Friday, July 13, 2007

Sunday Lunch Buffet @ Rakuzen, Chulan Square

It's Friday and here comes weekend! Honestly speaking, I love weekends but I've not been feeling really well since few days back and am coughing terribly right now, can die! :( Worst of all, darling won't be around in KL till next Monday so I guess, am going to have a not-so-happening weekend :|

Oh by da way, did anyone of you join da crazy 1 Utama J-Card Privilege Shopping-day yesterday? I tell ya, it was really crazy! Reached 1 Utama 11am and da old wing car park area was totally closed! No choice, we were directed to da new wing car park. So far for my parents to walk all da way from new wing to old wing, real bad! Once reached Jusco, whoaaa.... O_o it was like a public holiday, as if everybody need not to work and apparently, I was one of them? :p Well, stuffs were pretty cheap that's for sure and we kept buying here and there to da extend that my mom said, "Gals it's already 4pm, enough okay! Your dad is pretty tired!" Unbelievable, we actually spent 5 hours there and when I thought that I would be able to come back in time to work, only then I realised that it was actually impossible! Anyways, I am more than happy now as I managed to stock up my facial stuffs (great bargain!) and from da many thousands we spent, I now have tons of Jusco vouchers for my next visit :D

Alright, enough of story! Since it's 1 day to weekend, I thought it's a good time for me to inform all da Japanese food lovers to try da Sunday Lunch Buffet @ Rakuzen (only at Chulan Square, KL outlet) and if you've been to this place, you sure knows that they serve pretty good Japanese food ;)

To those of you who think that it's too pricey to have a decent meal here, let's not worry as da Lunch Buffet costs bout RM 55++ per pax only! Best of all, you don't have to walk around to search for food as da staffs will serve da food right to your table after they take up your orders from da menu, isn't that great?! :D

Wanna know what they serve in da Buffet? Let's check it out! :D





Tempura & Teppanyaki

Hot Pots & Noodles


Cool right?? Now, time for you to check out what darling and I had! ;)

We had 2 plates of Sashimis! Da Red Tuna, so fresh and extremely flavourful!!!!!

Prawn Tempura Roll, absolutely yummy!

Seasoned Scallop, juicy and tasty!

Tamago, so far da best I've tasted!

My favourite, Soft Shell Crab!

Tempuras, light and fluffy.. love it!

Grilled Mushroom, delicious!

Grilled Smelt ( i always refer this as "pregnant" fish :p), woohooo...... yum yum!

Chicken Teppanyaki, da meat oh.... so tender!

Salmon Teppanyaki, one good choice and it's darling favourite!

Unagi was really good!

Chawanmushi, so soft, so silky and so smooth!

Sukiyaki, darling loved it!

It was my first time to have Yu Tofu and I seemed to like it alot too! :D

Burpppp... so full! Time for dessert and they only serve Matcha Ice cream though...

and Fruits too! ;)

So.... what are you waiting for? Go for it..... :D


Xiu Long Bao said...


I'm goin!!! So cheap! Even cheaper than ala carte :O

P/s: lucky u darling is coming bck on monday. Char siew bao is away for 2 weekends...arghhh...dats y my week is so lacked of substance...bored :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

poor souls..but its ok lar..i goin to b bz wif my also cant c gf mah..dont worry..

the food looks good..yum!

MeiyeN said...

xiulongbao, oh yes... definitely and it's very worthy! :D awww... both of us so "charm" huh.... :(

joe, different... you are a guy, am a gal! bet your gf must be feeling da same like me and xlb :p

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
you're coughing? Try "fisherman friend". To me, it works! At the mean time, no more cold food for you. :P

I never had any grilled smelt before. What do they stuff inside the stomach ah?

Pamela said...

Wei... U promo 9 9 for Rakuzen ar.. hehehe!!! Yeah I reckon this is one of the worthwhile Jap buffet (much better than Shin Nichi) only thing is no raw oysters here....

Zen in Pyramid (same mgmt) also has this Sunday buffet....

hehe! shud ask the mgmt to extend a VIP card to u...lolx....

SypruxWindchaser said...

OmG~! Japanese food! With Images! OMG~! Must... Not... Drool...Must...Not...Be...TempTED~...!
EaRgH~!! *runs away screaming*

Kok said...

oppss...I address the wrong person! haha! Should be Meiyen and not xiu long bao. Sorry!! I was just too tired fixing my laptop and external hardrive...

wmw said...

Hmmm....interesting....very interesting....:o)

~Christine~Leng said...

hmm.. this is definitely affordable! everything looks so nice to m3.. soft shell crabs are my favorite too! thanks for sharing this! I'll give it a go with my friends!!

cookies_cream said...

Wow, great price for such great buffet spread~! I wanna go~!!! :)

Mei Yen jie do take care k? drink loads of water. I've been sick for months...and it goes on and off...I recovered..til yday I got sorethroat AGAIN!!!! ARGH~!

tekko said...

looks really good. calling my friends now for next gathering there, thanks!

ai wei said...

whoa~ food looks so yummy there! gotta try out their buffet ^^

saliva dripping ~~~

boo_licious said...

I heard abt this from Izad one of my readers. Looks good, must give it a try one day when we get some free time.

Cutie said...

Hey, looks kinda worth it. All the food looks so good. Moreover, it looks tremendously fresh. Are there any discounts? I definitely love the unagi. hehe...

Cutie said...

Hey, looks kinda worth it. All the food looks so good. Moreover, it looks tremendously fresh. Are there any discounts? I definitely love the unagi. hehe...

Precious Pea said...

Wow...good deal! Haven't tried Rakuzen before maybe now an excuse to do so.

Jason said...

Wah... looks like 100% no regret to go there for buffet.

MamaBoK said...

Everything that you've ordered is my favourites..!! nex time.. even if PB donch wanna go with me.. i'll go alone.. and eat .. ;)

myCoffee said...

Oh, didn't know that they serve lunch buffet. Wonder if this is available at all branches.

Honey Star said...


wah...I can just sit there and concentrate to be a pig. This is too good to be true :D No lining up and no pushing other patrons. HAHA

P/s: I hear Jordan Knight!! I luuuuuurve him <3 <3 <3

MeiyeN said...

kok, no problem!

pamela, hehehe.. not promoting for them but thought of it's really worthy and love to share out with you people! :D

sypruxwindchaser, no, no! don't run away.. go and try it! :D

wmw, yes..! :D

christine, do call them 1st and make reservation okay? :)

cookies, sure! you take care too yah! *hugz*

tekko, enjoy! ;)

cutie, no discounts though.. more like too good to be true for rm 55++ :p

preciouspea, yeah... you gonna love their sashimis! :D

jason, that's for sure! :D

mamabok, no.. don't go alone! i will go with you.. :D

mycoffee, as far as i know.. it's only da chulan square outlet :)

honeystar, exactly! hope that you gonna enjoy it :D jordan knight? tommy page! :)

tsukasa said...

Yup.. the macha icecream is very nice.


I got a suggestion for you. Next time do try their Shochu as I think its very nice esp the Winter Lady cocktail for ladies.

And I do agree that this is one of the cheapest and nice buffet around if you exclude discount card for places like Shangrila and Sheraton for 2.

Great blog and again thanks for the food review.

JASON said...

going next sunday