Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 3rd Anniversary To Us

Counting down da days, today marks da 3rd year (1095 days) darling and I have been together. When I think of all da happiness I've known in this 3 years, I realise that without him and his love, so many wonderful things might never come to me. For better or worse, through thick and thin, he has been there by my side sharing laughter and tears through life's uncertain ride.Somehow, with da start of each new day since 3 years ago, I find myself thinking of him in da middle of my busy day, my mind somehow wanders at times and I think of him out of nowhere. I see his smile, hear his laughter and life is so beautiful now because I fall in love all over again each time I think of him :)

To My One and Only Darling,

Three sweet and awesome years we've been together,
We are still very much in love with each other,
It's a time to reminisce in our life,
A time to acknowledge da strongest of love between us,
Through times of laughter and times of tears
love grows and enriches ours hearts,
remaining with them, engraved in memories,
Each anniversary is very special and very dear,
for the bond grows ever stronger
when love is shared for another year.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally,
Thank you for pampering me all this while,
Thank you for all da sacrifices,
Thank you for being da love of my life,
Without you, there will be no sunshines and rainbows,
You've made a wonderful world for me.


Lots of Love from,



Xiu Long Bao said...

oh..sweet!!! Whereabout for anniversary dinner?

babe_kl said...

gee so many happenings on this date ;D happy anniversary to you and bob and wish you both many more to come ;-)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

congrats!!..dear 3rd anniversary coming soon in october..and u guys are getting married d..aiks..fill me in with the dinner plans..can give me inspiration haha

Primrose said... shweeeettt! :) I'm so happee for you, dear. Yeah, where did you go for your anniversary dinner? I love that crocs pic. So cute. I also have one like yours but grey in colour. I think I also want to go buy those flower additions to the crocs. :)

MeiyeN said...

xiulongbao, ermm... most probably dinner at vintry, damansara.. can't go too far cause we will be watching transformer at gsc1u 930pm!!! :D

babe_kl, yeah!!! happy wedding anniversary to you and your hubby too!!!!!! many happy returns yah... :D

MeiyeN said...

joe, oh really?! great to hear that and when ya getting married with your pretty gf? :D hope to hear wedding bells from you soon... hehe

primrose, thank you! should be going to vintry, damansara for dinner :) oh yeah you must get da jitbitz soon.. they are really cute and lovely!:D

jason said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Bob! Hope you'll have a pleasant dinner tonight. I'm going to watch Transformers tonight too!

Jun said...

hi mei yen! a part of me extends my condolences to u after reading ur last post, yet another part of me extends my heartiest congrats to u and ur darling. wish u both well! :)

kath said...

Awwwww schweet schmeet! My bf and i pulak just celebrated our 1.5 yr anniversary in genting on sunday hahaha =)

and we watched transformers too! awesome movie!

MeiyeN said...

jason, thank you! where ya watching?

jun, thanks for dropping by... we are all okay and thanks for your kind wishes, appreciate it very much! :)

kath, oh congrats! glad to hear that you had a good celebration in genting.. me can't wait to watch transformers... :D

tankiasu said...

Awww....I want to be dedicated with this kinda post also!!!

KampungboyCitygal said...

so sweet..may all your coming years be filled with love n happiness..our 3rd anni is coming soon too..august..hahaha

Big Boys Oven said...

Aiyohhh..... I am so jealous now.... I had been " so lonely" for so many years. :(

wmw said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary to you and Bob!

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahha when I look at the shoes picture, I thought there were 3 people, a man, a woman and a daughter..... hehehehehehhe My mind is playing trick on me!

bsg said...

our i(s) r fluffy & knees weak ...

Coketai said...

Lovely it is time to tie the knob and again congratulation to you and your da other part in your coming wedding.

(Blessing from Shanghai, China)

Jackson said...

COngratulations!!!! Im also very de jealous... besides.... looking @ the kissing picture.. is that Bob kiss u while using the chopsticks to take food? LOL... real glutton!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

you guys are such a sweet couple. :-)

Primrose said...

Oh, it's got a name? Called jitbitz? Even the name is cute. :) Crocs, The Curve right?

MeiyeN said...

tankiasu, i am sure you have one by your beloved :)

citygal, thank you! and i can't wait for yours.... :D

bigboysoven, awww... *hugz* high expectation?

wmw, thanks ;)

bigboysoven, i don't really get what you mean though....hmmm

bsg, oh really? you sure? ekekekeke...

coketai, thanks! oh yes... next year :)

jackson, muahahaha... yes and we were caught by my good friend, pretty nice shot right? ;)

lemongrass, still act like a kiddo though.. :p

primrose, yes.. yes! they've got disney characters too!!!! :D

~Christine~Leng said...

congratulations to a lovely couple!! So envy.. getting married soon some more!! May this sweet duo "live happily ever after!"

MeiyeN said...

christine, thank you! :D