Friday, July 06, 2007

First Day @ Penang

It's been one week since we came back from Penang. Good stay and good food, I absolutely miss this place :( By all means, really hope to return to this Pearl of da Orient one fine day and if possible, would love to bring my family along da next time cause as far as I could remember, da last time dad brought us here, I was still a kiddo back in 1990! O_o Then again, I miss holidaying with my family as it's soooooooo so fun! Each year, dad and mom would suggest a place that we've yet to visit but unfortunately this year itself, no vacation for da family as dad is superbly busy with works that he just couldn't afford to be away even for few days. Oh my, he's just another workaholic!

We flew to Penang with Air Asia hence we decided to have breaky at LCCT. Right after we checked in, we peeped around and realised that we could either have out breakfast at Mcdonalds', Coffee Bean or Asian Kitchen and since I wanted something light for breakfast, darling suggested Asian Kitchen.

I had Cheese and Tomato Sandwich with a cup of Coffee. Not too nice cause da bread was rather dry and hard :(

Darling had "Nasi Lemak" and when I asked him how it tastes, he said, "Nothing special, just a very normal "Nasi Lemak". I asked again, "How much is our breakfast?" He said, "About RM 15+" Whoaaa..... I was O_o wondering why so expensive?! :(

After breakfast, we went on board getting ready to fly Air Asia to Penang! :D

Yoohooo reached Penang on time and this's da place that we stayed, Golden Sands Resort :)

Ahhhhh..... nice view from our Room :D

Alright, I got to put this on hold. Stay tuned for my food post, okay? ;)


Tummythoz said...

Meals at airports r always more expensive but we have no choice unless pack on d way there - which we usually do. Hehe.

babe_kl said...

the hotel pool so nice. have shaded portion!

bsg said...

sometimes u have big banners that say cheap cheap sommore LC then suddenly they hit u with a Kimmy Garryy kind of price ! haha
so we patiently wait for your romantic Penang full course

Big Boys Oven said...

Meals at the airport is expensive and higher then town. So packed your food before you arrive at the airport.

Kok said...

I just came back from holidays as well. Sandwiches in Malaysia? I rather not touch it since most of them are made using not fresh bread.

Rasa Malaysia said...

I am glad you went to Penang and liked it...what's not to like about Penang for us food bloggers...LOL. Such great food. :)

MeiyeN said...

tummythoz, sobz... that's so true! next time gonna do that :)

babe, yeah.. actually for da kids cause that area is quite shallow though :)

bsg, what's LC? hmmm.... gonna try my best to review da penang food asap! :D

bigboysoven, definitely gonna take your advise! :)

kok, that bad? don't even want to touch it.. ehehehee... what to do, staying in m'sia :(

rasamalaysia, oh so true! :D

team bsg said...

LC for low cost ( sorry )

Kok said...

As far as I know, really that bad loh. Normally I won't buy any sandwiches in M'sia. :P

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

If u tot that was expensive... wait till i tell u bout Air Asia on-flight nasi lemak!

God of Food's said...

i miss penang food...

jason said...

Nice hotel! the nasi lemak is light meal but RM15 is definitely heavy to the wallet!

MeiyeN said...

teambsg, oh..... ;)

kok, hmmm.... okay, you are quite choosy huh.. :p

obi-kwan, thought it's about rm 5+ ?

godoffood, yeah.. they are yummy!

jason, rm 15+ included my pc of sandwich..but still, expensive!

Kev ** said...

Harlo...kevin here~ I'm from Penang too, hope u guys had a great time having holidays there!! Take care, will always stop by to read your food bloggie...nice!