago where my tounge felt hot and spicy too that my family members think I am alergy to Black Sesame. Well, I don't believe so and that night, I tried another time having one small spoonful of it and once again, it happened! Da sensation of my tounge went numb, hot and spicy! My god...... So, it's confirm that I am alergy to Black Sesame or maybe only towards Black Sesame Ice-cream? Not too sure about that, definitely gonna check it out!

As for myself, I ordered Pistachio with Almond Ice-cream. Priced at RM 8 per scoop, I find it rather normal, not that smooth and kinda icy. Seriously, nothing much to shout about.

A picture of ever beautiful LyeMun and moi @ Ninja Jones :D

Food we had that night, quite okay, not so affordable, expensive but it's good to explore this place at least once where you get to see Ninjas flying around. Oopsss, I mean walking around :p As for myself, I still prefer to have my fine Japanese cuisine either at Rakuzen or Munakata. Enough said ;)

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J said...

The restaurant name is so cute!

boo_licious said...

yeah, the name and the ninjas are cute. I like how they categorise Jones cuisine as western food with the Japanese touch.

Kok said...

Lucky I'm not in KL, if not, I'll fool you too! haha! I have a good time fooling some of my friends yesterday and fun fun!:P

The Caterpillar Roll looks quite special. But I'm not into avocado leh. And the Seafood Papaya Moto-Yaki maciam very delicious like that.

Now I'm really craving for Japanese food!

wmw said...

Must "stealth" my way there one of these days...Hee hee

MeiyeN said...

j, yeah.. cute name with cute ninjas! ;)

boo, sounds like a good combination :)

kok, haha looks like guys enjoy fooling around on that day huh.. especially to da gals! oh, how come you are not into avocado? they are so yummy you know and healthy food too! as for da seafood papaya, well... think of a hot papaya that would melt inside your mouth ;) :D

wmw, you are back!!!!!! :D becareful when ordering... some of da items cost a bomb and not really worth to order :p

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The beef sashimi looks appetising. Like you, I am not that fond of beef, but I'm willing to make an exception for this...hehe. Thx for the write-up.

Xiu Long Bao said...

aiya ur darling so notty ah...must show him some colors or fool him bck :p Btw, the food @ Ninja is soooo expensive. Cannot afford at this stage. Rather go for Rakuzen.

Isaac said...

hi mei yen;

any place tat u would recommend for me to celebrate birthday with my gf? thanks...

Timothy said...

Another place for me to try out .. particularly because ... I DIDN'T THIS PLACE EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE ...then again. North Point,MidValley. Who goes there ???

But thanks Mei Yen for pointing out. Looks like I have my next destination mapped.

MeiyeN said...

lyricallemongrass, me can't take beef cause of religion thingy :( hope that you gonna love da food at this place ;)

xiulongbao, yeah...expensive! honestly speaking, rather go rakuzen :D

timothy, you are most welcome! northpoint is kinda new... if you are there, you can also try out da opposite restaurant, isthmus... not bad!

Tummythoz said...

So cannot beat Rakuzen, huh. Friends & I like Rakuzen too. As for Munakata, it's a no-no as friends had bad experience when it was located in the Penas Building, along Jln Sultan Ismail (I think).

Actually just went t0 NJ again a couple weeks back & ordered different stuff. Had King Crab claw which was done 2 ways - grilled & in broth. 5 of us gave 10 thumbs up. Hehe. No pictures tho. Camera's battery was empty & my hp's camera will only result in blur pix.

One complain though. We were served my Chinese during our 1st visit. This time, found most are new Myanmar staff. Very attentive and friendly but had trouble communicating. Maybe they speak better Japanese? However the guys did enjoy themselves teasing them.

MeiyeN said...

tummythoz, really? i thought munakata is new, didn't know that it was once located in penas building! sounds bad but we were really okay with da food, maybe changed of chef? :D

king crab claw??? O_o didn't notice that in da menu! aiseh.... :(

oops... yahyah like they don't really understand what we want... :p same thing happened to us.. had problem getting a table for us, i reached there 1st and i told them reservation was under 4 pax but they gave me a supa huge table where i think it could fit 10 pax! lol.. i then asked for a smaller table but they didn't seem to understand what i want.. :p

MeiyeN said...

issac, thanks for dropping by! :D

oh well, bringing your gf for a romantic birthday dinner? hehe i suggest you some nice places like frangipani, cafecafe, villa danielli and ermm... if she likes jap food, then you got to try rakuzen, da one at hartamas shopping center ;)hope that helps :D

Siew Kuan said...

WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN EVEN IF IT IS THE LAST JAPANESE RESTAURNT ON EARTH!!! We had been there three times and would never go there again!! Very disappointed and pity!!



jack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jack said...

Dont make fake story to destroy others people career, is very bad coz they just doing there job and every Restaurant Manager has their own RESPONSIBILITY. Siew Kuan, so sorry to ask you something! did the Restaurant Manager force you to order any expensive food? I dont think so coz i believe every Restaurant Manager like to recommend the best food to their customers and that is their profesional. I believe the true story is the Restaurant Manager (DANNY LAI) didn't gave any discount, you and your friend start to make noice and try to hit DANNY but Danny just smilling only and that is enough to tell also RESPONSIBILITY on his duty. If any Restaurant owner who employ Restaurant Manager like DANNY, i think the BOSS will be very lucky that is true. Siew Kuan, you really have to bring out your heart to tell the truth.

MeiyeN said...

siew kuan, seriously.. am not too sure who's da manager here and that when we were there, we just pick those we wanted and ordered! seems like you had a very bad experience there but not for us though.. services at that time we were there, quite good... they were quite attentive so.. really, no complain from my side :)

jack, okay... comment not for me so i won't answer anything :)