Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday To Little Joey!

Time flies and Joey (darling's niece a.k.a "kai lui") is now 3 years old! Happy Birthday to our little Joey and may she grow up healthily, happily and as cheerful as always! We celebrated her birthday few days earlier, last Sunday at USJ Taipan's Mcdonalds and it was a great one as I could sense that da birthday gal enjoyed herself very much! :D

Darling and his precious niece, showing us that she's now 3 years old! :D

Awwww.... see, see! Am jealous... :p

What a coincidence that we were in pink that day! ;)

Us with "kai lui", picture taken by 4 year old Jessica (Joey's sista) ;)

Joey and Jessica.. I tell ya, I love their dress so much that I feel like to own them! :p

Joey having her favourite kids meal, Nugget!

Kids finished their meal and time for some games!

Limbo game, Joey rocks! :D

Jessica was rather unhappy cause all da attention were given to her sista and darling was there to accompany her as she rejected joining other kids during da game session, sigh!

For da adults, there were all kinds set meals to choose from and I chose da Fillet-O-Fish. Oh my god, what happened to their oh-so-yummy Fillet-O-Fish? How come it's so different compared to last time? Da bun, so dry! Da Fish so tiny and da mayonnaise so little?!!!!!!! :(

Darling had da "limited edition" Surf Up Supreme Fillet-O-Fish, pretty bad too! :(

I was really excited when I found out that they have this Blueberry Sundae for a limited time but but.... seriously, it tastes so awful like a cough mixture! Joey straight away said NO after one spoonful of da Sundae :(

Kids had enough games, adults had enough food, time to sing Birthday song for Joey! :D I heart this Cake so much, not because it's yummy but da Melody itself! So cute, so lovely... :D

See da 2 little gals there? They are Jessica and Joey's best friends ;)

Joey blowing da candles!

I remember that few days before da birthday party, I called her up...

Me: Joey, you there?
Joey: Yeah. Why? Why?
Me: You know this Sunday is your birthday party?
Joey: Yeah!
Me: What you want for your birthday?
Joey: A big one!
Me: O_o okay.. You want a Teddy Bear?
Joey: No, I have.
Me: O_o okay! What about Controlled Cars?
Joey: No, I don't like.
Me: Okay, what you want then?
Joey: I want pink in color present.
Me: O_o okay, will get you a big one and pink in color present!
Joey: Yeah..

On that day itself...

Me: What daddy and mommy give you?
Joey: Bicycle! I want to cycle here but daddy said no (showing me a sad look)
Me: O_o O _o
Joey: Oh.. my Bicycle is pink in color! :D

Oh my god....... she's so sooooooooooo cute!!!!! :D Seeing her grow up one year to another really touched my heart, she's really a precious to us :) Once again, Happy Birthday our little Joey! :D


Cat Cat said...

Aaah, Joey is so cute. I like her cake. Glad to know you all had fun.

Xiu Long Bao said...

aww...cutie! so wat did u get for her as bday pressie?

ling239 said...

Hi ~
any idea where to get the cake ?
it is so lovely...
does it taste good too ?
tks ~

Kok said...

Joey is so cute! haha! Look like she really likes pink. Dress pink, cake pink, bicycle also want pink. haha!

I wonder if McDonald does organise party for the adult or not...:P

MeiyeN said...

catcat, you like her cake? i love it.. wish to have that kind of cakes though.. :p

xiulongbao, some board games since she has almost everything!

ling239, bee's cake house! :D tastes wise, pretty normal sponge cake with pandan flavour :)

kok, yeah.... she loves pink alot! u wanna have a birthday party at mcdonalds? i am sure they welcome you.. :D

Primrose said...

And you're wearing pink to complement her too. Nice dress, both of you. :)

Precious Pea said...

The birthday cake so cute!!! I also like My Melody!

Cutie said...

Kids are just so cute. And they grow up really fast. Somehow we wish they will always remain so cute and innocent.

Kok said...

hahaha! That'll be a hilarious birthday party if I was to organised there, don't you think so? hahaha! Hmmm..good idea..Maybe then, I should invite all the bloggers there. :P

MeiyeN said...

primrose, thanks and that was a coincidence! :D

preciouspea, but seems like nowadays kids aren't expose to cartoons like melody, smurfs, carebears and etc. i find that cartoons nowadays very "ganas"!!!! :p

cutie, yeah......cute and very smart too!

kok, i will be da 1st to come :D

tankiasu said...

Oh Joey and Jessica looks like twins!

Honey Star said...

OMG I wan that cake for my birthday too :D Is it too over for a 27 year old girl ar?

Rasa Malaysia said...

Mei Yen - you are really getting prettier and prettier...your face is glowing and so beautiful...must be the power of love (plus good food), of course. LOL.

teckiee said...

honey star..nooo not over at all! I want one too! Mei Yen, have any idea where the cake wad bought from?

MeiyeN said...

tankiasu, really? hehehee.... 1 year gap only.. :)

honeystar, cute right? i love it too!!!!!! gals... always gals! :p

rasamalaysia, *shy*.... thanks! :D

teckiee, bee's confectionary... they have a lot of cartoons to choose from!!!!! fiance's bro got joey at pooh cake last year... really cute!