Thursday, July 05, 2007

3rd Anniversary Dinner @ Vintry, Damansara Heights

As mentioned in my earlier post, yesterday was our 3rd anniversary and we didn't really intend to have a celebration. After all, I am still mourning over da departure of my grandma. So, we decided just to have a simple dinner and also to watch a movie. You know.... just to remember those early "pak-tor" days, what a sweet flashback! :D I remember that when we first met, I was just a teeny-weeny shy gal to darling and I spoke softly to him.. unlike now, like he said, "not da innocent gal that I first knew!" I admit that I am so much different now as compared to last time where I bully him a lot, really!..... and he has never ever take count of it. In return, he loves me even more than anything else in this world that I find him really amazing. Well, guess am really lucky :)

We had a very simple dinner at Vintry. Located at Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara (behind Victoria Station and next to Kah Soh), it's definitely not hard to find this place. However, take note that if you intend to have a meal here, do call in to make reservation few days ahead and do not attempt to walk-in and try your luck cause this place is superbly pack even on weekdays!

First time stepping in and I finally realised why on earth this place is always packed. It's really a small place, few tables on da ground floor and half of da place is actually occupied with Wine racks. So cool, quite like da idea that we could search for our favourite Wines from da rack ;) But somehow, it's quite dark that I doubt those with eye-sight problems could locate those Wines. Hmm.... think they should brighten up that area.

Darling chose a bottle of Shiraz Wine. Priced at RM 138, find it a powerful Wine which is rich and soft in texture. Loved da silky and grapey smell, definitely a good value Wine :)

We started our dinner with few Starters and first came was da Omelette with Bacon. It was yummy and it gave me that home-cooked feeling :)

Next up, Sauteed Mushrooms. We loved it as they were soft and very flavourful, delicious! :D

We also had Garden Salad with Olives. We enjoyed its bright and fresh flavour tossing, absolutely cooling! :D

For main course, darling and I shared da Blue Cheese Pork Burger. It was our first time having a Pork Burger and that stuffed with Blue Cheese? Interesting! Served with Greens and Chips, superbly big portion okay and it's definitely meant for sharing. If you heart Blue Cheese, you gonna love this Pork Burger just like how we both adored it cause it's really one perfect combination. Da meat patty, oh... so tender and so delicious, I don't mind to order it again da next time I hop in Vintry :D

Look at that... don't cha feel hungry now? Oink, oink..... :p

To be truthful, this place definitely has our vote. Believe it or not, da total bill came up to RM 175 and minus out da bottle of Wine (RM 138), da food costs about RM 40 only! Isn't that great? Oh well, I regretted that I didn't get to sample their Desserts as a matter of fact that by da time we finished our dinner, it was already 9pm and we supposed to be in da cinema by 930pm to watch Transformers. Never mind, next time! Good selection of Wines, yummy food with a decent price and for sure, we promise to come back for more! :D

Thank you for everything, darling! I had a wonderful night with you despite being tipsy right after that half bottle of Wine that I actually fell asleep while watching Transformers in da cinema, what a shame! Also, I appreciate da little gift that you gave me in conjunction with this special day of ours. I was really surprised to receive da Moschino Wallet cause all this while, you've been warning and disagreeing me buying branded goods but because you know that I long for it, you didn't want to disappoint me, you bought it for me without me knowing it and I truly appreciate it very much. Promise you that I will take good care of it yah and I do hope that you like da Optimus Prime figure that I gave you since you love Transformers sooooo soo much! ;) *Hugz*

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Xiu Long Bao said...

Rm40 for the food only? not bad huh. Hehe...why nvr show ur moschino wallet, can take a peek?

Tummythoz said...

Simple dinner? With blue cheese & wine?
Haha. Looked fwd to d movie then fell asleep. Have to watch again-lor. Your fiance must be jumping for joy.

kath said...

wow what a coincidence! both of us watched transformers on our anniversaries (eventhough mine's only 1.5 years... hey! that's half of yours!), your darling got you a wallet without you knowing, my sayang got me a cute lil coin purse without me knowing, you got tipsy, i got tipsy too... hmmm.. maybe that's some kinda sign.... we should meet up one day hahaha =D

MeiyeN said...

xiulongbao, yeah.. very affordable! you should really try it out with charsiewbao ;) oh.. i didn't take a pic of da wallet though.... it's appropriate to post up here? :)

tummythoz, simple cause it's one porky meal but cheap! :D and da wine actually managed to tug me to sleep, was very tipsy and once seated in da cinema, was so energetic watching it but don't know when and what happened, fell asleep and by da time i woke up, it was 45 mins towards da ending :p like you said, i think i need to re-watch!

kath, wow... what a coincidence huh... :D oh well, we may bump into each other one day.. who knows right ekekekekeke da world is really small though..

Cutie said...

Oh, I'm so happy for u. You are such a happy woman.... I will say you are lucky and hope you guys will be happy together forever.... Great place, gonna try it one day.. hehe..

SypruxWindchaser said...

My warmest regards and congratulations to you two lovebirds. And may you two have many many more anniversaries to come.
*Optimus? omg! Give Bob Megatron instead~! or even Unicron~!*

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Happy anniversary to both of you! Great choice of restaurant. The blue cheese burger is outta this world, eh? :-) Btw, ur link to my blog a bit kay-o'd already lor. hehe.

babe_kl said...

good to hear you guys enjoyed your day cos we did too ;-)

Primrose said...

Yes, I know this place but I have never been there. I tried Rib Place though. Medan Damansara has many pork eateries. Yumyum! Hope you enjoyed Transformers as much as I did. *winks* Oh... and you're always so well-dressed lar. I love your dresses (or at least, all your tops). And you always have the biggest smile. Keep smiling. :)

KampungboyCitygal said...

sooooooo sweet..we watched transformers yterday nite u gsc 8.20 pn.could not imagine that u fall asleep coz the show was too good to be missed..haha..wishing u n bob of more happy moments guys are really sweet

MeiyeN said...

cutie, yeah... it's really affordable! do bring your doink yah and remember to call in 1st :)

sypruxwindchaser, oh thank you! that's really nice of you hehe.. oh why megatron? he has optimus meiyen what... so, must get him an optimus prime hahahahahaha :p

lemongrass, ooopsss.. got it fixed ;)

babe, great to hear that! :D

primrose, tried that rib rest years ago and find their ribs quite pricey eh... and very small portion too :( you got to come vintry and try their food! da next time i hop in, i think i wanna order da roast pork as they look so delish!!!!!! and.. thanks for your compliment *blush*

citygal, i think i need to watch again... :p but now, am looking forward to watch harry potter! ;)

jason said...

Simple but memorable! Glad that you had a great time yesterday. :)

Precious Pea said...

So sweet. Eh? How come didn't order their famous roast pork?

SypruxWindchaser said...

Optimus MeiYen.. O.o .. shall not comment on that..*rendered spechless*

wmw said...

Lovely food....I still haven't posted about my visit, I love the roast pork there!

MeiyeN said...

jason, yeah.. so did you enjoy da movie, transformers? :D

preciouspea, errghhh never thought of that day somehow... nvm, next time! :D

sypruxwindchaser, ekekekekeke..... am strong!

wmw, yeah.. that's famous! gonna order that next time ;) and waiting for your review.. :D

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

Optimus MeiyeN, more than meets d eye!!! So what do u transform into? :p

MeiyeN said...

obi-kwan, as per bob's wish lol..

MamaBoK said...

Wow..!! so sweet both of you ..!! happy anniversary ya..!