Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Banquet @ Bangsar Village II

Hey people, good news! If you've been enjoying eating at CafeCafe, I assure that you gonna love Banquet. When I found out that this garden-themed Restaurant is actually a sister restaurant of CafeCafe, I was so excited and so eager to try them out! They finally opened on 6th of June and we decided to give it a try last Saturday :D

Must confess that I absolutely love da artistic design of this place. Fantastic, everything is in pure white and da whole place is actually surrounded with potted trees which I first thought it was Christmas trees but darling said those aren't Christmas trees :p Anyways, I am just a 100% dummy when comes to trees, I seriously know nothing about plants! Another thing, they actually put da same kind of music in CafeCafe over here too, love it, love it! :D

We started off with Salad. Priced at RM 25, it was a plate of Wild Rocket with my favourite Parmigiano Cheese, served with sliced Pear (how I wish there were more!), roasted Pine Nuts and drizzled with Foie Gras reduction. At first, fiance was kinda shocked with da Sauce as he told me it looks like "Rojak" sauce! Oh well, he was right as it does looks something like that though, lol! Anyways, without thinking much we tried it and oh my god, da tangy reduction sauce was so lovely and so appetizing! So so yummy okay :p Da next time I drop by this place, I gonna try their Nicoise Salad, see if it's as good as da one we tried before at Alexis ;)

For mains, darling had da Oven Baked Butter Fish with Cream of Honey Mustard. I didn't suspect anything when fiance had it all by himself da first few minutes, but when he silently had his Fish without speaking anything to me, I started to wonder cause he usually takes a bite and would feed me right after that but..... it was so different at that time! Then, out of a sudden, he brought over one spoonful of Fish to me and da moment it went inside my mouth, whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so delicious!!!!!! I seriously don't know how to explain, just so good okay, so tender, so juicy, so flavourful, so unforgettable yeah! When I said that, "it's so amazing", Darling then added, "it's a miracle"..... It definitely remind us of da absolutely delicious Cod Fish we had before at CafeCafe months ago! Priced at RM 25, I recommend fish lovers to order this main course as it's really worthy but da side dishes were okay only, most probably because of da too-yummy Butter Fish :p (not according to me cause I didn't have that). Really, you really got to try this, a must! :D

I guess I was rather abnormal that night to order a bowl of Prawn "Bee Hoon" at this posh eatery. But somehow, I just couldn't resist to order it when I found out they actually serve Asian cuisine here! Probably at da price of RM 16, you may find it ridiculous for a bowl of a normal Prawn Noodle but no, seriously, it tastes so good and best of all, da soup was served piping hot! I was given 2 gigantic Prawns, sliced Boiled Eggs, sliced Chicken cutlets and generous amount of "Bee Hoon" with lotsa Veges and Bean Sprouts too! Yummy, yummy! :D

I am a person who needs to eat my Noodles with "Cili Padi" and darling gave a try to ask them if they have "Cili Padi" and to our surprised, they seriously have it!!!!!!! O_o muahahahahahaha, so unbelievable :p Oh, if you want "Belacan", you can ask for it too :D

We ended our meal with a piece of Classic Marble Cake. Infact, I wanted so much to order my favourite dessert, Tiramisu but darling suggest to try other Desserts as a matter of fact that we actually sampled their Tiramisu and also da Hot Chocolate Cake before at CafeCafe so..... maybe next time then ;) Back to da Marble Cake, it's not expensive, only RM 6 per pc and as compare to those that I had before, this one has my vote cause it's not oily, aromatic and it's very fluffy! But to some people, it maybe too dry for their liking if you prefers those with more buttery effect :)

On da other hand, darling also ordered a glass of Bailey Coffee to accompany our Marble Cake. Not too sure how much it's, should be around RM 25-29, superbly good okay. I think that XiuLongBao's bf (CharSiewBow) gonna heart this since he's a Coffee lover ;)

Well, well, well, I believe that Banquet gonna be da next famous eatery pretty soon. First and foremost, their staffs are incredibly friendly, good service, I particularly like da gentle way they came to us and smile each time they served :) Honestly speaking, they are very much better than Delicious, don't you realise that Delicious's staffs are always in a panicked situation and they don't really bother to smile or wait patiencely to take up your order. Food wise, they are comparable but I personally think that Banquet is better. After all, we had quite a bad experience at Delicious with da sky-high price of their mains, not that they are extremely delicious also, think about it, still can feel our tooth aching, if you know what I mean :) People, quick, do visit Banquet. No regrets! :D

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Xiu Long Bao said...

LoL! I was also thinking that csb is goin to order this bailey coffee.
Can't believe that this banquet is cafecafe's sister rest. The food look different, banquet offers asian as well, and the pricing is so much more affordable.
If like this i'll go for tiramisu from banquet, hope it is as delicious as cafecafe's fabulous tiramisu reviewed by u :)

teckiee said...

ahh just the right time. my buddies birthday is comming soon. I think this is a nice place for dinner.

boo_licious said...

Service may be friendly but they're very short of staff in the restaurant and the kitchen. Ate here on Friday nite and we had to wait so long for our dinner. Plan to give them some more time to get things in other before revisiting it again.

MeiyeN said...

xiulongbao, da tiramisu costs da same in CafeCafe... about RM 19 per pc! i would say, worth to try at least for once :)

teckiee, yeah... hope that you gonna enjoy eating here! :D

boo, sorry to hear that! guess we were lucky as we had no problems with that and during da time we were there, there were many staffs around... maybe because it was a saturday? :)

~Christine~Leng said...

the baked butter fish is really nice? hope to taste it.. but I hardly go to Bangsar :P sigh...

myCoffee said...

Whoa, you are one step ahead of me. Was there last week and was thinking of writing a review this week, heehee. Yup, I had the fish too and I liked it very much although it got a bit "jelak" towards the end. Like Boo said, I too had to wait quite a while. They compensated by offering "complimentary tongshui's" but make a boo-boo when these were actually charged in our bill. Alas, I didn't realize it until I got home... :(

Kok said...

RM16 for a bowl of prawn noodles with only 2 prawns ah? That's quite expensive leh.

The Bailey Coffee looks temping to me. hehe

Primrose said...

I was at BVII this evening to have dinnr at Sakae. I saw the Banquet and thought it was quite a posh place - all white - must be expensive. And I wonder if they can survive at all. It was quite deserted. And here I am at your blog and so ironic. There it is, a review on the place. :) Must try the fish next time. I love fish.

KampungboyCitygal said...

at my office now..with empty stomach..the way u describe the fish makes me feel hungry even more..hahaha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i remember reading about this that day..dear me..you are very quick..actually from reading your comments, i m very slow indeed.. the nicoise salad in cafe cafe is so so (there only use canned tuna)..the one at alexis is way better actually..

prices looks ok to me..definitely must try!

MeiyeN said...

christine, that may give you a good reason to come here :D do drop by one day.... it's quite a nice shopping mall :)

mycoffee, i didn't know they serve "tong sui" too! then again, it's not right for them to charge also cause you didn't order that! boo hoo... looks like it's not a good idea to dine-in on weekdays!

kok, yeah i know.. thank god, it turned out yummy! :)

primrose, yeahyeah... all WHITE! try it and let me know what you think k? :D

citygal, welcome to da "working" world! :D

joe, oh really? i will take note of that! thanks.. :D

jason said...

The butter fish look so good! And it's only 11.15am :(

Precious Pea said...

Wow..butter fish so highly rated ar..must try oledi.

wmw said...

Looks interesting....will definitely check it out.

MeiyeN said...

jason & preciouspea, yeah... must try ! :D

wmw, will wait for your feedback :D

esyho said...


Have to agree that the food was good, especially the butter fish and the rojak but the service was an utter disappointment. My colleagues and I will not go back ever again.

Just to share on my experience, if it's too long for your lovely blog, do edit as you wish ya!

My colleagues and I went to The Banquet last Friday (28/03/08) for a birthday lunch. There were 18 of us and we had expected slight delays on our orders for such a large crowd. The food was good, the ambience was soothing and we were enjoying ourselves. I had even wanted to compliment the staff who served us. That was until three of my colleagues could not get their meals still, one and a half hours later.

Apparently there was a mixed up. My colleagues' orders were given to another table, a staff said apologetically. We accepted that and waited patiently. In the end, when the meals came, one of the three had only one spoonful of meehoon in her tomyam soup. She ate it anyway in frustration. We decided to talk to the manager before we would pay our bill.

A chinese man came by and a male colleague of mine briefly explained the scenario to him. The man coldly said he would only offer us free desserts and nothing else. My male colleague insisted on a service tax waiver and the man rudely uttered, "If you're not happy, you should have left earlier". He walked away after that.

We had wanted to leave immediately without paying but my manager was with us and she said we would just pay for courtesy's and for our own responsibility's sake. The Chinese man staff came again with an order form in his hand and called us liars. His reason being the time printed in the order form showed we've only been there for one hour as opposed to the one-and-a-half-hour claim we made. The other waiters were quietly looking on without clarifying the mixed-up earlier. We presumed the new order was made after the mixed-up but this would just be our assumption. It was then, that he slanderously called us, "No brainers since you can't come up with cleverer lies and you have to come up with such stupid lies". He continued on saying things like, "The waiting time is common and if you couldn't wait, you should have gone to a hawker stall". He certainly created a scene at his own outlet as our long table was in the middle of the restaurant and he was raising his voice the whole time. The restaurant was almost full with people.

In the end, we still paid the bill out of integrity. Another colleague of mine told the chinese man he will never come back to his restaurant. The chinese man said we were not welcomed there and he would not serve difficult customers like us.