Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hainan Kitchen @ First World Plaza, Genting Highlands

I did mentioned earlier that we went to Genting Highlands during wesak and labour public holidays. It was some sort of like a family reunion holiday where my relatives and cousins were there too, 6 rooms that we booked in First World Hotel and I must admit that da rooms at this Hotel are so much better than those at Theme Park Hotel. We reached First World Hotel pretty late as we made a stop at Chin Swee Temple for more than an hour and da whole Hotel was superbly jam-packed with people, human jams!

Upon checking in, we went down to look for eateries for a late lunch. Wow, I tell you... going holiday with a group of people is quite hectic actually! Parents wanna eat at a certain place, cousin sistas wanted to have lunch somewhere else and my precious nieces wanna eat at Mcdonalds. Omg, really hard to have a mutual agreement :p Anyways, final decision was in my hand and Hainan Kitchen was da pick! ;)

This Restaurant sort of serves Hainanese Food, Cantonese Food and also Western Food. Darling, Mom and cousins ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice as they felt it was a right thing to eat at this place. You can opt to choose Steamed Chicken or Roast Chicken and I heard that it was quite good and came at a high price too. To be exact, RM 10.50++ per plate.

Dad opt for Noodles instead of Rice. They've a selection of "HorFun", "BeeHoon" and Yellow "Mee" while dad choose to have "BeeHoon" and "HorFun" accompanied with Roast Pork which's also priced at RM 10.50++ per bowl. In that case, I believe that it's more worthy to order da Chicken Rice right?

My sister didn't want to have Rice and Noodles, so she went for da Hainanese style Grilled Fish. Priced at RM 15.50++, da Fish was perfectly grilled with beaten Eggs, served with its special Hainanese sauce, some Fries and a small portion of Salad. I had a few bites and I find it pretty delicious, very special indeed.

Since sis taken my earlier choice, I decided not to order da same thing and went for da normal Fish and Chips. Quite impressive though, big portion with Fries and Salad. I find it quite affordable at da price of RM 15++. Oh so yummy especially dipping da Fillet into da given Tartar Sauce :D

If you are holidaying at Genting Highlands and looking for a place to dine, this eatery is highly recommended ;)


Precious Pea said...

I like their supper, they only served white porridge with lots and lots of yummy condiments. And the best is their braised pig's intestines...gravy is SUPER yummy!

myCoffee said...

These big family gatherings/holidays can be chaotic but fun. I actually missed them since we have stopped having them ever since my grandparents passed away.
Btw, many belated congratulations on your engagement! I've just came back! ;)

Tummythoz said...

With such hot weather nowadays, wish to be working up there instead but then again will need more lunch money.

Timothy said...

Oh isn't it nice to have hot steaming porridge in that nice cool weather. I remember once I was at Coffee Bean, drinking cold Ice Blended coffee with the morning cold wind blowing right at my face. When I got back from Genting ... kena flu....

tankiasu said...

Suddenly everything in Genting seems not so expensive anymore, ever since the food prices in KL keep increasing. :P

Anyway the Grilled Fish looks really yummy. Can imagine eating it with heaps of tartar sauce!

Kok said...

This grilled fish and fish and chips definitely look better than your "African Mixed Grill". haha!

And beehoon with roast pork seems interesting. Seldom see roast pork with beehoon...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

honestly nothin is a good deal in genting..tats y die die we also travel down to gohtong jaya for dinner..

MeiyeN said...

preciouspea, really?!!! didn't know that... looks like they open 24 hours a day cause in da morning, they provide separate breakfast menu!

mycoffee, thanks and welcome back! :D yeah....hard to control a big gang of family especially with a group of notty kids.. :p

tummythoz, i believe that if you work for uncle lim... meals are provided.. so can save more $$$ actually :p

timothy, whoa... sounds nice to do that but easily catch cold that way!

tankiasu, lol... so true, so true!

kok, yeah... special and not bad! at least, da soup that they serve... hot!

joe, O_o wow..... if hungry how? drive down also then back again? me never been to gohtong jaya to eat.. heard that food there kinda expensive!

Jackson said... i know where to eat when im in Genting.. Thx ya! Why not consider having yr wedding dinner up in Genting! Then all the food blogger can hv a huge gathering n party up there!

MeiyeN said...

jackson, wedding dinner @ genting?!! O_o not so convenient i think and can you imagine how many hotel rooms i've to book for relatives and friends? omg, gonna costs us a bomb!