Monday, April 16, 2007

Kianti Italian Restaurant @ Plaza Kelana Jaya (PKJ)

Hey people, how was your weekend? It's Monday again and surprisingly today is not a blue Monday for me *grins* My weekend was all good and I bet you sure know why :) Yes? No? Muahahahahahaha Ferrari's Massa won da Bahrain Grand Prix yesterday and Raikkonen once again retained his position by finishing in 3rd place... Ooooo I see red today and not blue :D Yada, yada, celebration time... since Ferarri conquered yesterday race I thought it's a good reason for me to review one good Italian restaurant that just opened its door few months ago. You know, as a tribute to da fantastic Ferrari team, always! :D

Introducing da new Kianti Italian Restaurant at Plaza Kelana Jaya (PKJ). It's not hard to find this place as long as you know where's Kelana Jaya Seafood Centre cause it's just located next to it.

Kinda like this place though where you can have your favourite Beers and Wines upstairs while Food and Drinks downstair. Besides that, this place allows you to enjoy your favourite Dart Games and Live Sports Broadcasts too!

They have a good selection of Wines

Mostly Hamelin Bay Wines from da beautiful valley of Margaret Rivers, Australia

We had a bottle of 2002 Cabernet Merlot Wine. Aroma of luscious Red Berry Fruits meld with Mint Chocolate and a faint hint of Violets on a bed of freshly turned earth and peat.. Definitely a fine Wine :)

We started our Dinner with a plate of Italian Nachos. Fantastic I must say cause I'd never tasted such a good one before. Bear in mind that this's not da normal Nachos (in packets) that you get at most eateries . What we have here is actually a handful of home-made Nachos (yeaps, on da spot!) that served with a portion of Salad, Sour Cream and Salsa . So crunchy and crispy, very good! :D

These Chicken Wings are one of da most popular appetizers at Kianti. Da sweetness of da meat texture comes from honey and da kick comes from using da yummiest bbq sauce that marinated overnight. We both like da Chicken Wings very much as we could feel that da Chef put alot of effort to prepare and serve this comfort food at its best :)

Are you salivating yet? Look at this marvellous Pasta, Spaghetti Aglio Olio Di Mare. Looks good, tastes good with an array of Seafood; Shrimps (a very fresh one), Mussels, Clams and Calamari tossed with Garlic, Olive Oil, Hot Peppers and Sun-dried Tomatoes. Si...... oh so good, so yummy!!!!!! ;)

Well oh well, it was definitely love at first sight towards this Four Seasons Pizza. How can a person not love something so perfect? Da toppings were placed on this simply delicious crispy thin Pizza in four sections, representing each season which were fully loaded with Mozarella, Pineapples, Mushrooms, Salame Picante and Basil Leaves. Any way you slice it, good Pizza! :D

From da Farm, darling managed to sample da Medallions of Beef. Sorry that I couldn't describe much over this excellent Beef Tenderloin as claimed by my other half cause I didn't get a single bite out of it. However, based on darling's remark, he did mentioned that da tastes were really good and authentic while da tender Medallions of Beef Fillet was of good quality and nicely pink :D If you really wanna know how delicious it's, you got try it yourself ;)

Buon Appetito! Great food, great friends, great fun.... that's da theme of this Restaurant and it's so true! Da Owner, da Chef, da Manager, da Wine Expertise... they are all so kind and friendly that there's no reason for me not to return for more great food :D Give them a try and you will know what I mean ;) Before I forget, they serve pretty good and affordable Set Lunch which only priced at RM 9 ++!!!! So... wait no more yah! :D

* Thank you Earnpin for recommending this great Italian Restaurant to us!

Wanna know more? Check out its website, Kianti@PKJ

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Earnpin said...

Thanks MeiyeN, all of us enjoy the dinner that day, and get to know you and Bob. Do drop by again when you are free!

阿姆与阿弗伊的日记 said...

It was a nice place to hang out, i been there i think for 3 times already, been for lunch, dinner and company annual dinner.

YOu are lucky to have try out the food there, is nice, i love the chicken wings and pizza a lot. I dont eat beef that's y i cant enjoy it duh.

Anyway, nice food review you have here, i'm enjoy reading it.

Thanks for the food information.


Someone who is constantly craving said...

2 of us ate all that?? man that is way more then i can eat..for some reason the pizza looks kind of ermm..not authentic enuf..the nachos also doesnt look like u describe..but i tink i will fall for the beef..and the pasta also..must try 1 day also myself..

kath said...

ooooooooo everything here looks so gooooooooooood!!!!! i lurrrveee pasta!!! and pizza!!!! and nachos!!! and chicken wings!!! and steak!!!!! yummmmm!!!!

must come here to try!!!!!!! i must!!!!!

MeiyeN said...

earnpin, you are most welcome! :D

阿姆与阿弗伊的日记, you been to this place? it was my first time and da food that they served were really great! like you, i didn't manage to enjoy da beef too :( but my bf said that it was all good, yummy! :)

someonewhoisconstantlycraving, da pizza doesn't looks authentic? i really don't know how an authentic pizza looks like though.. lol :p da nachos definitely not like those you see at other eateries where they usually use da packet types one.. give them a try and see if you like it :D

kath, wow... you love everything! lol.... hope that you gonna love da food at this place :)

wmw said...

Nice looking place...might go there and chill ...

Kok said...

I like the four season pizza. Four varieties for you to taste!

And Margaret River is in Perth! You might want to come here one day for full day wine tasting at Margaret River. I think I have posts on that place at my blog. That's one of my earliest post, dated, April 2006. :)

MeiyeN said...

wmw, hope that you gonna like this place ;)

kok, yeaps.... exactly! once i make enough $$$$$$$$, i will surely drop by..... :D hoping to your blog now....

Precious Pea said...

I never explore that area....but seems like a good excuse to try it out now.

Kok, i love Margaret River, especially the award winning Cape Lavender. My am drooling over the lavendar scones with lavendar strawberry jams and lavendar tea, lavendar blueberry cheesecake and lavendar ice-cream. Oh yes, I had all of the above in 1 visit!! Even the toilet also full of lavendar.

aycinthia said...

If you like Italian food, check out Avanti at Sunway Resort Hotel. The food is so-so only, but they have singing chefs and waitresses who will stop by every table to sing a song of your choice :)