Saturday, May 05, 2007

Food @ Madras Lane, Petaling Street

Two days ago, we went to Petaling Street area to look for "LohTitPat" to set our marriage date. That afternoon, we were with darling's mom and upon submitting our details to "LohTitPat", darling's mom brought us to Madras Lane for lunch. It was my first time here and I find da place un-cool! Why un-cool? Well, there was this group of gals, few "ang-mohs" and a chinese lady sitting next table eating "YongTauFu". I could see that they were happily eating and enjoying their food not until da Noodles' Seller came over and directed them to sit another table just because they didn't order any food from his stall. I was very O_o cause he was so rude!!!!!! You won't believe what he did and believe it or not, he grabbed all da chopsticks from da diners' hand and shoo them off. Really bad, really un-cool and da "ang-mohs" were so shocked! Feel so ashamed and embarassed of my own country :(

Darling's mom had a bowl of Curry Laksa Noodle. Priced at RM 3.50 per bowl, they serve lotsa Vegetables and Pig's Skin. Looks really yummy but I didn't try it at all :)

Darling and I shared a bowl of Assam Laksa. Same price, RM 3.50 per bowl we find it not bad as da broth was pretty good, spicy, sweet and sour.. definitely towards my liking ;)

Besides Noodles, we also shared a big plate of "YongTauFu", one pc RM 0.80 quite affordable though and yummy too!

Hmmm... if you wanna have a meal @ Madras Lane here, please look see carefully and sit at da right place. Else, you gonna be bombarded with no reasons :|


Rasa Malaysia said...

Ooooh, you had two of my favorites, Assam Laksa and Yong Tau, I will have to make my own Assam Laksa soon, beh tahan liao. :)

Jessie Woo said...

So when r u bringing me go leh :P

Xiu Long Bao said...

Sounds really busy in wedding preparation n to comply wiv all the chinese traditions.

Kok said...

Wahlao, how rude can Malaysian be? Of course, not all the Malaysian lah. :P I think the Yong Tau Fu should be taste nice. Yumm...:)

KampungboyCitygal said...

yer so rude!! the food looks good though..i like the yong tofu here very much

Timothy said...

Madras Lane eh, I never heard of it either .. let alone been there. Embarrassed to tell people I live in KL lah. But I shall one day make my trip there and check it out ! One day lah ... hehe

Desperate Mummy said...

Yes u are rite Mei Yen there really a border line there so you have to becareful too. I experience this before :(

UnkaLeong said...

Curry Mee @ Madras Lane. Yummy. Hope its not too late for me to offer you my congratulations :)

teckiee said...

hmmm so sad that the angmos have to experience this kind of rudeness.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Oh, I'm very careful where I sit whenever I go to Madras Lane. You're right...they can be pretty rude if you sit at the wrong table. The food's great though, so can't resist going there. I love the curry laksa.

MeiyeN said...

rm, congrats! your recipes was featured in yesterday Star paper!!!! :D

jessie, only both of us? i dare not... must bring joe and bob along! :p

xiulongbao, yeah.... exactly! :)

kok, of course not all... he's just one of da bad eggs i supposed but i find it really bad treating visitors/foreigners that way.... furthermore this year is visit malaysia year..... given to me, i think i will never ever return to a country like this!

citygal, my darling's mom love it so much and i find them pretty good too! :D

timothy, make a trip down and experience it yourself... food really not bad but you just got to be extra careful and alert ;)

desperate mummy, oooo.. another victim!!!! see how bad they are... omg, why like that huh? :(

unkaleong, thanks!!!!! :D oh yeah, da curry mee is really nice according to my bf's mommy :)

teckiee, oh yes! really un-cool..... :(

lemongrass, it was my first time experienced such a teribble scenario... :(

Baby Princess said...

hey hey..

i guess that doesn't happen in madras lane. this happens in our famous ss2 hawker centre. i tried once.

i was sitting outside the hawker centre so i guess i won't smell like char kuey teow after eating. so i was sitting at this place near my fave char kuey teow and i feel like drinking sugar cane. so when this uncle came to get our order, the 3 of us ordered sugar cane and he said dun have then asked us to order 'bamboo cane'. i don't like it so i said nvm, we order somewhere else. then this uncle started to be rude. he said "u wanna drink sugar cane then go sit somewhere else".

then we said "we will move lah."

he said "move now lah, why bother sitting here."

i tell you, this is really rude. i will never order drink from them anymore. i dislike this uncle caz the drink he serves taste horrible and expensive. i like "6 mei tong sui" and he served but his just taste plain and he is charging at RM2 while there is another woman sell opposite his stall, taste much better and cheaper.

boo.... rude hawker will chase their customer away!!

babe_kl said...

actually the hawkers in madras lane have been territorial for ages! usually the hawkers will ask you where you sit before taking yr order! they have been fights amongst themselves back then aiyoyo... really teruk one.

ooo you guys so fast started action on your wedding plan! wow, cool. we went loh tit pat too, currently helmed by his grandson who is hubby's classmate. we got hefty discounts for our consultation! :p LOL

MeiyeN said...

babyprincess, omg... sounds really really reallyyyyyyyyyy bad!!! :| i've never encountered such a problem before at ss2 hawker centre.. maybe because we always eat at da same place and never hop around.. i believe that this kind of attitude will not only shoo off local patrons but foreigners too :(

babe, i told my parents over da incident that i witnessed and my mom said it's normal at this area! O_o sounds really horibble! unbelieveable, da grandson is your hubby's classmate?!!!! aiseh.. should have ask you earlier to get a good discount! you know, we got to queue for weeks to meet up with him, so called da appointment :p his business really good :)