Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tea For Two @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

I remember that there was one night we were at Bangsar and planned to give Opus Bistro a try as I wanted so much to try this place after reading one good review from Citygal. Sadly, when we arrived, we were told that there were no more tables available for us cause we didn't make early reservation and because of that, we walked over to Tea For Two for dinner.

Pretty good atmosphere, with nice background music (mostly NKOTB songs, my favourite!) :D

We started with their home-made Wild Mushroom Soup. Priced at RM 12.90, it was served piping hot (I just love it when da Soup is hot!) and da texture, real creamy! However, darling find it too thick and after da first few sips, ooopsss..... like drinking Sauce instead of Soup :|

Darling had his main course from da poultry, a Chicken Chop. Priced at RM 22.90, wow... very big portion! Da boneless Chicken Drumstick was deep-fried, served with Mushroom Sauce, Salad and some Fries. According to darling, da sauce tasted exactly da same like da Mushroom Soup we had earlier and he find da flavour too overpowering!

Da usual me went for Asianna Pasta. Priced at RM 29.90, it's a baked Spaghetti with Thai aromatic spices in a light creamy Wine sauce (another words, TomYam Spaghetti). As you can see, da Pasta is tossed with Seafood like King Prawns, Salmon and Calamari which I find it quite okay. Just that da sauce, over-creamy!

No dessert cause we were very much loaded with da creamy and superbly thick Sauce! :|

Overall, we can't really say that we love da food here and vice versa. Maybe it's better to put it this way, they (soup, sauce, mains) are over-tasty and over-creamy for us and we seriously couldn't take it ;) Have you tried da food at Tea For Two? Would love to hear feedback from you guys & gals though!

Oh by da way, am pretty happy right now cause I will be watching Harry Potter & Da Order of Phoenix tonight! :D You won't believe it, I actually bought da tickets early last week and finally, tonight is da night! :D Also, tomorrow is Jusco J-Card Member Day @ 1 Utama and I don't think that I will be in da office till late noon :D


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahaha looks like they were heavy on the cream eh..very geli wor..haha have fun @ harry potters!

Primrose said...

Whoa! You tauke soh ah? No need to go to work until late noon geh? I also want!!! :) I quite like Opus but they have already changed their prices on the menu. I think they are quite over-priced but I must admit that their pasta is good. I always go for the Carbonara Penne but try something else if you don't like overly creamy heavy sauce. I haven't been to Tea for Two and actually...I quite like thick sauces. I might just go and have dinner there one of the weekends. Do we have to make a reservation?

Kok said...

Is that King Prawns? Look small to me. hehe.

Cockologist said...

Hi Meiyen, I'm a frequent reader of your blog, I suggest you to add rss feeder for your blog so that reader like me can read your blog through feed reader which is alot easier.

jason said...

Avid HP fans eh? Over creamy.. very jelak leh. :(

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I've been to this place AGES ago, and frankly, I can't remember anything about the food here. Must try again soon. Enjoy Harry Potter. I'll be watching it tomorrow. :-D

Tummythoz said...

How nice to get time off for shopping. TQ for keeping M'sia economy afloat!

dx-blogger said...
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team bsg said...

v r still in cliff hanging private debate whether v shud appoint u as our official Kelang Valley chic cafe ( casual ) reference standard or one of t h e m.
the writer's choice is of course quite obvious. We are intending to do a BSG annual awards soon.

KampungboyCitygal said...

haha ..opus is good..i hope tat u will like it..its alwiz full so rmb to make a reservation..

tankiasu said...

Oh jakun me, never heard of this restaurant before. :P

MeiyeN said...

joe, yeah... don't like da over-creamy tastes! :(

primrose, haha.. actually didn't manage to come back on time to work some more! but it's okay cause my boss was with me too.. :p oh by da way, you like thick sauce? then i bet you gonna love da food here.. you should really drop by and give it a try!

kok, yeaps... da prawns to me, quite okay though ;)

cockologist, thanks for visiting and will take not of that, try my best to add rss feeder asap! :D

jason, yeah... love harry potter and they've all grown up now! :D

lemongrass, can't remember means not really good to you yeah.. ekekekeke... hope you like da movie!

tummythoz, only once in a year though.. :p

teambsg, O_o got award some more?! sounds so cool hahahahaha

citygal, hope that gonna have a better luck next time.. or maybe i should really call them first! :)

tankiasu, now you know! ;)