Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Oh my god, our PM to re-marry!

Believe it or not, well have to! It's confirmed that Pak Lah to re-marry this Saturday! Check out this latest news here, StarOnline


sc said...

yeah, just heard about it an hour ago..well, guess he is, after all, a lonely man; seeking for a companion to spend his golden years wth..

team BSG said...

good idea then at last he can retire happily somewhere with his love instead of sleeping with the enemy(ies)everyday ( esp his SIL )

sorry got carried away
ok back to the gorgeous lady
see team bsg again thank you

Tummythoz said...

But no holiday-wor.. or open house. =(

Primrose said...

Yeah, I was also surprised when I heard it this morning from my colleagues. I wonder if the love was there before.

Hei, Meiyen, I saw you in a May 2007 magazine yesterday. Some article on sugar intake. I forgotten the mag though. I was in a hair salon. :)

SypruxWindchaser said...

ah. the frisky ol' man still has it in him for another go eh. haha.
well, it was already rumoured quite some time back, so no surprise there with this announcement.
strange tho... where does food come into play in this blog update? :P

Lianne's Blog said...

i heard about this long time ago actually, but not sure if it is true. apparently ah, she is related one, to his side or Endon's side and this is a blessed wedding from Endon even before she passed away. Heard lah, rumour.

Jackson said...

yeah... i got a shocked too.. Jenny Abdullah ( if not mistaken ) is preety too. She looks like a CHinese to me

MeiyeN said...

sc, well's true! :)

teambsg, i didn't know she's his sil till this morning!

tummythoz, still a holiday for you i think cause it's a saturday! :D

primrose, well.. hard to say though ;) oh that article... yeahyeah that was me :)

sypruxwindchaser, yeah.. apparently i thought it was rumour too but it's no longer one now! :)

lianne, oooo true, true! it's stated in today's star paper! :D

jackson, yeah..find her looks like a chinese too! :)

tankiasu said...

Maybe the bride is a gift from one of the govt's subcontractors. :P Pardon me for my cynical view on this person!

cookies_cream said...

Ooo, re-marry ar. Hmm, good thing for him. :) Getting a companion is a good thing, especially when it's like his would not want to spend time alone everyday. ;)

SypruxWindchaser said...

a gift from his sub-contractors. lol.
you sure it isnt more of an incentive from a contractor to be more successful in bidding for another major government project? :D

MeiyeN said...

tankiasu, omg... you just said... what? :p

cookies, actually it's pretty normal but...... but.... better not to say too much :p

sypruxwindchaser, O_o