Friday, June 08, 2007

Simply Groovy Dinner @ SushiGroove, 1 Utama

Getting very bored with all da Cafes and Restaurants in 1 Utama? No worries, as you may want to try this new fusion Japanese joint, SushiGroove. Located on da ground floor of da new wing, find this eatery kinda different from other Japanese Sushi outlets where it actually emphasize a Bar concept rather than da usual "tu-tu" train conveyor belt sushi :)

I believe that da theme for this chic new Japanese joint is Green in colour. Just too bad, it ain't my favourite color and da whole place is so greenish and dark which makes me feel pretty abnormal. Well, not so comfortable with da environment here :|

We started our meal with Avocado Canape. Priced at RM 7.90, we find this Appetizer consisting of toasted bread topped with Chunky Tuna and Avocado special. It tastes really fresh and to those of you who loves Avocado, you got to order this, simply a good kick-off! :D

Since I love Mushrooms, darling ordered Fried Shitaki Mushrooms stuffed with Tuna and Cheese for me. RM 6.90 for 3 pieces, absolutely affordable and worthy!

Next, a Sunshine Roll. Priced at RM 14.90, it's topped with fresh Salmon and stuffed with..... actually, am not too sure whether it was Crabs or Tuna in it but nevermind, da most important thing is that, they are yummy! :D

This has to be my favourite, Mayonnaise Dream Roll. Priced at RM 9.90, we tasted Salmon and baked Crab filling in it. Absolutely creamy, best eaten while it's still hot and with da Fish Roe topping, oooo... finger licking good! We just couldn't stop raving about it :)

To end our dinner, we had a bowl of Grilled Chicken Udon. At da price of RM 15.90, nothing much to shout over this bowl of Noodle that comes with an additional of Poached Egg, very normal, really! :)

Okay, time for me to give some feedback. Food wise, pretty good and affordable. As far as I concern, da actual menu is not out yet as they are currently operating under da "Soft Opening Menu" hence not many selections available. Drinks, they only have Hot/Ice Green Tea (RM 2.90) and I am not too sure if they serves liquor. Da total bill came up to RM 70 for da above orders and I would say, it's reasonable :) However, services were superbly slow and bad! We waited more than 5 minutes for da bill to come and da change as well! As mentioned earlier, I don't like da ambience of this place, too greenish, too dark and it's more like having meals in a pub! :| Other than that, all fine! Try it and let me know how if you like this place yah...

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Cutie said...

Oh, I wanted to try this place for quite a while. The food looks yummy.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Ooooh, Japanese topping on canape...what a good idea and delicious looking!

boo_licious said...

Ate here once and quite liked it but some of the maki takes forever to appear. Last Sunday, wanted to eat it but they're closed for renovation and opened at 5pm so I suspect will need to give them more time to sort out whatever issues they have before I try their food again.

SypruxWindchaser said...

japanese food. a guilty little indulgence of mine. yum.

MeiyeN said...

cutie, no doubt that food here yummy... but i don't quite like da atmosphere of this place, darky!

rasamalaysia, oh yeah...interesting and i am sure you can even do much better than that! :D

boo, yes...yes!!!!!! i thought da bill came from japan too cause we waited soooooo soooo long for it!

sypruxwindchaser, jap food always my favourite! :D so, you've yet to tell me what's your favourite food... you was tagged by me! :)

weiwei said...

i went there try also...although so me of the food really nice...but really dun like their service..

wmw said...

Another place to consider when eating in wrote superbly worth waiting for?

Shirley Khor said...

I love Japanese food. This is the most trendy Japanese restaurant I've ever seen. Too bad the place is so dark that you couldn't get nice shots of your sexy photos.

Don't worry, your food pictures are good enough to eat. Mmm~

Big Boys Oven said...

I read another review blog on sushigroove by Miss Pinky ( a few weeks ago and very funny too.

I do say the food presentation are rather different. I was told they are from Jakarta. I also found out Sushigroove is brought to KL by the same company that brought us Tony Roma and Manhattan Fish Market.

I will try them very soon. Will le you know what I think.


SypruxWindchaser said...

my favourite food? chaged according to mood actually xD
but i do like jap food ^^ very much so. haha.
*and why wouldnt i wanna tag the blog of someone as alluring as u*

teckiee said...

ohh the interior looks like a bar rather than a sushi place. very different

Jackson said...

i walked pass this place too and i find their interior design really dark> One of my friend did complained that there is a lot of mosquito..haha..... i need company to try out this place, anyone interested ????

MeiyeN said...

weiwei, thanks for visiting! oh yah.. they really should speed up their services before everyone else complain :)

wmw, hmmm think they are better than other jap joints.... worth to try though if you've enough patience :D

shirley, yes.. extremely dark! and luckily i was sitting near da entrance that night.. so more or less da light actually came from outside and not da rest itself ;)

bigboysoven, oh really? i didn't know that! :) shall wait for your answer soon :D

sypruxwindchaser, ^5 i like jap food too! :D

teckiee, true and you got to try it out yourself.. see if you like this place, let me know k.. :)

jason said...

Wah.. look so crowded and dark. But the food seem not bad.

Jackson: Me, me! :p

SooShin said...

i just went there last saturday.
ha! i didn't notice that the place is dark at all coz i'm sitting near the entrance :P
about their theme colour.... i heard that the company will sponsor their staff who is willing to colour their hair green... and i saw one of their guys' hair with green highlight...

MeiyeN said...

jason, really no doubts on their food but i don't like da place here, too darky! perhaps clubbers love this place :D

sooshin, same thing.. we were sitting near da entrance too.. that was why i could still take pics without flash :) wow.. colour their hair green? O_o my god... gonna looks like aliens :p