Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wesak & Labour Holiday

I know, I know! I know I'd been missing in action for da past few days since da night at Sandias. Earlier, I did posted some of our (food bloggers) photos but decided to take it down as I remember that I shouldn't had post them up before asking permission from other food bloggers, sorry about that! Besides that, I did mentioned that it was actually my first time meeting up with a group of food expertise and I must apologise if I had acted shly and didn't speak much. More or less, I wasn't too comfortable, nervous and ended up feeling numb. That really reminds me that it has been such a loooonnnnngggggg time I last attended a party. So.... please, please forgive me and thanks Boo (Masak-masak) for organizing such a great event for all of us and I believe that it definitely received a very good response where 38 persons (food bloggers + partners/friends) attended da gathering.

I was pretty busy last weekend where Saturday was da day that darling's parents came over to discuss our marriage with my parents while on Sunday, darling and I went to Ivory Romance to pay da downpayment for our Wedding Photography. Thank god everything went well and it was one smooth discussion :D Monday was another busy working day hence there was no update!

Came night time, we went to Brickfields for prayers to celebrate Wesak Day..

Everyone rushing in.... few minutes to 12am (Wesak Day)

Beautiful Huge Lantern!

Past midnight, we went home and ZZzzzzzz.....

Da next day, we went up Genting with my family for a two nights stay and this time around, we dropped by at Chin Swee Temple to take some pictures.....

Beautifully carved "Kuan Yin"

Beautifully carved Buddha

Da Pagoda

Our Uncle Lim's (Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong) statue which was unveiled weeks ago!

Moi and Darling

Da best of Sistas ;)

Peace :D

Stay tuned for more Food posts ;)


Low said...

Happy to hear that...everything went smoothly....u make the right decision of choosing Ivory Romance..i took my wedding photograph there regrets

Lianne's Blog said...

Hi Moi :-) Aiyo, don't feel bad lah for that night, a lot of people also a bit shy leh, that's why most of them choose blogging and stay anonynamous. Anyway, the place you went for Wesak Day looks beautiful. Especially the Lantern, must go see next year :-) And congrats again, show us some pretty photo once you take your photo okay ?

Kok said...

mei yen,
seems like you're enjoying your holidays eh? And your parents must be glad to "sell" you off. hahaha! Just joking. :P

Desperate Mummy said...

Hi there Congratulations to u once again really like to see ur smilling faces :D

From : Desperate Mummy (

SypruxWindchaser said...

I just realised, now it seem so evidently clear why Bob would always be busy when we ask him out for gaming during weekends ;)

amBerh00 said...

Hi there, congratulations to you 1st. I love to c ur food's blog...yum yummy. BTW, y u chose Ivory Romance?? As heard some bad comments from my fren. Anyway, as long as u happy with it. ^V^

MeiyeN said...

low, thanks for dropping by and glad to hear that you've got no regrets taking your wedding pics @ ivory romance ;)

lianne, da moment i stepped in to da temple, i felt so serene! i like da brickfields temple alot :D do visit this place.. maybe next year wesak day yah... oh, will definitely show you da pics but not so soon though :p

kok, sell me off?!!! O_o no way, i think it's time that their responsibility to take care of me pass to my other half :)

desperate mummy, thank you! you are such a sweetie.... like to see me smile cause i've baby fats on my face right.. :D

spyruxwindchaser, muahahahaha... so i am da culprit? :p

amberh00, thanks for dropping by! to answer your question, we'd actually visited da bridal fair few times and also other bridal shops as well but i didn't quite like their gown.. infact, ivory romance located sooooooo far away from where we stay and their package is kinda expensive too but i just like their designer gowns soooo sooooo much! i've friends took their wedding photographs @ ivory romance too... so far, no complaints... and i shall see what problems am going to encounter later.. ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

im waiting for the food....*hands rubbing"..

Jessie Woo said...

Hello i m back in ACTION liao :P

aiyor go genting wo so so ... got luck luck bor :P

MeiyeN said...

joe, trying my best to update :D

jessie, yeah...i can see that! :p luck was with bob this time..not me :(

Kok said...

haha! Just joking. Don't take it too serious. :P Yea, I think it's time for them to do so. So, your other half will have a hard time now!:P