Friday, July 27, 2007

Jamal Mohammed Mamak Restaurant @ Section 14, PJ

There hasn't been much sunlight lately and I feel pretty lazy with this kind of gloomy weather, thank god, it's Friday... woohooo!!!!! :D Recently, I've been craving for "Roti" and darling brought me to try this Mamak Restaurant, Jamal Mohammed which is located at Section 14 (Opposite Jaya 33). Da nearby shopping centre, Jaya Supermarket was a hit back then and I remember my family used to frequent this place when I was still young when there were not many mega malls and hyper malls around. As da years went by, things changed, there are many upcoming new supermarkets and shopping malls that attract youngsters away and I seriously don't think that they would ever want to drop by this place these days. Outside da Jaya Supermarket, not much of changes, I still see Mcdonalds surviving there but no more Swensens though (moved to Ss2) and as usual, finding a parking isn't easy at all, limited space.

My personal favourite, "Roti Telur". I can't help to order "Roti Telur" cause I've a strong passion for it. This one, not as crispy and as fluffy as da one I had before at Devi's but surprisingly it came with a very strong aromatic egg smell which I thought it was real good! :D

Darling ordered a plate of "Nasi Lemak", looked so appetizing!!!!!!! I had one spoonful of da Rice and find da Rice alone quite fragant, fluffy and soft! Of course, da Sambal definitely adds a kick to this "Nasi Lemak"! ;)

We also had this lovely Tandoori Chicken, tender meat and flavourful but quite a small portion though. No enough for both of us :p

Hence, we ordered another "Roti" and we opted to have da "Roti Tissue" without sugar. High and tall, loved da texture of it, crispy and thin! Yumzzzz...

Satisfied with da food here, affordable (less than RM 15 for all that we had) and yummy! :D


Cat Cat said...

Nasi Lemak and Tandoori Chicken... Both sure will make my day!

Cutie said...

I never knew that we can order Roti Tissue without sugar.. Oooh, yummy.. gonna try one..

KampungboyCitygal said...

is near to digital mall rite? i rmb seeing this place b4

Kok said...

Mana teh tarik? haha!

Honey Star said...

Aiyo...been reading so much on Roti Tissue im craving for it too....With lots of SUGAR!

God of Food's said...

At onece, the mamak was closed by mppj because of some small accident.

team bsg said...

looks very decent !

Primrose said...

I love roti telur also. I will ask to add bawang. Sometimes I just go for roti canai with sugar. But my ultimate favourite? Roti pisang, add pisang. :) If I'm hungry, roti pisang plus telur. Yummmm! And oh! Must got teh halia. :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I never know how to eat a roti tissue that looks like a leaning tower of pisa. LOL. I can get quite clumsy!

Kenny Mah said...

Oh, you can get roti tissue without the sugar? Hmm, methinks I'll enjoy this more now, without the guilt! :)

MeiyeN said...

catcat, oh yeah... yummy!

cutie, errrrr i don't take raw sugars... so, i have to ask them to make a plain one for me! :D

citygal, yeah.... digital mall is at da back though ;)

kok, no "teh tarik" but ice lemon tea.. ekekekeke

honeystar, oooo.... like my fiance, he love to eat "roti tissue" with sugars but i don't.. so he has no choice :p

godoffood, oh yeah... that i know! no more tables and chairs outside :)

teambsg, not as decent as your "ikan perut" :(

primrose, "teh halia"? wow.. never tried before..must ask for it one day! :D

lemongrass, muahahhaa... must eat like a kid :p

kennymah, yes.. you can! :D